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  1. Signatures

    I've been reviewing signatures and find that some signatures are far too large. I think that an acceptable maximum size for a signature is 650x100px which is: Normally, the only way to instigate a new signature size is to clear everyone's signatures. I don't want to do that. Instead, I have...
  2. Signatures in our posts? & Post count question.

    General Chat
    Are we able to do this? I want my signature to work but i cant find a setting in the user dash.. As for the Post count, mine dosnt seem to go up with every post?
  3. [email protected] signatures

    If you wish to have a signature like mine add this BBCode to your signature settings: For example:
  4. Signatures...

    Have they been disabled as I can't see them now? I've checked my CP and they are turned on in there...:confused: