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  1. Silly Question

    Ask the Experts
    I recently purchased a new Renault Megane Intense 1.2lL Automatic, I would like to change the horn as it is not loud enough for Australian conditions. My problem is I can't find the actual horn, I assume it is located in one of the front mudguards. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. We've done something Very Silly! - Screenwash in Powersteering

    Between me and my mum, we've managed to do something very silly. The Story: I noticed on the way home from work my windows were caked in crud, splats, smears etc. I tried to spray them but the screenwash had run out. When I got home I turned the car off and went to prepare the screenwash and...
  3. Warning Stickers ? (silly i know)

    hiya, ive been trying to find anywhere that sells the grey warning stickers that go on the sun visors but cant seem to find them anywhere! mine are tattered and i'd like to replace them but seems sometime so simple is turning out hard to find. any idea where i could get these? i found someone...
  4. silly question re battery scenic mk II 05

    Hi every1, I have just found this website and I'm hoping that you good people will be able to help me out. Ok here goes, I have recently started getting the problem of the battery drain. Up until now the car has been jump started with on problem. Now this is not the case and would like to...
  5. Silly things to fail an MOT on

    Cars & motoring
    What silly things has your MOT tester picked you up on and failed the MOT for? We do sort out a lot of minor stuff as we go, but technically an MOT tester doesn't have to, so beware. A little home DIY could save you £££££s... Here's a few to get you going... 1. No washer fluid. If there ain't...
  6. Silly Question .

    Cars & motoring
    may sound abit of a silly question but i have a 1998 1.6 RXE 5 door (R Reg) bubble shape clio, i was wondering if it is an MK1 or MK2 ? thanks :)
  7. silly alarm question from newbie!

    hi guys, i have just received my brand new grand scenic privilege. my gripe/problem is with the alarm, now i have read as much of the threads already and cant find a solution. basically when i leave the car with keycard and the car automatically locks, the alarm goes off because of my...
  8. Megane II Timing belt (Silly question?)

    Hi this is my first post on here, I have just bought a Megane II (1.4 4 door ) it is 61 Months old with a FSH & 37000 on the clock (last car was a 1.6 Fidji that I sold with 118000 on the clock at 8 years old) when I bought it I thought I would not need a timing belt replacement untill 72000...
  9. silly blonde has overfilled oil - please help!!

    hi i have a 10 yr old renault espace. it has started leaking oil & oil went down to last bar. then service light came on. cut long story short i have overfilled th oil. - by double the max notch on dip stick!!! help - what can i do please? ive not started engine. thanks for your replies xxxxx
  10. Silly question RE Laguna II Phase 2 Initiale (06 Reg)

    Hi Does anyone know what you call the rubber things that stop your boot from slamming are called (there should be 2 on mine) . And the things on your doors that prevent making a loud slam my drivers side door is missing a circular rubber "stop"?. I just want to order some more and dont for...
  11. Silly question time: Tyre pressure

    Wheels & tyres
    I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, but I'm wondering if it's not a slow puncture I have...or the tyre is almost 'self levelling' the pressure! :confused: Not even sure if that's possible (scared to post this now if it's a stupid question :d ) I got a new tyre fitted last week and when...
  12. 2010 drivers & Silly Season rumours

    Formula 1 news Bull announced on Thursday that Mark Webber will continue to drive for the team next season. Webber, who won his maiden race in Germany earlier this month, will retain his seat alongside fellow incumbent Sebastian Vettel. ?I'm...
  13. Starting Problem Renault Clio Expression 1.2 2002

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and I have a problem so I'd really appreciate any help I can get!! Basically, I woke up this morning after a night of heavy snow. I tried to start the car but it wouldn't. I don't know if the snow is anything to do with the problem but I thought I'd mention it...
  14. May be a silly question but how do I stall the car?

    I ask this because my mates ford galaxy tubo blew yesterday and I recall reading on here that you need to get the engine turned off asap if this happens and if it can't be turned of then stall it. As my car is automatic (tip/tronic) should I be in this situation, how would I stall it? It's just...
  15. Flight of the Darned - very silly but very funny

    Dr. Who, Dinosaurs, James Bond, Star Wars and an X-wing concorde. What's not to like?
  16. Silly Rumour No.367

    Apparently Ronaldinho's people have had talks with.......Man City!.:rofl: Sorry,but I thought it was April the 20th......not the 1st!.:d (Sorry OG:o)
  17. Silly Poll - How do you pronounce Renault?!

    This is definitely a pointless poll everyone. Round here there are two defined pronunciations for Renault; 1. Ren-o 2. Ren-olt Which is yours? :d EDIT - Oh yeah, mines the former... (Sorry but I'm bored...)
  18. lost key card - silly scenario now!*fixed*

    Hi all. I have managed to lose my one and only key card for my laguna II. Cant find it anywhere. I have read loads of posts in this forum and others and all seem to say the same thing. 1. The card is already programmed with a unique ID number 2. You program the car to allow the card to be...
  19. Laguna II - Clock- Silly Question

    Hi, My first post on a great forum...been reading threads and the help and support is fantastic. I have what seems to be a silly question.:confused: ..How do you reset the clock in my Laguna II? I have a 1.9 TDi Techno (2003). In the manual it refers to buttons on the dash in front of the...
  20. Espace - Silly Question Regarding Drive Wheels

    Cars & motoring
    As per title, and my final post for tonight, which wheels drive the 2.2? Front or Rear? I could have sworn it is front wheel drive, but when I was having my tyres changed earlier, I put the car in 2nd gear, but the wheels kept on rotating when he was trying to get the bolts off!