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  1. site infection/agressive popups.

    Community Help
    im getting the pictured popup from the same site always on multiple apple and windows based d3vices on chrome, but only (on the windows devices) when adblock is switched off (no adblock on the ipad) its something ive not seen in a while, and has always previously been attributed to the site...
  2. What a Shady site we are on here.

    General Chat
    This is really taking the micky.. You fill in all the opt outs, and good to go Then when you LOG out, which I have been doing. They then clear all cookies, and reset everything as though you have not opted out.. Was a nice site, but at this, I am calling it a day..
  3. Why should I suffer If I cannot get on the site ,

    Jokes & funny stuff
    Paddy phoned the hairdresser and said, "I would like to book a haircut but I need to know if your salon is upstairs or downstairs". The hairdresser said, "why do you need to know that?" Paddy replied "Murphy told me if you get your hair cut down below it makes your knob look bigger"
  4. Site chat

    General Chat
    Must be they have that new anti-narcissism software plugged in :)
  5. Site Issues

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    So I have set up this thread for any post on the issues you are having with the forum. The link will be given to the big guys in Canada so they will know what the exact problems are and can work through them as best as possible. Any posts going off topic or general ranting ones will be...
  6. site

    General Chat
    Me thinks site has gone silly beggars again. Not seen Funky's post until I replied. Now saying 88 unread , was 17 before I replied to whats made you Grumpy. :grin2:
  7. Insecure site?

    Community Help
    Hi how come the site is telling me it’s not secure ? That on mobile , Mac, and windows is there a security issue on going ?
  8. new to the site

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the site but not Renault Laguna's, I've had 2 previously and my current Laguna Coupe for a year now. And I love it! never fails to put a smile on my face. Its a 2.0dci 150hp.
  9. Posting and other site problems

    Hi All Having trouble posting quick reply, when you click on the post reply nothing happens, I have to 'go advanced' to be able to post my comment, also cannot see thumbnails. is this a site problem? Many thanks
  10. new to the site and new to a renault

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    hi all , new to the site, just got my first renault, a 06 megane coupe 1.9 dci with issues :crying2:
  11. Site not secure..

    General Chat
    Before I log in to renault forums get to the left of that not secure..that means any sneak could be getting info password there something that needs to be done to keep me and the site safe and sound :idunno:
  12. A site for diagrams and part numbers ;)

    General Chat
    Might be of some help to a lot of people, this site gives you exploded diagrams and part number for most Renault cars, Hope it helps
  13. Hi all, i am a new member to your site

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, i am a new member to your wonderfull site, lets hope we can be benifically helpfull to each other ! Regards Ger.
  14. new to site not new to renault

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    hi there i have now had 2 renault one was a clio and my current car is a 54 plate scenic but i am wondering if anyone has ever done a modified one make it look abit nicer and inside nicer i have currently put new alloys on and done black badges but next i am gonna upgrade to a k and n air filter...
  15. Newbie to the site and to renault

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi guys I am just in the process of swapping from a vauxhall zafira to a renault grand scenic, its a 60 plate 1.5 privilege which has done 55K on the clock, i have asked the dealer to replace cam belt is there anything else i should be looking at cheers
  16. New to the site and collecting Wind on Tuesday!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all so after weeks of deliberations and researching various small convertibles we eventually opted for the Wind - then we went in search of one ! Found a 2011 with 17k miles, RAC warranty in blue .....very excited :laugh:
  17. New site look and software upgrade Feedback Thread

    Community Help
    Hello Everyone, We're proud to announce that the new site look and feel has been completed for Our designers and software engineers have been hard at work on this for several months. It's designed to modernize the site, make it easier to use, and to make it more attractive...
  18. Images for new site banner

    Heya guys, The site will be getting a face lift next week and I need some user images for the new banner. If you would like to be featured in the banner please post 3-4 different images below in this thread. I need them ASAP so we can get a proof to you guys this week. Tips: - clean and clear...
  19. New Lanark World Heritage Site in the Snow

    General Chat
    Was down at New Lanark a walk with the dog this morning took a few photos using my iphone 6s of the place in the snow and Clyde in full flow :d
  20. Garage Costs Comparison Site

    Cars & motoring
    Just come across an advert for this site It seems a comprehensive service and the results are quite surprising when you do a search. Maybe some members may find it useful in finding a garage for work? Has anyone seen this site before and used its recommendations?