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  1. Looks like we are having Sky Sports now

    General Chat
    Granddaughter is playing Rugby at Twickenham on the 4th of May. For the army against the Navy. 80,000 expected And its on Sky Sports, so looks like we will have that,,,, Or , or I might have to find a pub with Sky sports :grin2: :wink2: >:) Just 13 she will be,..
  2. Holy grail or pie in the sky!

    Cars & motoring
    Headlines in the last few months have indicated that the days of diesel were coming to an end and that diesel vehicles were the main cause of pollution problems around the UK. However, an announcement by tyre company Continental has given hope for diesel fans that it might not be dead yet. Super...
  3. Debate on sky tv

    General Chat
    Watching sky tv and this has come up.. British couple who fled UK to join ISIS want to come home | UK | News | Turns out that Turkey have caught them and now want to imprison them for 15 years.. the guy running the program says YES lock them up and do not send them back to...
  4. Sky Cycle 11

    General Chat
    Evil Knievel did not make it but watch this.
  5. Recording from SKY TV - what are the options?

    General Chat
    Hi guys & gals, I am going on holiday fairly soon, and being someone who likes a certain number of TV shows, was wondering what my options are for recording them; I am very much 'old-tech' in my approach - I still use VCR's as I can watch programmes whenever I get the chance in any major room...
  6. Thermostat sky high - Engine not hot - Grand Scenic

    Hi all, hoping for a little help on this. My Grand Scenic 55 plate shows the thermostat on the dash as right to the top after just a few minutes of running. On lifting the bonnet the engine is not overly hot at all. Added to this the heaters dont blow hot which i would guess they would easily...
  7. BBC - SKY deal

    Formula 1
    Still mileage in Berniegate
  8. BBC and Sky Sports to share rights to UK Formula One coverage

    Formula 1 news
    F1 r.i.p Sad day Just killed it. Alan...
  9. Sky+ HD

    General Chat
    hey.. sky are coming to upgrade my box to hd next thurs. would you say its worth it? im paying the extra £10 a month for hd and only £30 for installation.. no box costs. were getting the downstairs box upgraded to sky+, my box to HD and a standard box in my mums room. cheers
  10. News from Renault - Renault launches its own TV Channel on Sky Guide 883

    RSS feeds launches its own TV Channel on Sky Guide 883 Click here to read more »
  11. Streaks in the sky

    General Chat
    I took this picture on Friday 8/8/08 @ around 09:00am I'm guessing @ the location around 5 miles south of me which would be somewhere by Junction 2 of the M5 around Halesowen area of the West Mids. I've been around since Noah and have never seen a natural cloud formation like it before. At...
  12. Problem with Sky+

    General Chat I've been having some problems with my Sky+ box and was about to make the dreaded phone call for an engineer when I found this site. Haven't tried the full reset yet but the majority of people who...
  13. Sky sign up for British Cycling success story

    Cycling Club
  14. Sky Routers and Phone line filters

    Computer Club
    Has anyone ever had a filter need replacing, the one's that go in the phone socket? Also has anyone had the white Netgear router slow the connection down. Basically my 16Mb connection has gone really slow. I rang Sky as some little kids next door but one were playing with a carrier bag as a...
  15. Sky+ Box for FREE

    General Chat
    Hi all Apologies for flitting in and out the forum these days, but i have got something to share with you all. I received a mailshot from Sky and currently i only have freeview. Virgin supply me with both internet and free phone calls via my ADSL line (can't have cable). Anyway, my mailshot...
  16. Inter v Liverpool live on Sky Sports 2 from 7.30pm

    "Internazionale captain Javier Zanetti has warned Liverpool his side will fight to the end in their UEFA Champions League clash. Liverpool go into their second-leg tie at the San Siro 2-0 up and are favourites to reach the quarter-finals. Zanetti is confident Inter can overturn the 2-0...
  17. Sky TV - rubbish quality tonight?

    General Chat
    Hi all All evening we have been experiencing sound faults and blocky images through Sky digital. It's probably our box going kaput, but just wondering if anyone else has been experiencing problems? Most notably on BBC channels for some reason. :confused: EDIT - Just realised the title is a...
  18. All you Sky subscribers out there...

    General Chat
    The Sky EPG background music has obviously changed from the "festive" selection we've had for the last few weeks. But - the old EPG background music from before Christmas has gone! Noooooo! I had a few favourites in the old selection that I can remember going back for years. I know how sad I...
  19. STOLEN sky blue RENAULT 25 GTS

    Cars & motoring
    it was stolen from ALDI car park off South Baileygate in Wakefield, Pontefract sometime between 10AM and 5PM, the Police have been informed and are on it....but if ANYONE sees or hears anything PLEASE call the police and call me 07854569709...this car is sky blue REG number is H427...
  20. Petition to move the new Sky Sports team/score banner

    Hope this is OK Mods if not I am sure you will censor Following on from this - Sky Sports banner size - AV Forums - thread we've created a petition to hopefully get Sky Sports to sit up and take notice. Please sign the petition if you're...