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  1. Espace '07 2.0dCi slight coolant leak

    Heating & cooling
    Got a very slight coolant leak on wife's Espace. 2.0dCi engine, 150ps. Basically having covered about 5000 miles between checks it's lost half the volume of the expansion tank, maybe 1-2 litres. It's not dropping on the ground/undertray that I can see so I think it's going somewhere 'hot' and...
  2. Clio MkIII slight knock noises on uneven surfaces

    Steering and Suspension
    hi 2012 Clio 3 tce It's started sounding a bit "knocky" on uneven surfaces, also I can detect a tiny (just perceptible) amount of play in the O/S wheel when the car is sitting and I rock the O/S wheel top to bottom. (grab top of wheel and push/pull) I can't detect any play in N/S - I assume...
  3. Slight judder

    Hi, Renault Clio 1.5 dCi Automatic (2015). I have a minor problem (hopefully). Occasionally, when pulling away (automatic), I get a slight judder for a couple of seconds before my speed increases and everything returns to normal. This doesn't happen all the time. Any idea what this could be...
  4. Slight noise on turning kleft

    Cars & motoring
    Hi guys. My Renault Grand Modus 2009 1.6vvt automatic I've just purchased over the last couple of days has started making a low high pitched mouse like noise when I turn left slowly. Any help would be appreciated only 16,000 miles on the clock. Thanks.
  5. Slight Hesitation

    Hi Guys, I have a 2010 1.2 TCE, Renault Grand Modus, with 36000 Miles on the clock. The strange issue I am having is when I accelerate, when in 4th or 5th gear for example, when I put my foot down on accelerator pedal the car will start - sort-of shake, resisting to accelerate, but...
  6. Slight judder when pulling off

    Hi all my wifes got a clio 1.5dci 13 plate. Ive noticed that when she pulls of there is always a slight judder just as she starts to move. When i asked her about it she said that its always done that. Its got 50k on the clock now and when i tested it to see if it was her driving i couldn't pull...
  7. Slight judder and vibration at motorway speed?

    Wheels & tyres
    At 60mph or higher, the car feels like it has a slight judder in motion. I can feel slight vibration throughout the car. Tyre pressure is correct and the car is perfectly smooth under 60mph. Back left wheel has an outer counter balance weight near the air inlet. Air inlet is positioned right...
  8. megane II slight judder when accelerating

    first of all i have a 2005 megane 1.6 petrol with 42k miles on it, recently i have noticed it has a slight judder when accelerating, i have also noticed my week old spark plugs have black soot on them, i have ran wynns injector cleaner thru the car to try and clear it up to no avail, my mpg is...
  9. 1.9dci slight vibration at idle and knocking when revs increased

    I have a 2006 laguna with the f9q674 1.9dci engine that has suddenly started to vibrate slightly at idle and when you increase the revs there is a knocking noise coming from the engine. The car starts and drives fine but I have covered less than a mile since it the noise started. Any advice...
  10. Slight loss of power when driving but only for a few seconds

    Hi, I own a Renault Clio 1.2 TCE (2007). Over the last couple of days whilst driving I've experienced a slight loss of power. This feels like the car is almost pulling back a little when this actually happens. This is whilst driving normally and has happened on flat roads as well as climbing a...
  11. megane ii cuts out when cold slight missfire aswell

    hi I have a megane ii 1.6 changed the dephaser month or so ago .This problem was there befror the change .when I start the car from cold it can take 3 or 4 attempts to start here without accelerating and I get a misfire for a min or two .when I start here it revs up to just under 2000rpm then...
  12. echo and slight vibration

    After a humming noise I replaced the rear bearings of my car the humming noise went and it was great for a week or two.... Now I have an annoying loud echo road notice on certain surfaces and a slight vibration felt under my feet. The front wheels have been balanced. Tyres seem ok except for the...
  13. 1.5 dci vibrating, and slight power loss

    hi, have recently bought a 1.5 dci scenic, bought cheap with a few problems. I am a mechanic and have worked a lot on this engine as where I work mainly deals with Nissan. vehicle vibrating and found top engine mount and lower gearbox torque bar worn. replaced still no better. plugged car in and...
  14. slight rotton egg smell

    Hi guys I have a 04 Clio dynamique 1.2 16v and I've noticed a sulpher type smell occasionally ... Can't feel any blowing anywhere but maybe a small drop in power... Any ideas
  15. Steering noise and slight stiffness

    I bought a 1.2 16v Clio Campus Sport a week ago. It has passed its MOT with no advisories last month. However, I have noticed a low level grumbling noise when steering. It is more pronounced when turning the steering wheel to the left and there is a single click just before it gets to full lock...
  16. Engine won't start after slight prang + broken fuel pipe ( Megane coupe/2005/1.5Dci)

    Hello, A few weeks I hit a parked car whilst skidding in the snow at about 25mph, some front right body damage, smashed front light,bent bonnet, and broken fuel pipes leading into the fuel filter. Hence the engine stopped after the prang. No airbags went, broekn windscreen and the like...
  17. Slight shake and dimming lights.

    Soooo brief history. Bought a Clio mk3 06 1.4 petrol last April and have nothing but problems since. Most of it was engine management light coming on and car juddering. After 5 trips to garages the light has seemed to stay off however the juddering is just as bad. I also have just noticed that...
  18. Slight improvement in Schumacher's condition

    Formula 1 news Schumacher's condition has improved slightly, doctors reported on Tuesday, though the seven-time world champion remains critically ill and in an induced coma following his skiing accident in France. The improvement follows a second...
  19. Clio 3 Steering wheel slight noise when turning

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi everyone, I am rather new here. Last week my steering wheel - and only when the engine is on- started to have a slight noise when turning to the right or left for about10 cm...:confused: It is not very annoying still but maybe in the future it could get worse.:crazy: As much as I could find...
  20. Slight idle problems. Can't find fault.

    Hello. So my 1.4 06 mk3 Clio has been idling rough since a day after ny 3 month warranty ran out (typical? Yes indeed) It was juddering quite a bit and had a rough idle (drop slowly from 1000 down to about 700) I took it to one garage who found no faults. About a month later on a drive it lost...