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  1. Sloshing Noise

    I have a 2004 1.2 Clio extreme with very low mileage, the car has proved to be reliable but occasionally a strange noise can be heard while travelling which sounds like water running through a pipe. I have thought the answer may be the sunroof but the interior of the car is perfectly dry
  2. Battery Sounds like sloshing water

    Sorry first of all if posting in wrong place ,I am fairly new to this forum and always find advice on here helpfull, so was wondering if anybody could help guide me with my recent problem. My car(scenic2) which I have had electrical problems with for a while suddenly went flat after parking it...
  3. Laguna II - Water sloshing around in dash - drain holes blocked?

    Hi Guys. I have rain water sloshing around in the dash area below the windscreen. It's also spilling out over the front passengers feet. I'm guessing that the drain holes have been blocked with leaves as it's been windy and rainy recently. Can anyone point me towards a posting that shows how...
  4. Gurgling, bubbles, trapped air, sloshing?? from passenger side under dash.

    Heating & cooling
    Hey, So my Clio (1.6si 1999) has this strange bubbling noise coming from under the dash, and its mainly noticable when accelerating from cold (sounds like bigger bubbles moving through the system) then it ends up constant like crackling sound under the dash. Where is there air trapped? Can I...
  5. Kangoo Van - Water sloshing around in the back

    Hi, After a particular bad spell of rain lately, I noticed there was a sound from the back of the van that sounded like water sloshing around. I took off the plastic panels in the back of the van and sure enough is was damp. It took me a while to find the seals that can be removed to drain the...
  6. Water sloshing around on passenger side - Clio Mk1!

    I've got a Clio MK1 '94 - Can hear water sloshing around on the passenger side (when going around corners and over bumps) - sounds like it's in the door sill and perhaps also around sunroof - any ideas on how to locate it and get rid of it? This has only started happening since it's been...
  7. SLoshing sound coming from passengers sill. 2000 Scenic.

    Under hard braking i can hear what sounds like a gallon of water moving from one place to another! I would imagine the rear of the sill to the front. Does anyone know how to drain the sill out and get rid of the gallon of water that has been there for a year and is ****ing me off and is costing...
  8. Trapped Water and Sloshing

    Cars & motoring
    My new style 06 reg clio has some trapped water that sloshes around when turning bends and such. I can see where it is, it is in the void under the grills, the area between the engine bay and the wipers, and just underneath the bonnet overhang, if you can understand where I mean. It is not a...
  9. sloshing noise

    twice i have heard a water sloshing noise in the roof of my 03 clio it has a tilt sunroof when i drive about 2 meters the noise goes i dont have any leaks any ideas
  10. Renault Laguna 2 - Water Sloshing Noise When Driving

    when i'm either cornering, accelerating or just driving i'm intermittantly getting a sound like trickling / swishing water, i've looked for leaks and all carpets albiet cold were all dry and also looked in glove box, around sunroof, boot and on top of all 4 rubber floor mats and again all dry...
  11. Renault Megane 1 Sloshing Noise How To Guide!!!

    Ok here goes with a few pics on how to get rid of that awful sloshing noise which seems to appear behind the glove box, Firstly Open Your Bonnet And Undue Bleed Valve Shown Below Only Slightly And Leave Expansion Tank Cap On Then Start Your Engine. Then Use Idle Cable Shown In Picture...
  12. Megane 1 Sloshing Noise Help Needed!

    Heating & cooling
    Hi once the car starts i get a sloshing noise from around passenger footwell any info on what this is also where is the pollen filter located on a megane rt.14 98 cheers for any help
  13. Megane - Sloshing noise

    Heating & cooling
    Former owner of a 1999 renault megane (I now drive an 07 Civic) but the car was passed on to my sister-in-law and is still very much a big part of my life. Here to seek advice with an issue that doesn't seem to want to go away. About 6 months ago I booked the veicle in for a service and...
  14. Water sloshing around somewhere!

    After the heavy rain lately every time I brake in my 95 Clio (3 door) I hear water - or similar - slooshing around. Have shaken both doors and it doesn't seem to come from there. Have checked scuttle at base of screen - and no water collecting there. Nothing in the boot either. Not sure where...
  15. 2002 Clio water sloshing noise

    Hi, I just got a 2002 clio with a tilt/slide sunroof, and when it rains I can hear water trickling noises from above my the vicinity of the sunroof. Is this normal? are there drain pipes that could be blocked? Thanks.
  16. water sloshing

    Cars & motoring
    i am getting water sloshing about in the bulkhead.the drains are blocked.i have been trying to remove the plastic lock screws that hold the plastic grill in place but cannot remove the grill.anybody else had this prob. my car is a laguna 1.9 dci 02 plate...
  17. The sound of sloshing water....

    Hello, first post here so go easy. My other half has a 54 plate Megane Sport Hatch.... since the turn of the year there has been a constant sloshing sound of water, from what sounds like the underneath of the car. The car was taken to the dealers, when she realised the carpet around the...
  18. Sloshing Noise

    Laguna II, 2.0 IDE, Manual Petrol. 25k miles, 3 years old in June. Noticed this morning a sloshing water noise from somewhere in the dash when I first set off. Stopped, let it idle, set off again, and there it was again. I repeated this a few times. Once the engine was hot, the noise was...
  19. Megane Sloshing Noise

    I have a Megane 1.6 16v Sport W reg for the last couple of days I have heard a sloshing noise but I can't pin point where the noise is coming from, the other day I put the air con on by accident I noticed it was on after a couple of minutes and turned it off, could this be water in the exhaust...