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  1. Bodywork
    My Modus only has key slot on passenger door and wondered if anyone has tried and succeeded in moving the lock to the drivers door? or is there a way to signal the remote actuators by turning the key so other doors unlock?.
  2. Electronics
    Hi guys, bought a new battery for my clio 05. Got the correct battery, only to find there was no way to attach a black vent tube to the back of it. which was connected to the old battery. Is this a cause for concern. ? The car does start perfectly.
  3. Electronics
    Hi, have tried to find an answer to this but can't so far so posting this to see if someone can help. The plastic slot the key goes into has broken, the key needs to be pushed in and held to start the car, then taped to hold it in place. Does anyone know an easy way to fix this -without having...
  4. Electronics
    Hi folks, So, I noticed a loose piece of dash trim under the keycard slot and decided to give it a tug. As you do. I was confronted with this yellow pin plug type thingy (see pic). Any ideas as to what it is? Something to do with the stereo/iPod? Or is it CC/TomTom related? Answers on a...
  5. Electronics
    Came across a card reader slot issue today.For the past few days it has been difficult to slide the card reader into the slot. There does not appear to be any obstruction but today whilst sliding in the reader it became loose and on further examination a piece of plastic inside has broken. This...
  6. Electronics
    Hello, We purchased, around 4 months ago, a 2007 1.9l turbo diesel megane II with 63000km and we were having issues with the egr. It was grinding and squealing trying to find its stop position. Renault found no faults. Today we took the egr valve off, cleaned the immense amount of grime off it...
  7. Electronics
    Hi. The keycard card does not lock into place anymore in my Laguna 2. As a result, the car thinks the keycard is present all the time and I cannot use the keyless entry feature. Does anybody know how to remove a reader from the phase 2 dash and is it possible to repair it? Thanks in advance...
  8. Interiors
    hope someone can help? i drive a 2003 laguna 1.9dci. i put the key card in the slot and started up the car, then about every 10 seconds got a bleeping noise. so stopped car as its not done this before but the key card would not pull out. still starts up but use spare 2 lock it , any ideas
  9. Engines
    Hi I have just brought a Renault clio Dynamique Tomtom and it says that it has a USB socket yet I can't locate it. Does anyone know where it is situated?
  10. Heating & cooling
    Hi I have a 2001 RENAULT Megane 1.6 16v Sport Alize and today I noticed hot air blowing in via the hand-brake slot (of all places). The engine temp was showing as normal, all the heating controls were set to zero. There was no smell of exhaust, just very hot air being blown in. Does anyone have...
  11. Engines
    Just bought a 2004 Megane a few days ago. Been ok but earlier today I went to insert the keycard to start the engine only to find that the inside of the slot had collapsed and so was totally hollow and loose. Is there any other way to start the engine? Is this likely to be a big repair and...
  12. Electronics
    Any guidance on how I can remove a CD which refuses to eject from the dash slot on a 52 Privilege? It plays fine, but just won't eject. There's no help in the manual.
1-12 of 12 Results