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  1. DPF exhaust emission smell

    Hi I'm in Australia and recently bought a 2015 Kangoo Maxi Van. It is 6 speed manual 1.5dci with I think the current DPF. I give it a good monthly run on a motorway keeping the revs at at least 2500rpm to try and keep the filter clean. A couple of times now in 5th gear at good revs I have...
  2. smell of gearbox oil - Clio 8V 1.2 2002

    i was driving the wife's Clio 2 1.2 8v 2002 today and thought I was getting a smell of hot gearbox oil inside the car - not whilst driving , but when stopping and parking it up - could it have been in my head or what?
  3. Oil yellow, burning rubber smell from bonnet? **Fixed**

    Cars & motoring
    hi, I have a 2010 Renault Clio imusic 1.2 petrol, recently I've noticed a really bad burning rubber smell under the bonnet after I drive the car even if it's only a 5 minute journey, also when I open the oil cap it's filled with a thick yellow paste inside, there is only 68000 miles on the car...
  4. Petrol smell

    Hi all, i drive a renault megane 1.4 16v 2002 model and first had a idle problem which i sorted out by replacing the throttle body o ring which goes into the intake manifold side, now when i start the vehicle i smell petrol, could someone pls give me an idea what it could be, your input will be...
  5. Burning Smell

    Last week replaced brake pads, discs, calipers due to mot failure. When garage started work, agreed £520 for this to then be told needed new handbrake cable (£380). Once done couldn***8217;t get parts to talk to computer so then had another charge for diagnostics. Total cost £1200 and a week...
  6. Diesel/fumes smell

    Hi I have a diesel/fumes smell while driving my car, worse if the heaters or ac is on. Just had 2 new injectors and checked all of them for leaks. There all dry and there***8217;s no chugging. No oil/ fuel stains underneath the car.
  7. Occasional smell of petrol and using petrol

    Hi all. Another problem now with my Megane now. It's a 1.6 100bhp petrol 2009 5 speed. I get the occasional smell of petrol coming from the front of the car when im driving it, only now and again and it's using more petrol. ive just had i quick look under the bonnet but find anything (it was...
  8. Battery two small

    Hi lads is this car battery two small for my megan
  9. Engine smell's hot

    Hi my other half has said the engine smell's hot i can't smell anything there is no water loss that i can see no oil in water or vice versa any ideas on what it could be making the warm/hot smell before it drives her and me for that matter nut's thanks in advance:wink2:
  10. smoke from back of engine after revving from idle clio 2 16v 1.2

    Hello, yet another thing i have noticed with my clio 2 1.2 16v D4F - if I have it on drive and idling and the rev it up, when I go back to bonnet there is sort of white smoke and a smell of like I have spilt WD40 onto the exhaust manifold, even though I havent. but it does clear after a while...
  11. Burning Smell, Windows And Sunroof

    Hi everyone - first post from me - I have the exact same problem - my windows and sunroof have stopped working on my Scenic 07 plate and there is a strong smell of burning either in wiring or a unit - fuses all seem fine - any starting points would be great Thanx Steve
  12. 1.9dci Scenic - tons of white smoke and burnt oil smell

    Hi all - please help? I'm a bit basic... Firstly, time to come clean... I've had the car for nearly 2 years and not changed oil/filters - it's been needing the oil to be topped up more and more regularly, but with no leaks and no obvious smoking, apart from a puff when accelerating. I had a...
  13. Kangoo + smell of petrol

    Hi, 06 Kangoo Authentique 1.6 auto. Had it since May and straight away I thought I could smell petrol when parking, reversing, in queues of traffic. Garage checked it over and said no leaks etc..maybe just that I could smell fumes as windows open in warm weather ! I was sceptical but thought...
  14. Paraffin smell coming from air vents

    Heating & cooling
    Hi This evening I suddenly experienced an overwhelming paraffin smell coming through the air con vents on my 2015 Scenic Diesel 1.5. At first I thought it was from outside, but it was definitely from somewhere on the car. When I got out I noticed a very "hot" smell coming from the rear area of...
  15. Strange smell like plastic burning

    Hi all long time reader first time poster here :smile2: So I got a Grand Scenic II 56 plate, for the last 3-4 weeks I have had this strange smell coming from the air vent when the fan is on. It smells like burnt plastic and makes your eyes sting but if I turn the fan off the smell goes away...
  16. 2001 Scenic RX4 1.9DCI diesel smell

    Hi I have noticed a strong smell of diesel from the site of the diesel pump and diesel filter. No diesel is dripping, it is just a strong smell. The mechanic said, there could be a possibility to rebuild or change the diesel pump. Anybody have any ideas?
  17. MKII Clio Burning smell problem

    Hello all. First post here, and already on the scrounge for a bit of advice. I few months ago, I bought my wife a MKII Clio on an 05 plate, for her to learn to drive in. She passed her test, and has been driving it on short local drives ever since. Last week, the engine started to stutter and...
  18. Petrol smell when heaters are on an cars warmed up?

    Heating & cooling
    Recently bought another clio and all seemed fine test driving it and heaters worked no problem. But once the cars warmed up and the fans are on im getting a strong smell of petrol coming through the vents into the car?
  19. Scenic II blower smell & smoke when set to 4

    Heating & cooling
    Hello, Sorry to say I joined just to ask a question! Not a Renault owner myself, but my partner has been having issues with her 2004 Scenic II 1.9dCi. Recently when she sets the fan to 4, after a few minutes a foul burning smell will start coming out of the blowers, she says it's more...
  20. Clio - smell inside the car

    We have a Clio 1.5 dCi (54 reg) with 93,000 miles on clock. Recently, there is a rotten egg smell inside the car. We thought it might be discarded food down the back of the seats but not so, we have cleaned it thoroughly and food nothing. Anyone any idea what this? Thanks for...