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  1. Engines
    Hi, My megane has started to smell when the blower is on and I am stationary. Today I have noticed exhaust fumes when I accelerate from stopped and when turning corners. The heat shield behind the turbo is sooty. Is this normal or does this indicate a problem. Thanks in advance.
  2. Engines
    Deisel 03 Clio misfires when starting and blows out smelly smoke, then runs ok when w it warms up. I just started to happen when I started up one morning. I removed the tdc sensor and emeried off the end, but no avail. I then gave it to my local garage man and he tried a few things, but agin no...
  3. Engines
    Hi, my name is Brian. New to all this, but thought i would give it a try. Hopefully somebody knows the answer to the following. My megane came up with the message "rejuvenate soil filter" and since then it has smelt really bad of diesel fumes.... any ideas Thanx
  4. Electronics
    Wonderring if it was the v cold weather, but several niggly things started at once with '05 1.4 Scenic Authentique. 1. Car has an awful fuel smell for several minutes when starting from cold, like dieseley turpentine. 2. Fan blower doesn't work on setting four. 3. Clock keeps re-setting...
  5. Engines
    Please help, I have just bought a 2003 Clio 1.5dci 80 bhp it has done 80,000 miles and has had one owner from new I have just had it serviced, but the exhaust smokes like a b***h when starting off and changing from first to second. It also smells like a burning rubbery/oily smell under the...
  6. Engines
    Hi, was just wondering - my Clio (51 plate 1.2 Dymanique) is making a real rotten-egg kind of smell when I start it up - I think it's worse when it's been stood for a while. I walk a lot more now with the petrol prices, so it often goes a few days without use. I've heard it could be to do with...
  7. Engines
    Just wondering whether anyone has got any advice - sorry but I'm useless with motors..... We've just bought a 98 Laguna I 2.0 RTi. It's got a FSH, and has obviously been well looked after. However we've noticed a strong smell of petrol when it's idling and pulling away. The engine...
  8. Heating & cooling
    :) My 04 plate scenic II has a funny smell when the aircon is running, like a musty kinda smell. Is this normal, if not any ideas what it could be? Thanks.
  9. Heating & cooling
    I've an 05 Renault Megane which has started to smell really badly. The smell seems to be worse when you are running the air con taking air from outside (i.e. not recirc mode). I'm wondering if the pollen filter could have got wet and gone mouldy. Can anyone give me any advice and does anybody no...
  10. Engines
    Driving in some slow moving traffic today and found that there was a sort of burning smell when I was getting the biting point going uphill. Only had the car (1.2 clio II) a few months and just a bit worried incase this is the beginning of the end for my clutch. Haven't smelt it since and the...
  11. Cars & motoring
    high everyone. can anyone tell me how to git rid of the awfull smell(swetty socks I think)that comes through the vents when I put the aircon on. It only lasts for a few mins but is rather off putting to say the least. thanks geecee
  12. Heating & cooling
    I have read some posts on smelly air conditioners and some have said cleaning / replacing the pollen filter can help. My car is June 99 Laguna 1, Phase 2. I was told the air con was either under the dash or behind the glove box. I couldnt see any panels to remove on the dash so i removed the...
  13. Engines
    I have a 1.5 80bhp Dci Clio bought new. at around 12 months old it started to smell strongly of diesel when started first thing in the morning. Back it went to the dealers. The pipe between the filler and tank is leaking says they. New pipe fitted under warranty. Some mornings is worse than...
  14. Heating & cooling
    Hi All, Over the past few days there has been a funny smell when I start the car and the air starts coming through. Variously described as smokey, musty, sweaty....... It disappears within a couple of minutes. Any ideas TIA Russell