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  1. 2005 kangoo 1.5dci black smoke problem

    Hi. I have a 2005 renault kangoo 1.5 dci 68 with 160k on the clock, full service history from new and have a problem that I can't solve. I have brought the car to two different mechanics and they both can't find the problem either. Ever since owning the car the past year it has been constantly...
  2. Smokey starting car

    Hi I am having a problem in the last week with my 1.4 diesal scenic 04. first it seamed to be losing power when driving. the other day coming home from work the check injections and emissions warning came on. then the next day the car wouldn't start in the morning. Now its take maybe 5 to 6...
  3. Hi, I'm Nick and I have a smokey van!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi people, I recently bought a Renault Master van and have had a few problems, with the help of reading threads off this forum I have got so far in testing for faults but have really hit a wall with where to go now. I will put a thread up in the technical section when I can but for now I wanted...
  4. Trafic 1.9, 2005 smokey

    Noticed that my Trafic is getting quite smokey, all 4 injectors (used) and fuel pump were replaced last year but it is noticeably smoking ( black smoke) when driving and also sometimes when stationary. Van has also had maf replaced. Can anyone give me some pointers on what to check next? thanks
  5. Help needed smokey after new ecu

    Hi there I've just joined and need help Just before Xmas my van broke down.... It went to a Renault specialist who put his computer on it and said it needs a new injector no:3 £410 later and less than a mile down the rd it broke down again, back I went and the computer again came back with...
  6. Very smokey engine

    My car has just started smoking badly when you accelerate the oil pressure low warning came up in the dash but there is enough oil in it I suspect the oil rings gone as it seems to run ok there is a whirring noise which I have not heard before it also says oil level ok when you first you first...
  7. smokey clio diesel

    hi,have a 2002 clio 1.5 diesel it smokes a blue haze if i have correct level of oil have to run with just enough oil to keep oil light from comming on,tried oil additives tried flushig oil additive cleaned erg valve still smokes.any suggestions
  8. Kangoo 1.5 Dci very smokey

    Hello again, I have a list of stuff to deal with given to me by Bugsb in an attempt to eliminate the dreadful smoking that seems to happen as described in my first post. I have just been under the bonnet and come across this item (photo No' 1) which locates into (photo No' 2) and clearly...
  9. Kangoo 1.5 Dci very smokey

    Hi, I am new to this forum and I joined because of the conflicting advice that I am being given. I have a 2004 Renault Kangoo Van 1.5 Dci with the K9K704 engine and a certified (VOSA) 98,000 miles on the clock. Very recently it has had a full service and in all of that a new EGR valve, new...
  10. laguna loud noise & smokey

    I know the egr issue has been talked to death here but :d.... I couldnt get the inner EGR out to clean it so i just unplugged the electrics from it and that seems to have sorted out the problem, well most of it. the smoke is gone and the power is back, the noise is still there though. looking in...
  11. Megane 3 smokey start.

    Hi all. I wonder if anybody can shed some light on this query? I have a 2009 Megane 1.9dci, 38000 on the clock. Over the last few weeks it has been smoking on start up for a few seconds then it clears. There is no loss of power and it seems to be running o.k. I had to top up the oil last week (...
  12. Smokey at night !

    My 1.9 dci seems to leave a trail of smoke or haze or something when im accelerating up a slip road in the cars headlights behind me. Just wondering if this is normal. There is absolutely no smoke during the day no matter how hard I drive it. Thanks all.
  13. Smokey, lumpy, stop injection fault & tuning box mmm... Help

    Hello, Recently I decided to fit a drake tuning box to my 80bp 1.5dci. No matter how low i set the box, it still came up injection fault when heavy acceleration esp in 3rd. I liked how the car drove in setting 6 and thought i would get used to the beep and thought the computer was just seeing...
  14. Smokey Scenic 11 04 1.5dci

    Hi Guys, have had 4 mechanics which all have conflicting diagnosis,2 computers (which say egr solenoid intermittent fault). The car is incredibly smokey over 2000rpm when cold and when warm is fine. I found oil in air and water lines which have been cleaned along with the egr. The car...
  15. ECU functionality

    General Chat
    Hi All, just joined,I have a query and am hoping someone here can explain my dilemna. I bought a Scenic for the wife got it home and after a while it started to smoke. I cleaned all air lines did an engine flush all to no avail it still smokes like a locomotive.I had kinda thought it was...
  16. smokey

    Hi, I have a scenic with automatic gear box,could it be giving off smoke ?I've just had the timing belt and fan belt renewed along with new water pump fitted.
  17. smokey air chuffing from oil filler.

    My scenic is doing this . I have been told that this smoke is being pushed past the pistons causing pressure in the crank case, which is firing oil out of the crank seal. the car has only done 47k . I have had a quote to replace piston rings gaskets oil seal and cam belt..1000 quid.. I have...
  18. help smokey renault trafic sl27 dci 100 2001

    Hi i have a renault trafic van for the past six monthes it has been letting out alot of white smoke from the exahust, especialy when im stoped at trafic light the smoke seems to build up, also somtimes whilst driving the van cuts off, i then hav trouble for a few moments starting it again. I...
  19. smokey clio dci

    Hi first post on here. Ive done some searching but cant find the answer to my problem. My 1.5 clio dci smokes black smoke quite bad when accelerating and it ticks over lumpy. Ive cleaned the egr valve and had it tested but it hasnt sorted my problem. Any ideas what it could be?
  20. 3.0 v6 dci in Grand ESpace very smokey

    Even at lower revs its smokey when accelerating moderately, plus (from what I have seen elsewhere here) the more usual heavy black smoke on plus 2k revs hard acceleration. Its been like this for a while and has passed MOT previously. Otherwise VG, feels powerful as ever and on long motorway run...