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  1. Renault clio 1.2 16v, is it ok to drive with snapped air intake tubing?

    Hi 61 plate clio dynamique tomtom 1.2 16v I was doing a weekly check on my car today. I've noticed the plastic tube leading from the bumper grill to the bottom right (facing front of car) part of the engine cover had completely snapped, leaving only a small part of it hanging from the engine...
  2. Same day bought Renault Master has died on motorway, big rattling cambelt not snapped

    Hello folks, Had a nightmare,bought a Renault Master dci 100 2.5 extra hi top van in very good condition for money, great body,really tidy, seats mint etc, yesterday knowing it had no 1st gear, absolute bargain due to but big problems driving back from my sisters last night. Van was driving...
  3. Snapped cambelt info required

    Hi All My first post on here but am on a few other motor forums. A friend of mine has a 51 plate megane, 1.6 petrol, I am told it has a K4m 700 engine in it, the car has only done 42000 miles, she only purchased the car 4 weeks ago and unfortunately, we believe the cambelt has gone (diagnosed...
  4. Snapped front spring

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, Please could someone tell me what year vehicle I can use as a dona for replacing my passenger side front strut? I have a MK IV 2010 2.0dci Grand Espace. Or are they all the same :confused: for the same shape vehicle as mine? :help: I intend to swap the shock and spring as one unit, any help...
  5. Garage snapped my nipple. Advice needed please *Fixed**

    Hi guys, My megane went in for repairs post MOT. It just needed drop link and front driver side brake pipe. The work was carried out however, when the mechanic went to bleed the brakes, the bleed nipple crumpled away apparently. So, they called me up, told me what happened and said I will...
  6. Snapped glow plugs

    Hi guys ,my brother has snapped 2 glowplugs on his 1.5 DCI kangoo, is it possible to get the remainder out without head removal has anybody actually done this thanks
  7. Filling gearbox oil up when someone has snapped off and WELDED the filler nut??? Clio

    Just had to register to ask for a bit of help. Replaced a knocking driveshaft today on a 53 plate Clio phase 2. Caught all the gearbox oil but I was going to change it anyway. Come to fill it up and the previous owner (or the previous before him but I doubt it as it was a woman) has managed to...
  8. This Just snapped off

    Steering and Suspension
    Had a loud banging coming from the rear while dirivig, pulled over to find in the passenger rear wheel the suspension has completely snapped off if the top mount, so now the suspension is just hanging, car is driving ok but I have a feeling this may of been a botched job by the previous owner as...
  9. Glove Box Shelf Snapped

    Hi there, I have a 2011 Renault Trafic Sport, and I'm currently trying to fix all the little problems, one of them I can't seem to find a solution to is the broken shelf under the glove box. Does anybody know of a fix or solution to this, I don't really want to be pulling the dash apart if I can...
  10. Bonnet cable snapped 2005 espace

    It's been to the garage unsuccessfully and he's saying the only way in is to basically start smashing up the front of the car. I don't have much confidence to be honest. Has anyone got any bright ideas. Thanks
  11. 2010 Grand scenic 1.5dci cambelt snapped

    The cambelt has gone on our grand scenic 1.5dci. RAC man says its not good. Does anyone have any experience in this? Quotes of you need a new engine being thrown around. If all 8v are bent any ideas on price? TIA
  12. indicator securer snapped so wont screw in.

    hi. I HAVE A 54 RENAULT modus. the indicator bulb died. so a family friend said he could change it while I was a work but didn't realise it was screwed in so where the plactic is connected to the car to ensure the screw is holding the indicator inplace has snapped. and its not glueable. any...
  13. Timing Belt snapped. Engine Gubbed.

    Hi. I have a Renault Master DCi 100 2.5 9GU and it's not well. I'm trying to rebuild my engine after the timing belt snapped. I bought emanuals online but it seems to miss out a lot of detail like when removing rocker cover it doesn't mention that the injection rail needs to be removed or the...
  14. Megane snapped antenna

    Hi, i recently broke the rear antenna on a 61 plate Megane, whilst trying to load a roof box on. It has sheared off beyond the thread and needs replacing. It is a rear antenna and a quick look there is no easy way to get to it from the underneath. Does anyone know how to remove the black (shark...
  15. Regarding a Clio Mk 1 snapped torsion bar

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi! Here's my first post! I just bought a 1997 Clio Mk 1, which I got cheap because the passenger side is well down at the back. I took the rear wheel off and could move the trailing arm up and down with no resistance from the torsion bar spring, only from the shocker. So the spring is either...
  16. Alternator belt snapped whilst driving, now engine knocking (Scenic 1.5)

    I was driving on Friday and my alternator belt snapped and shortly after I noticed that there was a knocking coming from around the alternator area that got faster as you revved it. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet but I'm suspecting that a bit of the belt's debris has been pulled into...
  17. Grand scenic mkii drivers seat height lever snapped

    Dear all, can anyone help me locate a part number for the lever on the right hand side of the drivers seat responsible for raising and lowering the seat? Mine has snapped just before the plastic handle ( I will try to attach photos ). I've searched google and the part website I found on the...
  18. Laguna 2 Phase 2 2.2dci - Snapped Dipstick

    It turns out I have the quite common issue of a snapped dipstick. However, I can find no real info on how best to remove it. Its snapped too far down to fish it out manually. So: Does the dipstick tube unbolt at all? Or is it a sump drop job? If sump drop, how tricky is the job? I've done a...
  19. Megane Front O/S Coil spring snapped - �195 to repair?

    Steering and Suspension
    Megane Front O/S Coil spring snapped - £195 to repair? Hello all. New to forum. Discovered this morning that the driver side coil has snapped on my son's 56reg Megane . The garage quoted £195 inc labour, vat & parts (mount & bearing i believe). I am clueless when it comes to cars and wanted...
  20. Snapped glow plugs

    Hi , lookin for a bit of advice regarding the best way forward, i was having problems starting the car in this cold weather so thought would change the glow plugs, 1st one went fine but when went to take others out they where just turning and not coming out so after a bit of a search on google i...