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  1. Has my engine mounting bolt snapped?

    Hi all My Scenic II (2004 54 plate 1.4 16V) has just had its resistor pack replaced - this cured the heater blower problem (not working on position 4) BUT as i was pulling up to my house i noticed a noise as if the exhaust was blowing. I've checked the exhaust system (very roughly) and all...
  2. Clio snapped accelerator cable

    The wife was driving her brothers clio(98) and the pedal feel to the floor as she was going uphill, on closer inspection we saw the cable had snapped. 1st question is can this be fixed easily at the roadside as the car is stuck there and secondly if that can't be done how much would a garage...
  3. Exhaust snapped leading into back box

    Anyone had this before? Do you think it could be welded? Theres not much of an end left on it. :(
  4. Renault Clio 2 - Handbrake Problems Explained

    Hi there Im back again with another problem wiv sisters car, She has just told me that she went to put handbrake on and the lever pulled right up and the box that its in also moved please could anyone give me info on what this could be, and also how much this is likely to cost I thought the...
  5. mk2 aerial snapped off - how do i remove and replace it?

    hi everyone some wee toe-rag has snapped my aerial off, leaving just the very bottom bit of the base and i cant work out how to fix it - as in how to get the base bit off to put the new one on!! it is a rear mounted one and from reading other posts it should screw off... mine does not seem to...
  6. espace 2.2 glow plug snapped

    hi, has anyone got any idea how to remove the inlet manifold on the 2.2 dt 1998 espace please? tried to take it off today to change the glowplugs & couldnt remove it , it moved about loosely but would not lift up enough to move out of the way,it seems to be holding on something in the very back...
  7. scenic cam belt snapped

    hi i wonder if anybody can help, my cam belt snapped while driving and i have being quoted 750 to repare which i know is a rip off but i don't how much it should cost if the pistons have been damaged, please help me
  8. snapped dipstick

    oops lol anyone know the price from renault for said item for 1.9 dci? ta mike
  9. timing belt snapped engine out

    hi all i have to remove the engine in my bro in laws 22 espace v plated now the question is does it drop out below or come out of the front? we have had ridiculous quotes dueto labour prices so i used to be a mechanic but stopped about two years ago but now needs must nay help much appreciated...
  10. Renault Espace - Diesel - Snapped Timing Belt

    I drive a 1994 Renault Espace RT Turbo-D (2068cc) I have had it for 12 years and love it. On Thursday my wife was driving home and the timing belt broke. AA towed me to a mechanic who is very unsure whether it is worth working on. I read that interference engines are wrecked by a broken...
  11. Renault Laguna 1 - Snapped Timing Belt On 2.2 Diesel

    The cam belt has snapped on my Laguna!! Could anyone be kind enough to provide a link to articles regarding replacing the belt. I have done various jobs on my other half's Rover (head gasket, clutch etc) How likely is it that the valves have been damaged? Any help gratefully received.
  12. Clio Timing belt snapped, Prices

    Hi all, Got a Clio on an X plate, timing belt went on in, not taken the head off to have a look yet but just wondering if any1 can give us an estimate on to how much it wud cost? worst case scenario? Best case scenario? Cost of valves, replacment head, head set etc plus how much labour...
  13. Renault Clio 2 - Snapped Cambelt*Fixed*

    Hi, I'm really hoping someone can help. My clio 1.2 mtv had the cambelt snap back in May. Car has been with mechanic for 6 weeks now, he has replaced cambelt and sorted out bent valves, head etc and now it won't start. He says the fuel is not reaching the engine hence its not firing, is this...
  14. Renault Megane 1 - 16 Valve Snapped Cambelt*FIXED*

    hi ive just got a 99 megane 16 valve with a snapped timing belt ive made the tool to lock the cams but i cannot find the tdc for the crank anyone know how to find it ive took the screw out of the side off the engine and turned the engine all the way round and cannot find the hole for the tdc pin
  15. Renault Espace - Cambelt Snapped

    Doh! Just rolled up to a roundabout and the engine stalled. A quick look under the bonnet and sure enough the cambelt has snapped. Got it towed home and removed the cam cover and yes I have 3 busted valve rockers. Is there anyone out there with some spare rockers for a 94 2.1TD espace? (J8S...
  16. Belt snapped and Air-con problems related?

    Hello everyone, we have a 2001 Megane Scenic 1.9dti which up until today was no bother at all. I'm no mechanic so servicing etc was left to the professionals. Anyhooo the aircon has been playing up for a couple of months, blowing warm for a while then suddenly blowing cold again. We were...
  17. Renault Espace - Snapped Cambelt

    I have 98 renault espace, 2.2 dt. timing belt broke at 60mph down the motorway, could anyone tell me if the valves would be damaged?
  18. Renault Laguna 1 - 1.6 16 Valve Cambelt Snapped

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could give any advice plz,our laguna broke down on Sutton bank near thirsk on Monday timing belt went, DH has mended the belt and couldnt see any damage the car still wont work still making the same noise,now going to strip it down to see if any of the valves are...
  19. Espace cambelt snapped and the dealer nightmare

    If anyone can advise me I would be really gratefull!! I own a 2001 2.0 16v espace. I puchased it 10/07 and it had 50k on the clock. It also had full service history. When I did the deal I insisted the cambelt be changed as it was at the 6 year recomended due date. I left happy with a wicked...
  20. Renault Clio 1 - Cambelt Snapped

    My 1.2 R reg Clio's cam belt has gone and i just wondered if anyone might be able to give me some advice??? I was driving along a B road at about 55-60ish I do a fair amount of short drives and the occasional long one. Its done 58033 miles Cant remember its last service but think it may have...