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  1. Laguna 2005 2 litre petrol cambelt snapped

    Hi, I was wondering what the likelihood of my engine being damaged after the cambelt failed at around 40 mph on this particular engine?? Thanks in advance
  2. Renault Trafic 2006/7 2.5 DCI auxiliary belt snapped

    Auxiliary belt snapping twice ??? Hi there to all, I have a Renault Trafic 2.5 DCI Auto with air con the lot and last week the auxiliary belt started to fray and bits fraying off and was making a banging slapping noise off the belt and the belt was running just half the width just after I...
  3. Head replacement after snapped cam belt **Fixed**

    HI guys newbie please be gentle.OK iv got a megane mk2 1.6 16v vvt 55 reg and just replaced the head from same engine coded engine.Iv replaced water pump cam belt,and tensioner's,new head bolts head skimmed.Done the timing as book said both cams markings at 12 o clock locked crank with pin and...
  4. traffic 1.9 cdi snapped cam belt

    hi all please help,i have a traffic van 1.9 cdi 2005 all was fine then my cam belt snapped and bent the valves i then got a complete head off a mate which i was told was all good including injectors,fitted it and it started after a few turns but sounds like a tractor:crying2 :any held would be...
  5. Cambelt snapped

    IMPORTANT If your Laguna has done 38000 miles, get the cambelt changed NOW. Otherwise, it may just 'die' in the middle of the road (as ours did ) ruining the engine and almost causing an accident. Alternatively, just buy a more reliable make of car
  6. Timing belt snapped

    Hello, The timing belt on my 2010 scenic diesel snapped on the motorway yesterday. I was driving at around 65mph. It made a rattling noise as if I was dragging something metallic then the dashboard displayed 'Engine failure' 'Stop the car'. From some of the statements I read on the web, it...
  7. Renault Laguna II Snapped rod on wishbone.

    Steering and Suspension
    So long story short it was Kerbed pretty hard, needed a new wheel on there. I was removing the new wheel to paint it and came across this snapped part. It's a very small little rod, does not feel especially strong. It go from the front wishbone (I think that's what it's called) to some sort of...
  8. Center of exhaust snapped

    I have a 2002 renault megane scenic/expression been having a number of issues and the latest the centre exhaust join has come away, two questions can anyone recommend a new clamp also does the centre join connect to the car? I've had a look and it doesn't look supported so surely it can happen...
  9. bonnet, cable, snapped,

    this motor is now getting to me bonnet cable has now snapped is there an easy way to pop the bonnet from the outside help please :devil::crazy: grande scenic 2 2006
  10. Snapped Ignition Coil bolt scenic 2004

    Basically I was quoted a hell of a lot of money to have my spark plugs changed by a garage. I have done it myself loads of times on previous Volkswagens so didn't see the problem with doing it myself on my Renault. It was all going well until i started tightening the 10mm bolt holding down the...
  11. Trafic timing chain snapped. Recon or not?

    Has anyone had experience of a timing chain breaking on a Trafic? Mine has broken and without stripping the engine we don't know the full extent of the damage so are considering getting the engine rebuilt without knowing what damage is there. The price of the rebuild is the same whatever is...
  12. dip stick snapped - easy to remove sump?

    I bought a new dip stick and cap from ebay as the one I had missing end not sure when as it was like this when I bought car (not sure where end went could be in sump) However it seemed to catch on something when I unscrewed the cap, this morning it snapped and I am left with 1/4 to 1/3 of a...
  13. Snapped Battery Connector

    I managed to fit my new battery and it was straightforward as expected, except, when I went to put the negative lead back on I noticed that one of the connectors that is attached to one of the three nuts that are attached to the top of the negative lead had severed just where it joins to the...
  14. Renault Master Handbrake Snapped

    Hi all, I have used the search function to no avail other than finding a link to a guy who made a new cable from stainless. I'm pretty new to Renaults, having had old VWs, Land Rover, and Toyota (Hilux) in the past - so my 2007 Master van is like a space ship to me in terms of new-ness. I'm...
  15. 2.2 dci Auto box snapped

    I have just recently purchased a 2.2 dci Grand Espace with an automatic cogbox. I knew when I bought it that it needed a new engine and the seller stated that he had been told that the autobox was knackered and he needed a new one. When I spoke to the seller, he said that the cam belt had gone...
  16. 2.2 dci G9T Snapped cambelt

    I am sure this topic has been covered many times but I can't find any answers. I have had a search on here for "2.2 dci snapped cam belt" and "g9t snapped cam belt" and not got a successful result. I have just bought an 07 Espace 2.2 Dynamique auto with a knackered engine. I have been told...
  17. Timing Belt Snapped?

    Hi Today whilst driving around a roundabout my engine made a very heavy clunking noise and I lost all power, the engine then cut out. I did try to restart but as soon as it did it just cut out again so i left it, called a recovery truck and got towed home. As luck would have it (might aswell...
  18. clio 2 dog bone mount snapped ?

    I've got a Clio 2 1.2 16v I've been told my 'dog bone mount' has snapped, I've just had a new clutch fitted an told this might be the reason because I wasn't used to the biting point as I set off quick and it went with a bang then the gear stick felt like it fell an is now in a 45° angle can...
  19. spark plug snapped HELP

    Hi I have a 2001 renault clio mk2 I am not bad with the mechanical side of thigs but I went to do a full service on the car and well as the title says the spark clug has snapped in the head I can get all the debree out if anyone can help ill be extremely grateful thanks :) also if I have to take...
  20. Timing belt snapped on 10 plate scenic

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help us out with some advice. We own a 4 year old Scenic i music with full service history. On Saturday night we broke down, the problem turns out to be the timing belt has snapped. The recovery driver told us that he was aware that a few scenics had been recalled for...