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  1. Advice Clio 1.2 16v - snapped timing belt

    Hi there I'm just after some advice off some of you who have done this engine before, I bought this car very cheap to sort out and keep for a year or so, I got it home and have stripped it down to the pistons. The timing belt had snapped and it has slightly scored the inlet side of number 4...
  2. Renault trafic auxiliary belt snapped 1.9 dci 100 2003

    Hi there, I'm new to this site and I was wondering if you can help. I was driving bk from Kendal to bolton when I noticed the dash light up with STOP, the heater plugs sign and the one below also the battery light. The steering went heavy so automatically I thought shoot my fan belt has gone...
  3. megane coupe3 wishbone snapped..

    Steering and Suspension
    Hey guys, unfortunately I've had a bit of bad luck with my treasured megane and managed the snap the wishbone almost in half. Just wondering really if anyone has some advice for me on what should do. I hit a pot hole about 2 months ago and only recently noticed the near side front tyre scraping...
  4. Laguna 2 bonnet cable snapped

    Hi, can anyone help me with a way to open the bonnet on my 2001 Laguna 2. The bonnet cable is not working, I have taken the release lever off and it works at that end so presume its snapped at bonnet end but i cant open the bonnet to check. Does anyone know how to open the bonnet from underneath...
  5. Snapped EGR... HELP!

    Hi, I went to clean my EGR on my Laguna today (first time on this car) and its snapped off - ignoring the fact i now need to buy a new one, does anyone have any idea how in the name of god i can get it out ?? its the most brittell thing i have ever seen! the tiniest tap with a hammer and anothe...
  6. bolt holding engine up has snapped

    I have a Renault Megane 2008, recently I had a hairline crack in the oil sump and had to have it replaced. When replacing the oil sump does the engine have to be unbolted? Yesterday my engine bolt snapped (half in the engine and half out on the left hand side) and I wondered if the garage had...
  7. Glow plug snapped off!

    so the heater end of the glow plug is snapped off- I'm guessing I've got to strip the head and drill it out? OR can I run it with three and spray some WD40 down the hole , let it heat up and hope the engines compression will fire it out the cylinder head? or will it drop through to the piston...
  8. Laguna 1.9 dci CamBelt snapped

    Good day all First thread of my own, but I have replied to a few, trying to help out! Wednesday this week my cambelt snapped on tickover, yup, just my luck a year after the turbo and intercooler both blew, grrrr I think the aux belt is wedged on a pulley on the bottom run and the engine tries to...
  9. Snapped injector 1.5 dci

    I have a 2005 Clio diesel 1.5dci. I am in the process of changing the injectors and one was difficult to remove. After a lot of twisting to loosen it, it finally came out, leaving part of it still in place. Any ideas how to remove what is left?
  10. espace 20 l turbo cam belt snapped

    hi I have a 2003 espace and the cam belt has gone. has anyone had this problem. thanks
  11. Dip stick snapped!

    Drama.......The Dip stick has snapped in my 51 plated, Cleo. It has snapped at the point were the thin blade joins the bung shaped neck. The whole of the blade remained in the engine housing tube and is not visible. I am pretty confident it has dropped all the way down the tube. Will this...
  12. Cambelt snapped on 97 2lt petrol Megane

    Hi All, I have just confirmed that the cambelt on my Megane has snapped. My experience with other makes is that this is a costly exercise to replace as valves usually get bent. Does the same happen to this engine or can I just replace the belt after setting the timing. All advice gratefully...
  13. Snapped forward gear cable problems

    Hi, I'm now on my 3rd cable which always breaks directly under the gear lever, Renault will only sell you the complete unit consisting of new gear leaver and forward and reverse cables, surely there must be a flaw with the design of these! Has anyone else had these probs? Hiram
  14. early t reg clio bonnet cable snapped

    ok any one any idea how to open the bonnet on a clio cable has snapped or unhooked its self at the catch Ron
  15. Laguna Bonnet Cable Snapped - Help please.

    Hi there, I have a '99 Laguna 1.6 Alize and the bonnet cable has snapped (apparently a common fault), I have read the post on here somewhere about how to open it from underneath but I have loads of air-con stuff in the way and can't get to the catches. Can anyone help me with how to open the...
  16. Key snapped in ignition

    Hi all Iv posted my thread here as I cant seem to post it on the forum i need to so hopefully some1 can help. Anyway my problem is this. I have a mk2 Renault Megane scenic 1.6 16v 2003 plate and the tip of the key has snapped in the ignition? Iv looked on eBay for bits etc but I'm concerned. Can...
  17. Laguna 2 - Snapped anti rattle springs..

    Having assembled all the parts to replace the rear discs and pads, wheel off ready to go, found I couldn't get the old anti rattle spring out of the caliper. No amount of force, various tools or WD40 would shift either end. Both ends eventually snapped and I have two stubs of spring stuck in the...
  18. clio mk3 front coil spring snapped

    Wheels & tyres
    HI guys, my clio mk3 (new shape) o/s coil spring has snapped. i have done most jobs on the clio suspension joints but never a coil spring. I take it that its just unbolt the bottom from the hub and then the nut at the top? then you pull the lot out? i have a replacement strut so will i need to...
  19. cam belt snapped

    what is involved and what are the chances the valves are damaged
  20. snapped map sensor

    Our clio mk ll map sensor showed faulty. I know they snap so i wiggled very slow and the bugger still snapped. I have a new map sensor but cant even find the end. Think i dislodged it . Do i NEED to get it out? Can it get sucked in ?. Is it a manifold off job