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  1. Electronics
    i have a Renault Meganne Scenic registered in uk in 2001 , 1600 16v with air conditioning , i have had great problems since the cam belt snapped,i had to replace the valves to one barrel and rebuild. It ran ok for about 200 miles then something went wrong as it wouldnt start , and i ended up...
  2. In Car Entertainment
    Hiya Guys. I have a grand scenic 2007. There are no rear accessory sockets under the rear seats & no wiring either. Whats the best way of cutting a hole in the plastic to fit one? Ive got all the bits & ive just put the centre console in with no problems now want to fit sockets in the back under...
  3. Ask the Experts
    I have a Clio MK2 1.2 16V 2004 RH drive. Light stalk shows front and rear fog light options. The dash lights up both front and rear symbols. The dash fuse box has fuses for rear AND front fog lights. But, there are no front fog lights on the car – just the plastic inserts. So, I bought fog...
  4. Electronics
    Hi, I have had to replace a broken 7 pin N socket. There are 9 wires with no colors corrosponding to the standard wiring colours. Unfortunately the socket broke during removal so the pins came out of the molding. Does anyone know the colour coding used by Renault on their towbar sockets? Many...
  5. Electronics
    Has anyone added another socket in their kangoo before? I have a blank panel I can mount one on and want to splice it into the existing sockets wiring. Just unsure on +/- and earth orientation as the wiring colours seem to change throughout all the components. TIA.
  6. Electronics
    I've bought a new one to go in my 07 plate Mégane convertible as the old one was disgusting and didn't work. The new socket lights up but doesn't heat up or charge my phone etc other half has check fuse in glove box but doesn't seem to be gone. Plz help
  7. Electronics
    Changed headlight bulbs on my megane for some more powerful ones ( Philips XtreameVision), right on went normal because there is bigger hole where i could see what I was doing, but the left one I messed up badly. I somehow managed to bend the bulb holder or however you call it and now bulb moves...
  8. Brakes/Hubs
    Can anyone tell me what size the rear hub nut is on '07 mk2 Laguna Grand Tourer so I can change the brake discs, please? My socket set ran out at 32mm so it looks like i'm going tool shopping tomorrow. My kind of shopping.... Prefer mm, none of that imperial nonesense. Cheers
  9. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi there. I wanted to ask if anyone knows if there is any difference between the cigarette lighter and the 12v sockets in the car. I can charge my TomTom from the cigarette lighter but I can't from the 12 v socket. Thanks in advance
  10. Engines
    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get a spark plug socket for my 08 Clio? All the ones I’ve tried don’t fit down the metal tubes or are 12 sided so won’t grab the spark plug or aren’t deep enough. Have got this but doesn’t fit: Laser Magnetic Spark Plug Socket 14... Can’t even take it the...
  11. Electronics
    Hello all, I've just got a 2011 1.9 DCI Dynamique Tom tom and am getting to grips with it.. Is it possible to swap the positions of the stop/start button and the power socket?.. would just be more convenient for RHD. ...How can I pull that bit of the fascia out to have a look? Are there any...
  12. Electronics
    Hi I have a Trafic 2017 1.6 sport nav and all i wish to do is enable the accesory socket in the load area. I have found the 2 wires and plug behind the vent type panels on the rear door pillar but they have no power. I looked at the fuse chart in the hand book and assumed that the use must be...
  13. Tools & equipment
    I'm looking for a good (as in good enough) socket set for general car work.Turns out our Drapers aren't up to scratch- one of then cracked on a wheel nut at under 50lb.ft. I probably won't be taking any hub nuts off as if I never have to do one again it will be too often. Ta.
  14. Electronics
    Hi all, hope you can advise please. continuing to get my vehicle Renault Grand Espace mk4 2007 model mot'd asap. Fixed one problem on here with much help and appreciated. next task is sorting the lost wheelnut locking socket. Have searched everywhere for this with no success. I did locate the...
  15. Electronics
    I have a 15 plate Megan's and listen to a lot of my music through a pen drive plugged in to the sun socket and set to random play. My problem is that it tends to play the same songs all the time when I switch it on, seemingly always starting with the same album. Is there any way to get it play...
  16. Electronics
    I want to add a DAB player to my 2015 Megane stereo, but would prefer not to have to use the front AUX socket. Can one be added to the back and into the glovebox (as was the case on the 2010 Clio I had)
  17. Electronics
    Having just got a 2016 Trafic Sport 120, I find it only has one 12v accessory (cigarette lighter) socket in the cab, on the dash to the left of the centre console above the drop down cup holder, which is disappointing! I took off the cover for the "multimedia" connection point in the centre...
  18. Electronics
    Hi, I have an 06 Trafic minibus. The 12v socket in the rear is not working. I am sure it is probably just a fuse. Would anyone know which fuse it is. Thanks in advance, Dave
  19. For sale
    I've got a 3/4" drive ratchet socket set for sale, it's not had a lot of use, there are 15 sockets, extensions, wobble/T bar and the ratchet. The socket sizes are 22, 24, 27, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 41, 42, 45, 46, 48 and 50mm. There was a 26mm but this has grown legs and walked. It's a big...
  20. Electronics
    Just removed the left wheel arc liner to do some work and found an electric socket hanging all loose, running from the same sleeve as the ABS sensor (see attached pics). It's all dirty and gunked up and with no mate in sight. Anyone happen to know what it is?