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  1. Locked fuel cap

    Hi all, The petrol cap on my 14 reg Captur seems to be locked permanently. I suspect it’s a broken solenoid and I’ve tried to access it via the boot to see if I can open it manually. However I can’t seem to see or access the areas around the fuel cap. Has anyone had this issue before on a...
  2. Fuel pressure solenoid 2.0 ide F5R ?

    Hi guys , new to the forum . I recently inherited a 02 plate laguna in pretty mint condition with 60 k on . On driving i had a loss of power /limp home mode .garage diagnosed a bad fuel pressure solenoid .They have said part can only be sourced from Renault France with a 2 week lead time and...
  3. Scenic II 2.0 VVT solenoid, and spark plugs

    Back in September I've bought a 2006 Scenic II 2.0 (manual, petrol), and due to work getting in the way I haven't had time to do much on it. Driving it over the past few months I've noticed a few problems. The most worrying being that on a cold morning, it rattled/clanked for a minute or so...
  4. which way do the turbo solenoid valve pipe go? Trafic

    Hi So I have a 2005 Trafic 1.9dci but it now doesn't seem to have much in the way of power. I got a feeling it's to do with the lack of boost from the turbo system, so i was wondering if anybody know which way round the two small pipes go when plugged into the turbo regulation solenoid valve...
  5. Boost Pressure Solenoid **Fixed**

    Should you hear anything from the Boost Pressure Solenoid, I can't hear anything and reading "other internet bits" apparently you should hear a buzz? Is there a way to test them with a multi meter?
  6. Kangoo Van Rear Door Solenoid

    Hi Has anyone had any experience of swapping a rear door solenoid on a Kangoo Van ? It was working fine but has now decided not too work. I can still open the door from inside. I have removed the rear door card and had a quick check with connections etc so looks like it is a removal and...
  7. OK... where is the idle control valve? :)

    So my quest for engine knowledge is on a good start but for the life of me I can't find that mysterious idle control valve anywhere on my Megane 2. Seems like all other Renaults have it but not mine! Well, I DID run into this bit of information that it might also be the "solenoid valve" (what a...
  8. Automatic gearbox solenoid do i need a new gearbox

    Hi, yesterday my car jolted and then a message came on saying check gearbox. I have looked on here and it says it will be Automatic gearbox solenoid. I had a friend top up the transmission fluid but did not work. I have phoned two garages and one said they do not touch...
  9. renault Megane 1.9 dci mk2 Vac Control Solenoid valve

    Hi I think this is a simple question and could be checked by anyone with a 1.9Dci 120HP Megane 2. On rebuilding after a turbo failure I note there is a black hoses connected onto the Vac Control Solenoid valve i need someone with the same Car to post a Few Images , pictures of where them hoses...
  10. Dephaser Solenoid - learning help

    Hey guys. This is more of the.interest of learning about something new and wanting to k ow more. But can anyone who considers them self abit of a knowledge guru. Tell me: 1) What is a dephaser Solenoid 2) What does it do? 3) Are there.qny other names that it goes by? Thanks just been...
  11. boost pressure solenoid renault traffic

    ive just fitted a boost pressure solenoid to my van and am unsure if I have the pipes the right way around does anyone know which way they should go ?? traffic 1.9
  12. 2.5 G9U Vacuum Lines

    Urgent help required I have an 09 Master 2.5 that has had all of the vacuum lines removed, now I don't know where they should be plugged in. From what I can there are 4 vacuum lines. From the vacuum pump, turbo actuator, EGR and a spigot on the intake boost pipe, however there are only 3...
  13. fuel vapour vacuum solenoid? clio 2 petrol 16v 1.2

    can someone elaborate on this black plastic fuel vapour / vacuum solenoid thats situated behind the drivers side headlamp and goes into the canister (fits inside black rubber seal in the canister) behind the front drivers side wheel please. What does it do / whats its purpose and how does it...
  14. Grand Scenic III Fuel Flap Solenoid Fuse

    Hi My fuel flap solenoid has stopped working on my grand scenic iii. Before I order a new solenoid I was going to check the fuse on the off chance that is was just a blown fuse and not the solenoid. Problem is...I can't figure out where the fuel flap solenoid fuse is located!! Can anyone point...
  15. Replacing solenoid help please Trafic T1100D

    Hi all. After lots of help the leak was diagnosed to a leak in the solenoid. My boyfriend has replaced it (a motorbike man not cars) but it now wont start. Any help much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  16. Drivers door lock solenoid

    I have an intermittent fault on the drivers door of my 2010 megane, the door will not always unlock when the fob is activated, all other doors are fine, as it is intermittent I'm thinking that the fault could be within the door solenoid itself? I've taken the door panel off but can only see...
  17. Boost Pressure Solenoid

    2008 Megane 2 tourer, 1.5dci (106bhp) I noticed over the weekend that after the car has shut down and engine has stopped running, there's a static-sounding buzz coming from the boost pressure solenoid. I'm aware that many electrical components go through a shut down period after the mechanical...
  18. cluio central locking solenoid location

    hi guys hope someone can help me here im having problems with central locking going mad and have seen a few posts about checking out the solenoid inside door i have no problem removing door cards or stuff like that but on which door will the suspect solenoid be or is there one for all doors...
  19. Clio 2006 1.2 Canister purge solenoid code 244

    Hi Can anyone help, the Clio has been drining the battery and I have tracked down the fault to the canister purge solenoid keeps working even when the car is shut down and locked. It does not happen all the time but does run quite a lot and it tend to flatten the battery. Today I got a new...
  20. 2004 Espace Boost Pressure Solenoid

    Well after 200 miles of ownership with my 2004 2.2d Espace the honey mood period is over. Can anyone tell me where the vacuum hoses for the boost pressure sensor attach to the engine please? ** Background Yesterday the engine mgmt light came on and the car went into limp mode. Quick stop...