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  1. Car sos more4

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    Looks a good one tonight they are restoring a Renault 5 GT Turbo:smile2:
  2. SOS!!! Laguna II 1.9 Dci immo LED steady on-engine not starting!

    Hello! I hope getting help for the problem : Immo Led steady on (not flasching!!) und motor not starting---ownly with Startpilot bat solong as I give Stratpilot " tactvoll"---equal cold or warm. Diag equipments can not comminicate with engine ECU bat yes with athers ECU like :ABS.., SRS...
  3. SOS - Megane 2004 Lots of electrical faults need advice please

    Hi Please can anyone help me I have a Megane 2004 it has developed very strange electrical faults I'm not sure if they are all related in someway, but here goes 1. Heater display no longer lights up so unable to use aircon, rear windows heater, heating etc 2. Radio/CD player plays for...
  4. ***SOS*** Megane electronics / Non-starter

    Hi, Seemingly complex issue with the wife's Megane, which we are dire need of use, so ALL advice welcome! I will try and break the problem down into chunks for easy digest... But someone please save my soul from this ridiculous excuse for a car!!! I may have to make a deal with the Devil if...
  5. Sos - boot won't open

    can some one shed any light on my dark day my boot on my renault wont open ............ i have all my work documents in the boot and cannot gain access!! anyy suggestions will be appreciated
  6. cobra 8265 alarm

    I have just brought a scenic II .its the top of the range 1.9dci that didnt run .after inspection I found the problem .but the previous owner was wronly told it was the imobaliser so he removered the cobra upgrade ,I Know it goes under the dashboard ,he has also told me he left part of the...
  7. Laguna II 1.9 Dci EGR Valve SOS!

    Hi I removed my EGR valve today to clean it. Didn't expect it to be such a pig to remove. Ended up removing it in 2 pieces(the rivets in the center have come off). I have 2 questions. 1. Although it is out in 2 pieces, I have a feeling it should work if bolted in properly. Is that too...
  8. Renault Laguna 1 - Cutting Out When Warm

    hello every1, I bought a 1996 laguna 1 2.0 rt for my mum last july , not my choice of car but after driving it i actually fell in love with it, anyway , it drove perfectly for 3 months but then developed a misfire and would "kangaroo jump" regularly... i changed plugs and leads to no effect,the...
  9. SOS Megane HG

    Hello Everybody I have owned a Megane 1.6 16v for 4 months and the car a few time ago started to misfire and sometimes would not start at the first time.... After speaking with some people and reading a few articles in the forum i thought would just be a matter of spark plugs or pencil coil...
  10. Renault Clio Mk 2 1.4 (98) S reg ~ SOS!!

    Please Please Please can anyone help mates clio is making the most peculiar noise!!:confused: When driven at speed it sounds like an areoplane about to take off!! The noise occurs when going straight however if you steer sharply to the right the noise stops. But if you steer to the...
  11. SOS call as driver's car gets stranded in the Thames

    Cars & motoring
    SOS call as driver's car gets stranded in the Thames SOS call as driver's car gets stranded in the Thames | the Daily Mail