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  1. Clio 2 mk1 1.2 whistling sound

    Hi! The car is Renault Clio 2 mk1 1.2 gasoline, year 2000, 8V D7F engine with 140000 km / 90 000 miles. When I cold start the car in the morning, whistling sound appears. After a while it dissapears, when the engine is warm it is okay. And If i start the car few hours later(when the engine is...
  2. 2010 Espace Front Speakers Not Working - No Sound!

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been covered before but I have a problem with all of the front speakers in my 2010 Grand Espace. There’s no sound at all from any of them, though those in the back are working perfectly. I’ve checked the settings and the balance is set correctly. Obviously with...
  3. Should my turbo sound like this?

    My mottah!
    Hi all! I'm just wondering if this sound is just the regular sound of a turbo or if it needs checking out? His is my first diesel so I'm pretty clueless lol. Thanks
  4. Slaguna mk3 1.5 weird knocking sound from front suspension

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi . I have a knocking. Hiking from front suspension, not very loud and usually on turning steering wheel tightly , or acceleration, jobs already done ( outer tie rods, drop links , top shelf mounts, both wish bones, was a problem with subframe which wasn***8217;t reassembled correctly causing a...
  5. Scenic 2 won't start, just makes a 'click' sound

    Hi folks, My partner's Scenic won't start, it just makes a single 'click' sound when the button is pressed. The battery is reading 12.4 volts so I'm not sure what the next step should be. Any ideas?
  6. Upgrade sound quality

    Hi, 1.4 06 mk3 clio here. I would like to upgrade my sound system in the car, however, not 100 percent sure what route to go down. I had alpine speakers in the rear of the car which are significantly better than the stock ones. The car is currently using the stock front speakers and headunit. I...
  7. Renault Megane GT synthesized engine sound not working *** Solved ***

    In Car Entertainment
    Hello everyone. A year ago I purchased a brand ne Renault Megane GT. One of the features I noticed in the Multi Sense of the R-Link 2 was "Engine sound design". From day 1 this feature didn't do anything at all, but I didn't realize at the time what this feature actually does. 2 days ago when I...
  8. High pitched sound when slightly revving cold engine? Clio 2007

    Clio MK2's seem to never not have a fecking issue. Yesterday I noticed this slight noise. Wasn't as bad as it was today. Car had been sitting all night. The sound only seems to happen when cold. Noise is non-existent when its at operating temperature. I've included a video of the sound and what...
  9. Clicking sound

    Hi all. I have a clio expression 03 plate. There is a clicking sound on the passenger side just above footwell. When the clicking is happening my indicators don't work, the wipers judder accross the windscreen and the windows judder too. Theres wires where it's clicking and if i move them the...
  10. strange sound engine Scenic 2005

    Does anyone recognize this sound Skickat från min H8324 via Tapatalk
  11. Dead USB Port for Radiosat 3D Sound By Arkamys Bluetooth in 09 Megane Mk3 iMusic

    I've searched about a bit and can't seem to find anything concrete about this issue. I've got a 2009 Megane iMusic, which is kitted out with slightly better than awful stereo gear and uses the "Radiosat 3D Sound By Arkamys Bluetooth" system, complete with usb and aux connections for audio...
  12. Clio IV 0.9 TCE - beeping sound inserted card **Fixed**

    Hello, I have a strange issue with my Clio IV 2015 0.9TCE LPG. As you can see on video, when I insert card, dashboard starts to beeping, but without error on display. It is very annoying. Any Ideas? Signal stops and I everything is okay. Car drives normally, as usual - nothing wrong seems to...
  13. 2.0L Petrol Scenic annoying sound

    I bought a used (2010) Scenic about a month ago, 2L petrol dynamique, automatic gearbox. I've just started to notice an annoying rhythmical rattle only under acceleration, at any speed. The noise stops the minute I take my foot off the gas, it doesn't seem to be affecting performance in any way...
  14. Lag II phII cabasse auditorium sound problems

    In Car Entertainment
    Hello guys. I've got a Laguna II ph II with the cabass auditorium tronic with frontal 6cd radio. I'm having problems with his sound. Randomly it stop playing any kind of sound: calls, radio, cd, navigation, voice settings. I ear a POP and it gets quiet. everything "visual" works, I can play...
  15. Fluence 1.5 DCI Humming/whistling sound

    Hi everyone, Finally I sold my TSI Octavia and not sure if I did good but I bought a 2 year old Fluence 1.5 DCI 110 HP. She has around 68k kilometers (40k miles) on the clock. The card had some small hit on the back bumper and 3 parts were painted due to scratches ( all was done in authorized...
  16. Awful whining sound, possible from Alternator

    Been having this issue when I start my car up and this god awful whining sound starts and lasts for a while, then it goes after sometime. It happens again when I leave the car for 30+ mins, then the noise appears again. Linked is a video. Thanks for the help.
  17. 2014 Master No sound on media system

    In Car Entertainment
    I have no sound from the Radio/Satnav/Bluetooth system on my 2014 Master, everything else appears to be working fine with it. The mute is not on.When I turn on the ignition I have sound for about 1 or 2 seconds then it disappears. I recently had a service at a local garage,it was working fine...
  18. Scenic mkIII 2014 radio sound issues

    Hi all Problem with the wife***8217;s scenic 2014 All of a sudden we have intermittent sound on all four speakers , rear speakers are affected but the front are not working at all now . So I have checked the fader/balance and that is fine I have checked the plugs to the speakers and no...
  19. Clio IV 64 plate 1.5dci, no sound from sat nav.

    Hi Up until yesterday when using sat nav we could hear the instructions and the bleeps on upcoming speed cameras. Then it stopped, bare in mind hubby was driving it for the first time and he likes to fiddle, lol. Radio sound works fine, mute button for sat nav is not on. Any help I would...
  20. Knocking sound when turning the steering wheel (Megane II)

    Steering and Suspension
    I have a Megane II that has been sat idle for a little over a month (a pothole took out my front wheel). I've now had a replacement wheel fitted, and was trying to slowly drive the car to make sure it was OK. Regardless of whether I am moving or stationary, there is a knocking sound coming from...