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  1. Engines
    Dear All, Apologies upfront if this has been addressed; didn't find something exactly matching this query. In the process of repairing a leaky injector, and found that the geniuses who did the head gasket replacement have messed up the job by a) not installing the spacers underneath the clamp...
  2. Brakes/Hubs
    I've just bought a Megane cabriolet which had been sitting unloved in a garage for 3 years. The guy said it needed an axle and that was all he knew. However when I've looked at it the n/s/r wheel bearing was flopping around due to the fact someone hadn't fitted the spacer between the bearing...
  3. Steering and Suspension
    There is one problem that I couldn't stand since the first day I sit in the car: the steering wheel is not provided of any kind of axial regulation. I'm 1,80 m (6 feet) tall and the steering wheel is too far for my arms when my legs feel comfortable. I had to re-cover the steering wheel...
1-3 of 4 Results