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    Just had an unpleasant piece of spam linked to the forum by the word "renault" and part of my email address so I suspect there's been a security breach here. Who should I report this to, has anyone else had it, and anyone have any tips? Of course I'll be keeping my £2000 or whatever 0.35 of a...
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    Hi All, Just a quick question, Right my personal email system over the last few weeks is getting bombarded with what looks like Russian emails as they all seem to be in Russian text and i can get anything up to 20 emails a day or more:crazy:,i don't open them as my spam filter has been...
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    Like :censored: oh the joys of email :devil: Dear Sir/Ma, The BJ Ball Group is a leading distributor of Paper & Packaging products into the Australasian and Pacific regions. The BJ Ball Group comprises BJ Ball Papers (New Zealand's oldest paper merchant, est.1921), Kirby Papers, Reel...
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  6. Computer Club
    What anti spam software is everyone using.....I am just about fed up with all the spam I am getting, only just started. Any recomendations?
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    We've had a few recent incidents of users joining the forums to post SPAM. If you see any such postings, please alert the admin and mods using the button (on the left, under your username/avatar). Their post will just be a huge long list of 'dodgy' websites or cheap software offerings...