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  1. Spare Wheel Query

    Wheels & tyres
    I've just bought a 16 plate Renault Scenic 1.5dcI Dynamique Nav and will be collecting this from the dealership tomorrow (8th May). When I viewed the car I noticed there was no spare wheel in the boot but there was a can of temporary repair foam......the dealer was going to check for me picking...
  2. Spare kangoo van key

    Ask the Experts
    can anyone tell where is the best place to get a spare key made for my kangoo van 57plate please? when I got the van it just had the one (2x button key) using one button to open then the key to start it and I could do with a spare back up as I nearly lost my one and only key the other day. I...
  3. will removing a spare wheel save much if any fuel?

    General Chat
    My wife has just bought a 2016 Renault Clio mk4 and she says to me "has my car got a spare wheel?" and I said that I doubt it I said that all new cars in the last few years have done away with the spare wheel and just have that can of tyre repair spray thing. And then I went in the boot and...
  4. Spare wheel

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi all Sorry if this has been asked before, but I can't find an answer. I have just bought a 2014 (64) RENAULT MEGANE 1.5 dCi Limited Energy 5dr and I can see it comes with a tyre repair/inflation kit. I was just wondering if there is a proper place for a spare wheel if I was to buy one?
  5. Any spare parts manufacturer recommended or to be avoided?

    I'm looking a for a new wing mirror for a Grand Scenic and I've seen quite a spread of prices listed depending on the manufacturers. So far I've seen it available for: Tyc, Diederichs, Abakus, Van Wezel, Alkar Besides wing mirrors,I've also seen parts by Prasco and Johns. Any particular ones...
  6. Clio 3 Steel spare wheel size

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi if anyone can assist please? my son has bough a clio 3 1.5dci with no spare, I am looking to buy him a second hand wheel but due to the options available can someone please confirm the correct rim size please so far I know the rim is 6J with a PCD of 100 but is the ET 43 or 50? the rim will...
  7. Spare wheel locking nut **Found & Used :-) **

    Wheels & tyres
    I do not have original books so no numbers to go by, so is there any other way to know what nut i need to get my spare wheel basket down?
  8. Scenic 2010 Spare wheel

    Ask the Experts
    Hello - hoping someone can help. Our 2010 reg Scenic Privilege Tom-Tom has a missing spare wheel. I am trying to find out what would have been supplied with the car originally - would it have been a steel wheel, an alloy, a space-saver? The wheels are secured by four studs. Answers greatly...
  9. 2016 Clio spare wheel advice

    Wheels & tyres
    Just got the wife a 2016 cilo but it has no spare wheel , have found a breakers with one from a mk3 Clio , my question is will it fit my car
  10. Cummins generator spare parts

    Other makes
    hello, i am new here. Want to know where can I get Cummins engine spare parts? I bought Cummins generator 200KW model is NT855-GA from China one year ago. Now my fuel pump and injector are damaged. Where can I buy the parts? How much? It is urgent. Because generator cannot start now.
  11. Spare Keys

    General Chat
    There are reasons why, when you buy a new car, you will have received a spare key, the reasons for this are long and varied and not limited to: 1. Loss of a key - you can still drive the car 2. Damage to a key - you can still drive the car 3. Easier to diagnose the locking/unlocking mechanism...
  12. Unknown Spare wire in boot

    General Chat
    Hey I've found this unknown spare wire under my boot cover right behind the passenger seats. I have a suspicion that it might be for a rear wheel subwoofer that you get on some models but i can't seem to confirm this. I've attached a picture too. Anyone seen this before or recognize what...
  13. Clio mk 3 2009 spare wheel carrier

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi Guys im struggling to put the spare back on the carrier (cable thingy etc) AA man changed for the wife and said "I will leave in boot and then go get new tyre then put back on the carrier" ive got new tyre,now trying to get on this contraption but don't seen to go up,i guess im doing...
  14. Retaining bolt for spare wheel - Megane Mk3

    Hi I am trying to replace the stupid “puncture repair kit” on my Megane Mk3 CC with a genuinely useful full size metal spare wheel. However I need the “bolt” that clamps the wheel in place into the spare wheel well. I have searched the internet, Ebay and local scrap yards and there simply does...
  15. megane Tourer GT - Spare Wheel Advice

    Wheels & tyres
    After a long search for an estate car to replace my Mondeo I'm homing in on a Megane Tourer GT. Had a drive of one and it was very impressive. All was going fine until I asked if there was a spare wheel. Apparently there is space in the boot for one but the car I'm looking at currently has a...
  16. spare door key 07 grand scenic.

    Hi I've lost the only emergency door key today. Can't find it anywhere. can I buy a lock set off eBay to replace it and if so can someone point me in the right direction. Thanks.
  17. 2017 Megane signature Spare wheel help please

    Wheels & tyres
    Morning all This is my first of many posts for help!!!!!! I have just bought as above with the Bose sound system which comes with a sub-woofer were the spare is situated, 18" wheels. I believe you can fit a spare wheel/space saver under the sub-woofer and it sits in the well of the wheel. I...
  18. Mk 111 Megane spare

    Wheels & tyres
    I have a mk111 Megane with Kaleido alloys with 205/55/16 tyres and inflation kit. I bought a steel spare from the garage and was given a 6.5J 16 H2H et 47 with a 205/60/16 tyre. I queried the tyre size and was told this was correct, the difference being to suit a steel wheel and that the...
  19. Missing spare key

    Cars & motoring
    I have mislaid, seriously mislaid, my spare Modus Key any advice please on replacing it. I have seen keys advertised on ebay but assume I would have to get it set for my vehicle. It is 2006 Modus Privilige. I don't intend to get rid anytime soon as it is a good little car and I have never had a...
  20. Renault 5 campus prima 1996 N reg spare wheel required

    Wheels & tyres
    hi cant get my spare wheel off. the bolt to loosen it is rusted on. [ does it come off clockwise or anti clockwise?] i've tried using car supplied tool to loosen but no luck.its rusted shut!! can any one recommend where i could get a spare wheel? ta