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  1. Renault fidji 2003 equivalent spares

    Ask the Experts
    Hi There I have a Renault fidji 2003 automatic The gear change cable which attaches to a bracket on top of the gear box has broken at the ball joint on the bracket which the cable fits into My question is will the cable and a bracket with the ball socket from a renault scenic mk1 fit the fidji...
  2. Renault Laguna 2 Sport Tourer (54 plate) For Sale

    For sale
    My scruffy Laguna II has been replaced - the MOT is due on the 29th, the insurance expires on the 24th & I won't be putting the car through the MOT as it'll fail immediately on the tyre pressure monitor (needs at least 2 new sensors). One of the Xenon headlight bulbs needs replacing, the drivers...
  3. Spares

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi there not been for what seems an age but have now decided to sell the camper van. Im after a few bits being replaced and wondered if anyone can recommend someshere to source bits- no luck on fleabay sadly. Tia Rick
  4. Any breakers or spares dealers in Greater Manchester / Cheshire / Derbyshire areas?

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, all! Do you know the names of any reasonable and reliable breakers or spares / scrap dealers for parts in the Greater Manchester / Cheshire / Derbyshire areas, please? I need to buy some parts for my Megane Dynamique. Thanks in advance!
  5. 2006 megane for sale spares or repairs

    For sale
    On behalf of my brother. Selling as spares or repairs. Needs coil pack. Anti roll bar. Drive shaft issue. Had it for around 2 half years. Ideal for a breakers Sold as seen. No stupid offers 300ovno it's worth that and more in parts. Based in Birmingham b26 Sheldon. Sent from my SM-G935F...
  6. Laguna II initial estate braking for spares

    For sale
    My Laguna 2002 Dark blue is being broken for spares. Car been SORN since September. New front and rear disks and pads fitted in August, rear callipers also fitted along with hand brake cables. New front shocks and springs also fitted last year. Siverstone alloys tyres about 3mm tread. xenon...
  7. Renault scenic 1.9dci broken for spares

    For sale
    I have my Renault scenic 1.9dci broken for spares. Most parts left are on my eBay check my name in eBay r_spence_90. Some parts are not in eBay yet. X4 wheels just standard alloys that came with the car could do with a refurb. The exhaust from car back. In good condition. If anyone requires...
  8. Scenic 1.5dci (spares or repair)

    For sale
    I suspect the cylinder head gasket is going, so selling as spares or repair. All electrics work fine and the engine appears to run OK but there is intermittent heating in the cabin, Cambelt and new water pump fitted a week ago I'm am unable to trace the problem so therefor I am selling as spares...
  9. renault trafic 1989 leisuredrive camper van been broken for spares

    Campervan Chat
    i have just brought a 1990 renault trafic t1100 leisuredrive campervan i brought it for the gear box so breaking the rest if any one is after any parts please let me no will put pictures on when i get chance
  10. Scenic RX4 spares / repair (gearbox fault)

    For sale
    Hi, folks Just a quick heads-up in case anyone wants to buy my RX4. 2000 MY 2L petrol, 116k miles or thereabouts. Located on the North Yorks / West Yorks border near Otley. Gearbox went bang on the way home last night. It will just about move forwards and backwards, but will need at least a...
  11. 2004 grand scenic 7 seater diesel for sale good history spares or repair

    For sale
    hi all , before i put it on ebay, i am selling my grand scenic expression 1.5 dci diesel.7 seater, it is spares or repair ,as it will need the intercooler cleaning and possibly a turbo, according to the garage, which cost me £200 for the privelage, it has low miles at around 90,000. it has some...
  12. 2003 Laguna 1.9 tdci turbo blown

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, Today my 2003 Laguna 1.9 tdci dynamique has blown it's turbo for the second time :( I give up on this car now but wanted to ask - Where would I get the best price for selling a car with a blown turbo - or would anyone on here be interested in making me an offer to buy it to use for...
  13. Spares or Repair,Laguna 2.0 Turbo Initiale Hatchback 54 plate

    For sale
    Hi guys, advertising this car for a friend, so will put his number at the bottom incase you need to ask him any questions, although the car is outside my house so it will need to be collected from Hertfordshire. The car was driving lovely until the clutch went on Friday, well I'm told its the...
  14. Anyone Breaking a Clio or have a few spares laying around?

    Does anyone have one of these parts (pictured) laying around that they would sell me or know a place that has them? Can't find one ANYWHERE. Checked eBay, and local scrapyards. It's really bugging me having this bit missing and don't fancy asking Renault how much they want.
  15. Various spares boxed and never used

    For sale
    I have the following parts that i would prefer goto one of this forum's members. The following have trade prices but i only require a sensible offer and they require collecting.Hope i can help some of you guy's Renault clio fog light 60 plate £67.78 Renault Megane scenic 59 plate DOOR...
  16. Grand espace spares

    Hi everyone, seems like everyone's so helpfull , I'm new to this so here go's - I've got a 56 plate grand espace 3L deisel and love it so far. But me and my kids have managed to get two cd's stuck in the car radio (Cabasse Auditorium TRONIC CD player CD Changer) and it will not eject - would...
  17. Cheap Scenic 1.9 Dti Spares or repair

    For sale
    2003 '52' Scenic 1.9 Dti Fidji for sale, 152,000 miles, alloy wheels, jvc cd player. M.O.T March 29th 2014. Taxed till end of Feb 2014. Good runner (apart from seeping oil from egr valve) Been like it for 2 years just been keeping an eye on it Front bumper cracked, moulding missing from pass...
  18. Breaking for spares

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi guys, I've just joined this forum to tell you that me and my friend are breaking a 1999 Renault Megane Sport 1.6. The car inside is spotless the reason why I'm breaking it is due to the chassis is bent but the exterior has been repaired to a high standard it was smashe up the **** but u can't...
  19. Grand Espace 2.2 dci MK3`1998 breaking for spares

    For sale
    I have a grand espace 1998 im breaking for spares, as a garage I used dropped a glow plug in the engine and was not cost effective to repair after that. but the bad news 2 front seat gone, cd changer and radio gone, but almost everything else still here. please email for parts and prices wont be...
  20. get your spares while the discount last's

    General Chat
    i get emails from eurocarparts when they have discounts every thing is marked up with the discount i just ordered for pick up some oil 12.49 full syn for another car i think normal price was £24 see if this link works ... 7a74ee53af Ron