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  1. For sale
    My scruffy Laguna II has been replaced - the MOT is due on the 29th, the insurance expires on the 24th & I won't be putting the car through the MOT as it'll fail immediately on the tyre pressure monitor (needs at least 2 new sensors). One of the Xenon headlight bulbs needs replacing, the drivers...
  2. Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi there not been for what seems an age but have now decided to sell the camper van. Im after a few bits being replaced and wondered if anyone can recommend someshere to source bits- no luck on fleabay sadly. Tia Rick
  3. For sale
    52 Plate clio 1.2 semi auto in electric blue for sale scratches on bonnet, sold as spares or repair as wont move out of neutral, has a gearbox problem had it on ebay and the guy who won it won't answer my calls :mad:would need collecting as won't drive.
  4. For sale
    I have a laguna 2 1.9dci on a 51 plate Dark Green The timing belt failed at the weekend. Everything else works Its had a new alternator and battery in the last 6 months and good tyres. The engine had done just over 100000 b4 the belt went. I am open to offers please PM me.
  5. For sale
    Hi i have a clio for sale for spares and repairs, the reason for selling is the alternator belt snapped wrapped around the crank and put the timing out ive tied to fix it and when i was doing it i had some one helping me and they used a bit of wood to put into the top of piston to find the high...
  6. For sale
    I will take offers on the car as a complete unit. i do not want to break it as I don't have the time. Up until 2 days ago this was in daily use and has been a fantastic solid running car. I have only owned it for about 6 weeks. I have the Full V5 in my name. 3 nights ago some delightful...
  7. For sale
    Hi there, I have a Renault Scenic 2005 Diesel DCI 5 seater which I have just had new fuel injectors replaced but sadly that wasn't the problem. I cant afford to pay out anymore so am having to sell the car as is. We think it is the turbo unit (almost 99.9%) anyone looking for a scenic to buy...
  8. For sale
    hi people you are looking at Renault scenic alise 1.6 petrol 2000 reg it has no tax. 2 months mot 4 previous owners miles 112646. The cam belt has unfortunately gone there for I am force to sell has been a great car has never let me down until now it has a modified tdc sensor from Renault...
  9. Electronics
    Hi Please can anyone help? Does anyone out there have a spare lcd satnav display they want to sell? On the label it says AFFAF3 NAV 8200107520 Happy to pay good price for a working unit. I miss knowing what the time is! LOL! Thanks so much everyone.
  10. Transmissions
    Ive been keeping my eyes open for some time regarding spare parts for DPO automatic gearboxes fitted to Renault's. As of tonight I didn't seem to be having any luck locating any, then wham bang!:d tonight while trawling around Ive come across a very promising German company called "Newco...
1-10 of 14 Results