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  1. Wheel bolts torque spec?

    Wheels & tyres
    Hey guys I have a Clio mk3 2006 1.6 16v petrol. Does anyone know the wheel bolts torque specs for my car? Thank you Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  2. GUEST BLOG - Pinderwagen - Track Spec Golf with a Difference

    TMS Motorsport
    GUEST BLOG - Pinderwagen - Track Spec Golf with a Difference We are please to welcome Nigel as our Guest Blogger. His Golf is one with a serious difference, and laps the Nurburg Ring in under 8 minutes. For those of you who have been to the Nurburg Ring, you will have probably seen him...
  3. Car spec list

    Cars & motoring
    Anyone know how to obtain a vehicles factory build sheet?
  4. High spec Clio 197, really low mikes

    For sale
    REDUCED For sale is my high spec 197 as its just sat in the garage doing nowt, so I can get my self a little mini project or a dirty diesel for the Mrs! It's got 54k, mot December, k1 koilovers, remap with all the print outs to prove, k-tec exhaust system. No issues with gear box, full service...
  5. 2.0T Auto Laguna initiale spec Mk2 phase 2 for sale

    For sale
    I'm selling my Laguna 2.0T 55 Reg It has full service history with lpg conversion using Ramano multipoint injectors which also has full service history It's done 105k miles faultlessly, it's had everything it's needed since I've owned it. It had a new cambelt and water pump fitted and has...
  6. How to find my car's spec?

    Cars & motoring
    Hi I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to find the full spec for my car but can't seem to find a way. The info books etc which come with the car refer to the car in general but clearly there are variations like petrol or diesel models, engine size, model (such as dynamique, expression...
  7. 2006 Laguna II Privilidge Spec

    Cars & motoring
    Should it have 17inch alloys and TC?
  8. Official Battery Spec.

    I have always had difficulty getting official battery specifications, and that for my 2003 Scenic 1 is no exception. What ampere hour and cold start figures are shown officially (by Renault) or recommended (by Renault) for a 2003 Scenic 1, 1.6 litre engine, manual gear change, please?
  9. Coolant Spec for Modus 1.5 dCi (2007)

    Heating & cooling
    Sirs, I've collected a Renault Modus today. All is well with it. The coolant level is fine, but it is a weird yellow colour, not the blue ethylene glycol I was expecting. Assuming that this yellow sounds like the correct spec for this engine, could someone guess the name for it, and perhaps...
  10. original battery spec

    Hi can anyone tell me what the original battery for a 2009 1.5d scenic dynamique tom tom is please Ive just had a new battery replaced under warranty and was quoted £133 (before they knew it was a warranty claim) .the thing is they say it has a one year guarantee.seems a bit expensive for a one...
  11. Scenic II ph1 1.5dci Battery Spec

    Not so unexpectedly, the Scenic's original battery didn't take too kindly to the recent sub zero temperatures so it was time for a new one. Bought a Bosch S4 battery from Euro Car Parts and went to fit it this morning. When I removed the original battery, I noticed that it was a higher...
  12. 2.0T Coolant Spec

    Hi, As the weather is getting colder, I have checked the coolant in my 2007 2.0T Espace. The coolant is suspiciously clear with no real sign of anti freeze. Is there any recomended coolant for this engine, as friend with a 2.0T Laguna states he had to buy some 'special' coolant which cost him...
  13. Laguna 2 Info and spec

    Cars & motoring
    Hi.. Im currently driving a Citroen Xantia HDi 110, with 222k on all original engine. I really fancy changing to a Laguna 2 next, but want full Spec. including cruise control. Which models have cruise and leather please.. Of course, we know about Turbo problems, can I expect 222k from a DCi if...
  14. Technical spec, 2011 Scenic wheel & hubs

    Wheels & tyres
    Can anyone please direct me to a chart/diagram which gives all the dimensions of a 2011 Megane Scenic wheels and hubs.? I need hub diameter, stud pcd, extract etc.
  15. 2005 Scenic Prestige in built computer and spec

    Cars & motoring
    hi guys, where can i get some info about what the in built computer and display shows? for example, has it get an outdoor thermometer? does it do mpg? also, does anyone know what the difference between the prestige and non prestige models was? thanks!
  16. What spec should my car have?

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all I've got a Laguna III Expression DCI 130 which I bought recently. It's got the built in Carminat Nav/Phone which I know was an option, but looking on the net it should just have the usual standard kit like aircon, electric windows etc.. Mine's got auto lights/wipers, front fogs, and...
  17. FIA Q&A: Off-throttle diffuser regs back to Valencia spec

    Formula 1 news much controversy over the Silverstone weekend, the FIA confirmed on Thursday that the changes to regulations governing the off-throttle use of blown diffusers introduced for the British race have been dropped for the remainder of the...
  18. Megane Spec

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all I ahve just picked up a 1.6e coupe 2....only 8v i know but i needed something cheap and kind of fun. I just wondered if it had ABS or not, i cannot seem to find any spec lists anywhere. Also on one side it has a "sport badge" above the 1.6e badge but not on the other, did someone...
  19. Clio Climate Blower Broken - Seemingly Not UK Spec - Is My Car An Import

    After visiting a specialist Clio breakers (Cliospares – Doncaster – 01302 867985) Josh the proprietor was pretty stumped at the configuration of my 2003 1.6 16v Clio fitted with factory climate control. My complaint was that the interior fan blower wasn’t working. The fuses were tested and were...
  20. 3 months into my 2011 spec Laguna III

    After 3 months of having my 2011 Laguna III Dyn TomTom 2.0 I thought I'd give some feedback. On long runs using the crusie control I can get a very healthly 55-67mpg, around town/to and from work (12 miles all upto 40mph roads) I seem to be averaging around the 39mpg. Comfort is very good...