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  1. Special characters not displayed in threads

    General Chat
    Is it just me?....................... I have tried on a few different computers/browsers and I always end up with stuff like this when people post.
  2. Chris Knott's September Special...

    Hi, Those who follow Chris Knott's forum activity will know that we regularly offer tempting prizes to reward members who ask us for a quote. This month is no exception as we launch the September Special. Simply ask us for a car quote this month and we'll enter you into our draw to WIN upto...
  3. Feedback about the special Chris Knott Car Club scheme

    ***Feedback about the special Chris Knott Car Club scheme*** Hi, Our single biggest source of business by a long way is personal recommendation. It's great to know that you're telling others when we've given good prices and service. Thank you! Here's all the feedback about Chris Knott that...
  4. Moments in time - United States special

    Formula 1 news it or not, the Circuit of The Americas in Austin is the tenth US venue to have hosted a round of the Formula One world championship. In this special edition of our regular 'Moments in time' series - which explores the history of...
  5. Fuchs Titan Race Weekend Special £42.99

    Special offers
    For this weekend only Opie Oils are giving 20% Off the ever popular Fuchs Titan Race Engine Oils (previously known as Silkolene Pro S) with voucher code TITANRACE. This voucher code discounts 5 litres from £53.99 to just £42.99! Fuchs Titan Race comes in a variety of grades: 5w-30, 5w-40...
  6. Ford Capri 2.8i special

    For sale
    It's time to move on my beloved capri. If anyone is interested send me a PM....Here is a quick peak of her
  7. Special tools required for head gasket. K9k

    Hi, my head gasket has gone and before I start I just want to make sure I have everything I need so hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction for any special tools. I've changed a few head gaskets over the years so happy to do it. Sorry it's a renault kangoo k9k engine. Any...
  8. Williams unveil special '600' livery

    Formula 1 news will run with a special livery at this weekend's Formula 1 Grosser Preis von Deutchland 2013 at the Nurburgring to mark their 600th Formula One world championship Grand Prix. Though the team chose to celebrate the achievement at...
  9. Special Offers

    RenaultForums offers
    I have been buying parts from my local after market specialist for French cars and am absolutely delighted with the quality and price. All his parts are genuine and upto 75% cheaper than main dealer. Well worth a try at ask for jason
  10. Our Castrol Special Offer Ending Soon!

    Special offers
    Hope everyone has a good weekend and don't forget if you need oil we have a great deal on Castrol EDGE which will be ending soon! Alternatively we have many other great offers too - View all offers here >>>> Buy a 4 litre bottle from Castrol's top of the range Castrol EDGE range and receive...
  11. Renault special tool fre. 1396

    Tools & equipment
    Hi people can anyone tell me where I can get the tool fre. 1396 that is described by Renault as a 13mm radio socket 31mm long and is used to remove bolt 4 from the brake servo on a v6 je espace iii. Alteratively any suggestions on a substitute would be welcome. Many thanks
  12. 97 Megane Cab - Timing belt change, special tools?

    Hello I have an 1997 Renault Megane Convertible 2.0 16v F7R engine. I just ordered a timing belt kit of I'm changing this with the help of a friend. Im going to change the timing belt, waterpump, the rollers and tension roller. I looks pretty straight forward, but do i need any...
  13. Special Hose Clamps & EGR Clamps - Clic

    Tools & equipment
    You won't find inferior Jubilee hose clips anywhere on a Renault. There are 4 types of Clic clamps that may be used in coolant, fuel & EGR systems: Clic Clic is mainly used in fuel system. Clic E Clic E may be used in coolant system. Clic R Clic R may also be used in coolant system...
  14. Timing Belt F4P Engine - special tools?

    Hi Guys, I'm looking at replacing the cambelt on a 2001 Megane 1.8 with the F4P-722 engine. I've only just bought the car, which has no service history(!), so I'd like to get at least one major 'unknown' sorted ASAP. It would appear that a few 'special' tools are required - crankshaft locking...
  15. Where can i get a special deep socket set from

    Hi, I had problem with my 2003 Mk2 Clio 1.2 16v earlier. I called out the RAC. The RAC told me i need new ignition coil and spark plugs. The RAC couldent take the Spark plug out to check them as he dident have right deep socket set. Ive brought some ignition coil and spark plugs but i...
  16. News from Renault - Renault launches special edition Laguna Coupé

    RSS feeds launches special edition Laguna Coupé Click here to read more »
  17. News from Renault - Renault unveils new I-Music special edition range

    RSS feeds unveils new I-Music special edition range Click here to read more »
  18. Achmed The dead Terrorist (christmas Special)

  19. Inner Tie Rod End - Special tool necessary?

    Steering and Suspension
    I want to change my inner tie rod end. My manual for my 99 Clio II with power steering calls for a special too that clamps to the rod which comes out of the steering rack, and seems to keep the rack from twisting. Does anybody know if this is necessary? I am worried about damaging the rack if...
  20. Special tool for lower whishbone ball joint on Scenic II

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, I have a Scenic II, 00 and I just wonder if I need any special tool to replace a ball joint on the lower whishbone. The base of the ball joint is sitting on a plate that in turn is bolted to the whishbone. The pin of the ball joint is locked in place by a horizontal bolt/pin that also...