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  1. Electronics
    Hi My Laguna 2 came pre-fitted with a Nokia Cark kit. So I bought the Bluetooth Cark 91 adaptor for it which I used to have in a previous car. It powers up and I can pair with it but when i get a phone call, the word 'SPEECH' appears on the display (which I assume is normal as its overriding...
  2. Electronics
    Hi My radio keeps switching to speech all the time and it just turns back on whenever it feels like which is frustrating cause i like listening to the radio and ipod.Please can you advise on how i can sort this out please cause its very frustrating??? Many thanks Alex
  3. Electronics
    Hi all, I have a 2002 Megane II (2.0 16v petrol) with the Cabasse Auditorium 6CD changer thing. Today I was driving along listening to a CD and all of a sudden the music stopped and the date/time panel displayed the message - "SPEECH". Now, one would assume that has something to do with a...
  4. Electronics
    radio says speech cannot pur radio code in
  5. Electronics
    Greetings, On my Laguna 1999 model (phase 2), I've replaced the stock Phillips radio/cassette player and fitted a Pioneer DEH-7300 BT player. I have also installed the CA-R-PI.185 adapter to interface the stock wheel remote control, as directed. Everything is working fine, however unlike the...
  6. In Car Entertainment
    I've bought a 51 plate Laguna. When I turn the radio on , all I get is SPEECH in the display. The local Renault garage don't have a clue, nor the local independant radio specialist. Any ideas? Any help would be gratefully received. ps The car is not fitted with a phone kit although it may have...
  7. Electronics
    Hi would really appreciate some help the display on top of the stereo displays speech but there is no hands free kit ( sort of get the sense the seller sold me the car and decided to take this out last thing) there is no sound but there is power I have clips to remove stereo but dont know what I...
  8. Electronics
    Hi all... Have the cabasse auditorium in my lag II privilege , it's been a great stereo over time but a few weeks ago it started to make a "clicking" noise and the radio kept going off and coming straight back on again. Then a day or so later the unit went off all together and the word "speech"...
  9. Electronics
    hy all, i have a renault megane II privilege whit cabase auditorium tronic (6 cd) an this days of the dysplay appers "speech" and the music don work, can help me someone to fiind out what is the problem thanks
  10. Electronics
    Driving home this morning my low fuel light and warning speech came on, I drove about 6 miles and put in £25 petrol. However the light is still on, the needle is bottomed out and the speech warning keeps telling me I have low fuel when the ignition is turned. Is there a fuse, reset possibility...
  11. Electronics
    Hi there, Just a quick wee question: Is anyone able to tell me whether the latest high range Lagunas (i.e., initiale) still have the voice synthesisers linked to the computer (e.g., "left rear door, not closed")? Cheers Jon
1-11 of 19 Results