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  1. Grand scenic iii 1.5dci 6 speed manual clutch

    Hi, first timer here! Can someone please give me a rough idea how much a replacement clutch would cost at a local garage? Thanks Si
  2. Unbelieveable idle speed

    Hi all. As I've recently posted in the introductions part, I have a problematic Spanish registered 2000 Clio1.2 Alize. It's been stood in a Spanish garage for 12 months and recently I needed to move it. Obviously the battery was flat so that went on charge for 24 hours then I had a go at...
  3. Check Speed Limiter

    Ask the Experts
    Good morning all I have seen a few threads on this but none of them seem to cover my issue :frown2: I have just bought my 2007 Grand Scenic Dynamique (not sure which variant it is, but it does not have automatic lights/ wipers and is not keyless). any-hows, my problem is i will be driving...
  4. Car revving but not picking up much speed?

    Hello all. The car revs when pedal is too the floor but doesn't seem to pick up a lot of speed. Bit of a judder sometimes also. Is the clutch on the way out? Would a bottle of Cataclean help to clean the engine out? Thanks folks
  5. "Check Parking Brake " Scenic Grand 2010 6 speed gearbox

    Hi there Hoping for some advice if available. I bought a 2010 Renault Scenic Grand 6 speed gearbox a month ago, first time I've owned a Renault in 15 years. Car has been fine, nice drive, has 86k miles, no error warnings on dash at startup - until yesterday. When driving along suddenly I...
  6. Clio mk2 1.2 16v speed sensor?

    05 clio mk2 1.2 16v. Obd is saying fault with speed this somewere on gearbox? Or is it abs? I have no abs lights on.
  7. Speed sensor

    not shore if this is the right section for this question but here goes I got my kangoo van 2007 1.5 dci 70 early march and the speedo was not working so had...
  8. speed sender wire

    Hi everybody.Not needed to post for a while.I am fitting a cruise control to my 2003 Master 2.5 td done most of the wiring but am having trouble working out which wire to use to send speed info.There is no wiring to the radio for a signal so I was going to take it from the sensor on the...
  9. 1.5dci conversion to 6 speed

    Hi, I've got a 2015 Kangoo 1.5dci with 115k on the clock. Looks like the diff has just packed in and I've been told it could be up to £800 for a full rebuild. I'm looking at getting a 2nd hand gearbox off ebay for around £250/300 but I was wondering whether I could get away with putting a 6...
  10. speed regulator fails randomly

    Hi, I have a SCENIC III, 1.5dci, 110CV. I recently changed the gearbox, and since then the speed controller has failed me, now it only works with the fifth speed, What could it be? Many thanks juan
  11. Slight judder and vibration at motorway speed?

    Wheels & tyres
    At 60mph or higher, the car feels like it has a slight judder in motion. I can feel slight vibration throughout the car. Tyre pressure is correct and the car is perfectly smooth under 60mph. Back left wheel has an outer counter balance weight near the air inlet. Air inlet is positioned right...
  12. Noise going over speed ramps

    Steering and Suspension
    My 2011 Clio has this squeaking thud noise going over speed bumps, had the car in for a service a few weeks ago and asked them to check this out and they said everything was fine. Car drives fine without any noises, apart from going over speed ramps. Could it possibly be the spare wheel banging...
  13. Clio Speed Gauge Not right

    Hi After xmas my speedometer ran too high and was going backwards. The garage (who I had sent car to for MOT day before) managed to get it to run forward. Eventally every time I turned off my ignition the needle went further down until it got to 0 2 weeks ago my dad borrowed the car, the dial...
  14. Clio 2 no speed readout

    Hello! My Clio is giving me trouble again. It is a 2004 Clio Mk 2, 1.5dci 48kW (65hp) without ABS. It stops giving me a speed readout, and it is happening more and more often and lasts longer each time. I would just like to give out a warning before asking my questions. Your wipers may work as...
  15. Abs, Handbrake and STOP light

    So I bought a 2004 Renault Clio 1.2 the other day from a private seller, all was fine test driving until I got it home and the Abs, Handbrake and STOP light all came on together. They go when the ignition is turned off and back on the lights go until I get to a high speed or break a lot so it...
  16. Voice alert for speed cameras not working

    I have just bought a new Renault Megane with the R Link 2 system. Everything was working fine for the first few weeks but suddenly the voice alert warning when approaching a speed camera has stopped working. Previously, I would get a warning message 'Speed Camera ahead' and 'Reduce your...
  17. Tomtom speed camera offer

    General Chat
    Tomtom speed camera update offer half price £10 ends 20th Nov:wink2: TomTom
  18. Strange noise after clearing speed bump

    Steering and Suspension
    I bought a new Renault Captur EDC (automatic) last week. It has been driving fine but yesterday I heard a brief strange noise immediately after clearing each of 2 speed bumps going up a steep road - it was almost like the gear scratching sound of a normal car. I drove the car some more the next...
  19. ScenicII 1.9 DCI 130 6 speed Gearbox Oil Change

    Grand ScenicII 1.9 DCI 130 6 speed Gearbox Oil Change info required? Need to change the gearbox oil on my 2008 G-Scenic 1.9 DCI 130 BHP 6 Speed, any pointers would help as seems a lot of conflicting advice, (i.e dipsticks, measure amount, leaks if overfilled etc)
  20. Another Scenic 2 Idle Speed Question

    There are lots of issues on the forum about idle speed, but I cannot find one like mine. I have a 2004 Scenic 2 1.6 Privilege Automatic, with 45000 miles on it. Following a recent major repair (garage fitted wrong fan belt - it shredded and tangled in the cam belt), I have an issue I did not...