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    Why when you are offered a fixed penalty would you go to court unless you had serious evidence to cast doubt on the crowns case ...:screwloose:
  2. Transmissions
    i had a clutch put in recently. It was the 3 piece with bearing. After being replaced noticed a new set of noises that were not there before. Which should not be there. The car drives better and has more oompf. The noise is not there on idle. When Reversing its smooth and no noise. But...
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    So beware if your in a hurry there maybe trouble ahead..:nerd: Speeding drivers could face a whopping £2,500 fine from NEXT MONTH | UK | News |
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    Following on from the Gatso thread, I wonder about this speeding issue: Unless the rule has changed I believe that all HGV class 1's are restricted to a maximum speed of 56mph and every driver has a tacho card to monitor speed & driving hours. So why is it that if I'm cruising at 55 - 60mph...
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    If anyone on here has received a speeding fine on a section of the M42 it might be worth challenging the fine/points..... What a crazy world we live in....:crazy:
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    Hi i have a laguna 1.6 2000 model i have a problem with the car juddering when am at low revs in each gear sum times it dont happen but when i put my foot down you cant feel it am thinking its the clutch or drive shafts as any 1 else got any idears ?
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    Those who overtake me, while im on the speed limit, and get through the next set of lights on green. But by the time i arrive, they are RED!!!!!
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    Record speeding fine of £650,000 given to motorist in Switzerland....
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    Just looking to see if anyone could give me any info on something that happened today, One of our operators picked up a hired van, On returning to the depot he says he was flashed by a camera but was doing nowhere neer the speed limit, although he did think the van was going faster than the...
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    Hi All, I found this on the net and thought it made for some interesting readind, so I thought I'd share :d I've always liked this guys car and bike bible website but didn't know how much stuff was actually on there! Anyways I thought this report was good and maybe should be forwarded to the...
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    I'm not 100% sure, but when travelling over to Chester on 20th December a policeman got me with the hand-held speed gun. I was doing about 46 in a 40, but he didn't stop me. How long do they have to issue me with the fine through the post? Thanks in advance :crazy:
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    just found a site that lets you know if you have been caught speeding in the last 14 days, also with a picture from the camera too. handy if you think you've got flashed:cool:
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    Police want DNA from speeding drivers and litterbugs on database - Times Online
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    Hi all, My wife is 9 months and 2 days pregnant, we are getting bored waiting for the baby! I have heard some fantastic suggestions for getting labour started quicker, ranging from hot curries to 3 mile runs and driving over hump back bridges at 80mph! What are your suggestions, we need...
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    Speeding motorists to pay extra £15 to fund domestic violence counsellors Speeding motorists to pay extra £15 to fund domestic violence counsellors | the Daily Mail
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    PC escapes speeding fine PC who was picking up takeaway in his police car escapes speeding fine | the Daily Mail
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    The hundreds of civilians who are operating speed cameras The hundreds of civilians who are operating speed cameras | the Daily Mail
  18. Cars & motoring
    Hi there! I have a nasty feeling that I was caught speeding for the first time today. I was driving down a two-lane road which is usually 50mph. There were roadworks going on and I was doing about 40-45mph. At a roundabout at the bottom of the road, there was a policeman with a radar gun...
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    Here we go again, one rule for us, another for them.......... From Ananova Anger over top cop's speed warning Road safety campaigners have reacted furiously after it emerged that London's most senior traffic policeman had escaped with a written warning for being driven in a police car which...