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  1. Clio IV: Question regarding trip computer

    Hi all, I'm soon to become a Renault owner! I loved the Clio IV on a recent test drive and plan to replace my Citroen C1 (first car) with one in around six months. I discussed to the saleswoman on the test drive how driving in Europe is a common thing for me (I have family in Catalunya, and...
  2. Vauxhall Arena Van 2.5D 1997 Speedo Cable

    Other makes
    Hi everyone looking for a speedo cable for Vauxhall Arena van 2.5d 1997, and could anyone confirm if the Renault Traffic uses the same parts. Thanks
  3. Speedo and Nav

    Just wondering if anyone can explain this little problem we are having, car is a 2015 scenic dynamique with sat nav, driving the car earlier today and the sat nav went off along with the radio for about 3-5 seconds then everything came back on, the car didn***8217;t cut out or anything just the...
  4. Iratic speedo

    Ask the Experts
    Hi, I have a Nissan primastar 03 plate dci100 the Speedo is bouncing around iratic any ideas?
  5. kangoo speedo 2005

    hi all have just got this van and speedo did not work changed full clocks still no joy refitted old clocks no speedo or trip counter working then filled at gas station you got it speedo working then not any help plz steve
  6. Laguna 2 Ph 2 Speedo Wrong Reading **Fixed**

    Dear All, Over the past weekend my Laguna 2.0T's Battery packed up and I then replaced it with a new one. On the first drive after the replacement I noticed that the Speedo needle is not lying on "0" as is normally the case if the car is standing still and idling. The Speedo is lying far below...
  7. Trafic mk1 1984 Speedo cable gearbox end

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    How does the speedo cable disconnect from the gearbox end My inner cable isn't attached at that end but can't get the outer casing off Thanks
  8. 1984 trafic rimini bent speedo needle

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Anyone know how to get the instrument cluster out and if it's possible to straighten or replace the speedo needle, it gets stuck at 20mph Cheers
  9. wrong mileage odometer figure after swapping speedo

    I changed my clio 2 2002 8v speedo for one out of a 2003 16v speedo because it had the panel for the on-board computer at the bottom of the mph speedo (you know the orange LED display) - well the 2003 clio 2 had 10,000 miles (approx) more on its odometer ... so it looks like the 2002 has done...
  10. Speedo not reading correctly?

    Hi guys I may have previously posted this in the wrong place so apologies for that. Any advice appreciated. Hi guys Noticed recently my speedo is 'stuttering' occasionally and reading incorrect speeds. Last week on the motorway I noticed the speedo reading 50mph when I knew (by the revs) I was...
  11. Intermittent speedo

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and would really appreciate your help! My speedometer is working intermittently. Sometimes it's fine, but sometimes it doesn't move at all while at other times it pulses upwards until it goes off the scale. The only way I can make it come back to zero is to...
  12. Laguna III Speedo reading incorrectly

    Hi guys Noticed recently my speedo is 'stuttering' occasionally and reading incorrect speeds. Last week on the motorway I noticed the speedo reading 50mph when I knew (by the revs) I was cruising along at roughly 70mph. Also when accelerating or decelerating the speedo will stick, then suddenly...
  13. MK1 1.4 Clio Speedo Cable

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi All Does anyone know where you can get hold of a MK1 1.4 1997 (R reg) Speedo Cable. The cable I'm after for my car is very specific by the looks of it. It has what looks like an electrical plug on the instrument cluster end of the cable. I'm not sure if it's for earthing, or something...
  14. Clio mk2 speedo clocks upgrade to face-lift ones

    I have an 02 clio mk2 1.2 16v that has the needles clocks.(first pic) I would like to swap them with the newer clocks out of an 04 clio that has the lcd built into the middle. Anyone know of this is a simple plug in and out? I know millage will be wrong but I will de solder the chip and...
  15. Speedo not working

    Hi I have a w reg 2.8 master mwb high top , I have just changed the gearbox took it out for a spin and all was ok then Speedo went nuts up and down then flat nothing any idea where to look is it the plug on the gearbox with the big rubber cover ? Thanks Jamie
  16. Renault Clio II Speedo intermittently failing.

    I have recently bought a 2001 Clio mk2 1.4 16v. The car runs great and is working perfectly except that when driving the speedometer goes from an accurate 40mph to below 0mph. It will then stay there an indefinate amount of time then randomly pop back up. I have only done 2 or 3 short journeys...
  17. lights and speedo

    Hi, When I switch on side lights the light for the clock goes out and when I switch to headlights speedo needle drops to zero. My car is a 2002 Megane cabriolet 1.6 16v.
  18. Speedo not showing information

    Cars & motoring
    Hi ive disconnected and reconnected my speedo on my Clio MK3 but now its not showing information on the display panel such as how much fuel left and mileage ECT does anyone know why this might be as before i disconnected it, it was fine. Thanks
  19. 2003 Megane speedo problem ( new wire tried)

    Hey. I got a Megane that got that famous speedo problem.. it startet with the speedometer needle jumping. then after some time it just stopped working. i found the grey wire at the abs unit og testet for connection to the speedo.. there was none.. i made a new wire ( from abs to the gray on...
  20. Abs, speedo and handbrake not working(Laguna II 1.9dci)

    Hey guys, I have Laguna II 2005 1.9 dci. My speedo, handbrake, abs and millage are not working. I've been told all the problems could be because of the abs. I keep getting messages "check the handbrake" or "parking brake fault". I've changed all the sensors but it wouldnt fix the problem. Any...