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  1. Renault Clio Mk IV Rear Spoiler, fit 2014,2016 and 2017 for £50. Price can be negotiated

    For sale
    I am selling a brand new rear spoiler with carbon fibre texture made by eco-plast. Ready for immediate dispatch. Price can be negotiated. Delivery can be arranged. Renault Clio Mk IV Rear Spoiler | eBay
  2. rear spoiler

    Hi there I have a Laguna Coupe 3 I have purchased a rear spoiler but i am struggling to work out what is the best possible way to fit it. I am looking for anyone who has any advise please.
  3. Rear spoiler

    Exterior styling
    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a rear spoiler to sit on top of my existing 2015 RS one, like the cup version I think?, I've seen a few but will not fit on a RS, can anyone tell me or know where to find one please, many thanks.
  4. Part Identification spoiler? behind bumper

    Hi, We've got an old horse box based on a 1998 Renault Master van. I've just noticed that there is some form of plastic spoiler (?) partly hanging down and damaged behind the front bumper. It originally appeared to go the complete width of the van - I guess as some form of protection. Just...
  5. 2009 Clio MK3 Dynamique 1.2L World Series, Front spoiler lip help!

    Just received my 2009 Clio MK3 Dynamique 1.2L World Series through shipment via boat and noticed the front spoiler lip at the bottom was missing, probably broken during shipment. Would anyone know from were i could purchase a replacement anywhere? Not sure if its part of the world series body...
  6. Megane 2 estate boot spoiler

    Hi All, New to this site as well as megane ownership any way i have recently purchased a megane 2 estate as a cheap work horse. well I say work horse but I cant help starting to fix and clean and improve all the little problems you would expect to see on a work horse, damm thing will prob end...
  7. Clio Grande 2001 5dr Spoiler?

    I have recently bought a 2001 phase 2 Clio, I am wondering if there is any spoilers like from a 182 will fit my car? Or any small lips around, don't want it to look tatty, just slightly more pleasing on the rear. Thank you
  8. Megane World Series Front Spoiler Needed!

    My hubby had an argument with a high kerb and a piece has broken off the front spoiler. Does anyone have a Megane World Series white one for sale??
  9. Rs200 spoiler

    Cars & motoring
    I'm new to this site, I was just wondering what people thought about this, I bought a cup spoiler off Renault direct, and they have sent me a second hand one, what do you think about that?
  10. Megane Mk3 front bumper spoiler

    Much to my annoyance I went over a speed bump with the driver’s side front wheel first, this caused the car to lurch to the passenger side and meant the front bumper spoiler hit the speed bump shattering and ripping it into several pieces. I was going at a slow speed as well, < 10 mph as it...
  11. Clio phase 2 spoiler in Cherry Red code NV713 and RenaultSport front grill wanted

    Renparts Ltd
    As title please, if you break any Clios of this colour not to be confused with Flame Red B76 though :) Any spoiler type, I don't think NV713 was a colour code on the more sporty models but if you come across one let me know!
  12. Can you upgrade the plastic spoiler mk2 clio?

    Exterior styling
    Hi guys just a quick question, can you change the plastic spoiler on the mk2 for say the standard sport spoiler? Been reading up and a few are saying you cant and some say you can. Cheers guys
  13. Renault clio II 2004 1.2 rear spoiler

    Hello to all. I have a Renault Clio 1.2 2004, the car original form does not contain a rear spoiler however I want to add 1 I found in eBay...
  14. Williams spoiler for Clio II 1.2

    Exterior styling
    :dHello. I'm new at this forum, I have a Renault Clio 2004 1.2 and I want to add a tail gate to the car. The original form of the car does not have a tail. My Vin code is: VF1BB10CF286*****. The tail ebay link is this...
  15. Wanted r26r megane spoiler

    IM Am after anyone selling a r26r megane spoiler. messge me or mail me on [email protected] (i check my mail often and dont so much on reanult dashboard)
  16. how to remve front bumper spoiler 111 megan

    I need to remove front bumper spoiler any advice thanks
  17. World Series front spoiler

    Does anybody know where I can buy a replacement Megane MKIII world series front spoiler/valance. Mine has split ad needs replacing. The onyl ones I can find are on ebay from Poland but have heard they use fribreglass rather than plastic. Given the high propensity to clip the low front end I'd...
  18. spoiler??

    Hey guys will a spoiler off a mk1 coupe fit straight on my cabrio its a 2000 model?
  19. Clear flakes on paintwork (spoiler)

    I have a Renault clio 2003 dynamique 1.2 billabong that I bought the other day and I've been wondering why there's clear flakes flaking off the spoiler. I don't know if this is a clear coat on the top of the colour paintwork but I don't know if I should remove it or keep it? If anyone can help...
  20. Clio spoiler

    Exterior styling
    Hello everyone. Ok i have a 57 plate clio campus. I like the car apart from the top of the tailgate. Looks too rounded and in my opinion a bit girly. Been looking at the dynamique spoiler. I was going to go look round the scrap yard to see what they have got. My question is will any clio spoiler...