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  1. Megane 1.9 rt sport dti

    General tuning
    Hi all, Just getting my hands on the above car as my work horse, will be using it for work run 60 mile round trip every day, Was asking if there is any mods this car responds well to, also any that help with mpg would be nice IE cone filter ect.
  2. Clio sport ph1 clocks panel fitment on clio non sport

    Interior styling
    Hello, I have a clio mk2 ph1 1999 RT, will a clio sports clocks panel will fit my clio? can i do some thing to fit them? I realy like the clocks of 172. Thanks a lot :)
  3. Renault Clio y reg sport 1.1 16v

    I have a y reg Clio sport 1.1L 16v, the problem is that when the engin is under load (e.g pulling off or being in a high gear at low speed) it begins to misfire, I have had diagnostics test which showed misfire on cylinder 1. When driving after a short time the exhaust emissions warning light...
  4. WANTED: Clio II Sport steering wheel - ANY CONDITION!

    WANTED: Clio II Sport steering wheel - ANY CONDITION! Need a spare whilst i recover my own. Please contact me at [email protected] Thanks steve
  5. Dunlop Sport BluResponse

    Handling & braking
    I fitted a pair of these a week or so back and have to report that they are excellent tyres on the Megane 111. They really have transformed the 'feel' of the car. Much sharper and all-round better. We are also showing some slight fuel savings. The rating label shows them 'B' for economy, 'A'...
  6. 1999 V Reg Scenic Sport 1.6 Won't Start

    Hi folks I can't get my old Renault to start. The key button won't activate the door mechanisms so I open the door manually. There is a clicking sound coming from inside the car when I press the key button but nothing seems to be happening. I tried replacing the door fuse on the panel - no...
  7. Trafic sport sat nav/new head unit issues

    In-car entertainment
    Hi everyone I've joined this forum in search of an answer to my annoying issue... I have a 2011 trafic sport and have changed the head unit to an alpine ide178bt, the issue I'm having is that I can no longer turn on the sat nav. There is power to the unit as the clock and temperature are...
  8. trafic sport cold start

    Hi on the first day of this cold spell my traffic has turned over but not started. I put in gear and turned it over and it bump started straight away,. It has done this on a couple of morning but on some mornings it has been fine. Any ideas??
  9. 1997 laguna RTI Sport

    For sale
    Hi all , I have a laguna 2.0 rti sport that I'm Getting rid of for spares or repairs , if anybody is interested drop me a line and I will get back to you with more details
  10. 2.0 clio sport non starter

    I there recently purchased my renault clio 2.0 phase 1 and started first time when i bought it as soon as I got it home and left it over night I came back to start again and just kept turning over I've got both key fobs and neither seem to deactive the immobiliser soo it's constantly turning...