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  1. Parking sensor Laguna Mk2 2ltrDCI sports tourer

    Hi Everyone, I'm a new owner Laguna Mk2 2ltrDCI sports tourer. I have parking sensors on the car but it seems that they do not work. When i put it in reverse there's the noise that i have selected reverse and a short bleep then nothing. I have put my ears to the parking sensors them selves...
  2. Heated rear screen Laguna Mk2 2ltrDCI sports tourer

    Heating & cooling
    Hi Guys, I'm new owner of a Laguna Mk2 2ltrDCI sports tourer, for a few weeks now :grin2: I noticed last week when it was frosty in the morning I turned on the rear screen demister, after a while i noticed that it didn't seem to be working, as you usually see a visual thawing of the frost...
  3. Looks like we are having Sky Sports now

    General Chat
    Granddaughter is playing Rugby at Twickenham on the 4th of May. For the army against the Navy. 80,000 expected And its on Sky Sports, so looks like we will have that,,,, Or , or I might have to find a pub with Sky sports :grin2: :wink2: >:) Just 13 she will be,..
  4. Megane 2 sports tourer tailgate recall

    I just happened to be looking on the MOT web site and it mentioned a recall for the high level spoiler, due to the posibilityof it becoming detatched. Has anyone been for the recall? My Megane estate is now 12 years old, and the high level spoiler is now held on by screws. It is not 100% as it...
  5. Megane 2 sports tourer tailgate problems

    Hi everyone newbie here I have a 08 Megane Sports Tourer and the tailgate is refusing to cooperate I've changed the lock as that was goosed and now I've changed the switch and still no luck Traced wires as far as I can and can see no brakes, however my hi level brake light has decided to...
  6. Our new Megane Sports Tourer

    My mottah!
    Hi All, I'll get some pictures up when I get chance, but for now, I thought I'd say Hi! :smile2: The new car was supplied from Nathan (Who comes highly rated by the way) at Renault Wolverhampton & is a Megane IV Sports Tourer TCe130 Manual Dynamique S Media Nav with Bose, LEDS and Sunroof...
  7. my 'New' laguna Sports tourer.

    My mottah!
    as i mentioned in my (re)welcome thread, this is my second laguna (see avatar for my first. should never have gotten rid of that car. loved it) when i bought it, it had a few issues. clutch went straight to the floor misfire a hole in the rear quarter covered in plumbers mait (im not kidding!)...
  8. Hi - New Member - Laguna 3 Sports Tourer owner

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi All, My first ever Renault after mainly owning Japanese and German marques. This is to be my daily runner and I have always modified ever car I have ever owned (100+) So what I have bought from a very good friend is a lady owned: Laguna 3 Sports Tourer Dynamic S 2008 120k 6 Speed Manual...
  9. Laguna Sports Tourer II rough as badgers

    Hi all, I've just bought a new Laguna Sport Tourer 2005 2 litre petrol, yesterday. It ran fine on the test drive apart from the bite being ludicrously high but it was cheap so no major issues there. Thing is, when I drove it home after originally going somewhere close to the garage first for a...
  10. 2007 sports tourer drivers window ?

    Hi, not been on for awhile,Since we moved to spain in May, drivers door window has had a niggly fault since I bought it last Dec, sometimes when pressing it to come up it would get above halfway,clunk and start going down even though the button was still pressed up,release the button and press...
  11. rear quarter glass laguna sports tourer 2003

    hi can i replace the near side rear quarter glass myself or is it a specialsits bonded glass job. if the answer is "yes you can replace it yourself" anyone got any good advise :grin2:
  12. Megane 1999 Sports Coupe wont start and no power

    cars been starting up fine for 2 months but been parked up. yesterday went out for drive. parked up, then wouldnt start. dash showed lights but no noise or click.. after a few key turns it started. this morning it started, went out, stopped car and then it would not start. no lights on dash...
  13. 09 Clio Sports Tourer - Intermittent Washers

    Hi all I've recently acquired an 09 Clio Sports Tourer. The rear washer doesn't work at all. The front washer works every 20 or so times. Mostly upon startup from cold & when on longer journeys. They've been this way for a while. I can't hear the motor when stalk is pulled (but haven't had...
  14. 04 Laguna II sports tourer rear screen

    Hi all not sure if this is in the right place, please move if not. I have an 04 Laguna sport tourer from new which has had some problems but nothing unsuspected given its age. Does anybody know how to solve problems with the rear heated screen? Its the screen that opens seperateley from the...
  15. Wiring Loom on Renault Laguna Initial Sports Tourer

    Thank you for the acceptance of joining this group, At present I have problems with my electric windows on my Laguna estate, all but OSR window do not work, Having managed to explore behind the door panel on Drivers door I had removed the wiring loom from motor on regulator, water had poured...
  16. 2005 Renault Laguna Sports Tourer 2.0L 16V Project

    My mottah!
    Hello All, I am going to document my latest project on here, hopefully for some good reading, maybe a few useful tips for other users and most importantly for a log of my efforts so that I can recall what I have done on the car.
  17. Laguna sports tourer 2006 intermitant power loss

    Hi I have a 2006 laguna sports tourer ii about 18 months ago I had the particulate filter removed and it has run perfectly since until a couple of months ago. occasionally it would lose power like it had gone into limp mode but no warning light. it is now getting more frequent in fact almost...
  18. Laguna II Sports Tourer, non working heater & Tailgate switch help needed!!

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a 2003 '53' reg Laguna II Sports Tourer. Unfortunatley there are a few things that don't work!! anyway the main three that have got me baffled are.. * 1. that the heater only works on full speed (No.4) guessing a resistor or something like that? * 2. I can't...
  19. megane sports tourer 2012

    Hi there this is my first post, im a new owner of a renault megane sports tourer, i have only ever owned fords so a bit of a difference, its a very smart car and i have only owned it for less than 24hrs. i have a issue with the stop/start function, its activated and turned on. but every...
  20. gearbox for 2005 Megane Sports Tourer

    Hi I have a 2005 Megane Sports Tourer 1.5 dci (106hp) My gearbox broke and I phoned up the local dealership who told m the gearbox which is fitted in the car is is a TL 4 001. I found one in a local breakers and it is a TL 4 A 001 and is from a 57 Renault Megane (however I do not know the...