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  1. Espace 4 1.9 Dci..... Flat Spot

    Ask the Experts
    I have a huge flat-spot at low revs and light pedal pressure but it will eventually accelerate if I wait a while. The car will not accelerate at all under heavy pedal pressure. Once it does start to accelerate there's huge amounts of black smoke. If I remove the long vacuum hose from the hose...
  2. Trafic 05 Steering resistance spot

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi there. I have a 2005 Trafic 1.9 DCI. It has developed a resistance spot in the steering. When steering to the right there is a spot about half way where I can feel a slight resistance, then once past that spot the steering again feels smooth. Noticeable at speed and especially motorway...
  3. 2005 Megane flat spot

    Help please. 2005 1.6. My car has a flat spot. When starting it you have to leave it `to sort itself out` if you give it any acceleration it will die. Even once warm, press the accelerator quickly and it still has a brief `flat spot` before it revs. I`ve checked plugs, coil packs and cleaned the...
  4. BMW 3 series in a spot of bother

    Cars & motoring
    Look at one of Munich's finest with its wheels stolen in the old market car park here in High Barnet. Makes me think locking wheel nuts have some value, someone must have reported it but going to as well. Brother had a similar model and it was a nightmare, stolen 3 times, once to carry out a...
  5. Odd spot old Renault

    General Chat
    Tesco car park Fulbourn Cambridge, I pulled up next to a red Renault 15. M regarding. ...bloody good condition and considering how old it was it was a cracker
  6. Spot the serial killer

    General Chat
    Computer Programmer or serial killer :eek: 60% for me. Oopss :o :d
  7. 2003 1.2 16v Clio - flat spot and wheeze

    Today,whilst driving from cold, my sons Clio temporarily lost power, spluttered and then recovered but felt a bit flat on initial acceleration. Back home we've checked it out and it starts fine and idles smoothly but on acceleration the engine briefly flat spots whilst a short wheezing sound is...
  8. Old Spot lights with yellow foggy covers

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    I have just been given a pair of Old Lucas chrome Spot lights with yellow plastic covers for foggy weather. would it be legal to fit them on top of the front bumper in front of the radiator grill on my 1987 Trafic? aslo any tips on wireing then in :confused: Thanks in advance :cool:
  9. Solved: Espace IV 1.9dci Flat spot at 1.6k revs.

    When entering my estate, right hand 1st gear turn then straight up a steep hill in second, my Espace would get to 1.6k revs then hit a wall. It would loose power then surge, loose power and so on and so on until it gets to the top of the hill then it would pick up and once over 2k revs she's...
  10. Flat spot, service light and "check injector"

    Hi all here's the issue In the last year I have renewed all 4 coils, TDC sensor, cam belt and water pump, all was running fine except for a slight flat spot when accelerating slowly from rest, and very occasionally the "check emissions" error would show, I would just clear this with my OBD...
  11. FP1 - Hamilton denies Button top spot in Spain

    Formula 1 news' Lewis Hamilton secured first place in Friday's opening practice in Barcelona after a late surge lifted him above the McLaren of Jenson Button. Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo was less than a tenth of a second down the road, but his...
  12. Engine flat spot when cold

    Hi first time user. I have a 07 Clio III with some small problems that hopefully someone can help. 1) flatspot when cold ( really have to rev hard to get going, ive changed plugs and air filter no differance. 2) heater fan only works on pos 3 3) rear wheel bearing noisey ( can this be changed...
  13. renault magan flat spot

    Ihave a 57 plate renault magan diesel some times when i go to pull away it as a flat spot on the engine just about 10 seconds then it runs fine any ideas regards Kevin
  14. vauxhall vivaro 1.9cdti flat spot

    hi i am new i have a prob with my vivaro and no one seems to know wot the prob could be. it has a flat spot between 1,000 - 2,500rpm, i have changed the maf,map and the prob is still there could someone please help i am losing the will to live on this van and costing me a small fortune many...
  15. 53plate laguna 1.9dti throttle flat spot

    My renault laguna estate has like a flat spot at about 1500rpm in any gear the car surges like its bieng turned off and on its done 184k bin serviced recently but it seems to be getting worse any ideas as to what is causing this thanx andy
  16. Really bad flat spot till turbo kicks in

    Hi folks I have the 2.0 DCI 130 2008 Laguna... Its got a really bad flat spot, its close to being dangerous if i dont have enough revs up to pull out of junctions and so on, its fine once the turbo cuts in, but till then its got nothing, any ideas please?
  17. A spot of trouble with removing Trafic bulkhead

    Tuning & Modding
    Hello all. New person here. We've just bought a shiny Renault Trafic (much like the Primastars and Vivaros out there) but we're having trouble removing the bulkhead for a camper conversion. All of the torx screws have come out, but there remain two funny weld points/anti-tamper screws/rivets...
  18. Spot the Clio V6 thread

    General Chat
    Anyone heard from lyko recently? Is he missing in action, or is he still bombing around in his V6? He's become the forum's version of 'Where's Wally?', and unfortunately I can't give a description, other than look out for someone hooning around in a blue second-gen Clio V6. Therefore, get your...
  19. primastar with flat spot ?

    Hi im after some info help on a primastar 2.0 58 reg has developed a flat spot quite bad and an hessitancy when accelerating engine warning stop light flashes up then goes out when flat spot happens and then flat spot clears? Oil and filters have been renewed van was driving a1 up until 4 days...
  20. Clio 1.5 dci flat spot

    I have an 04 Clio 1.5 dci which seems to have developed a flat spot. If I put my foot down at 2 thousands revs there is no go at all. I can put my foot all the way down and it will not accelerate. If I change down so the revs go above 2 thousand its fine and will pull as normal. Can anyone shed...