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  1. Squeak from rear spring from touching middle thing

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi. Just before I bought the Scenic it had two new rear springs to pass the MOT. It's just started to squeak from the passenger rear and on inspection the 'rod' that goes in the middle of the spring is off centre and just touching a coil. What are the things in the middle and why might it be off...
  2. Torque settings for rear coil spring absorber

    Steering and Suspension
    I am looking at replacing my rear coil springs. Cannot find the torque settings for the absorber bolts. Any one help ?
  3. Clio Campus coil spring orientation.

    Steering and Suspension
    I,ve just removed a broken front coil spring on my 08 Clio Campus,1.2 petrol. But my manual has no information on the correct orientation of the new spring. And as its not marked top, and my old spring is broken and missing both ends, I,m not sure on the correct way up of the spring. Any...
  4. Laguna 1 lower spring seating plate needed

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, Please can anyone help me to locate an Offside front lower coil spring seating plate for a Mk 1 Laguna? I have a 2.0 RT Laguna (Nov 1998) hatchback which has just failed its MOT because: Offside Front Lower Suspension spring mounting prescribed area is corroded to the extent that control...
  5. Scenic mk1 2002 gearbox selector spring

    Hello everyone. New to this forum. Posted this in wrong section earlier (My Mottah...sorry) Sorry if there is a thread already regarding this query also. I wonder if anyone maybe able to help me. I am trying to source what I believe is called the gearbox selector spring for my Scenic Mk1 2002...
  6. Laguna Fuel Cover Spring Clips

    Hi, wondering if someone can help me. I am trying to source 2 plastic clips/dampers that hold the fuel cover open or closed. The car is a Laguna 2, 2002. The clips are not showing as a separate item in the Renault Parts list, but I thought maybe someone has had this problem before, and found...
  7. spring rubber cap

    Steering and Suspension
    Hello! Changed rear springs and shocks on my Laguna 2005. And there was no rubber cap on the bottom of old springs and now there isn't any on new ones. On the old ones there was some rubber tube mounted on but as i see that isn't the original solution. Checked many vendors in my country and even...
  8. Grand Espace Initiale 3.5 V6 shocks and spring recommendation

    Steering and Suspension
    Hello, Please could someone advise on the best springs and shocks. They were replaced in 2013 by Main dealer and front OS spring has snapped. What makes are members using Bilstein, Sachs? Who makes the OEM items? What else will I need to replace as well. Main Dealer is evasive with part numbers...
  9. Snapped front spring

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, Please could someone tell me what year vehicle I can use as a dona for replacing my passenger side front strut? I have a MK IV 2010 2.0dci Grand Espace. Or are they all the same :confused: for the same shape vehicle as mine? :help: I intend to swap the shock and spring as one unit, any help...
  10. Clock spring **Fixed**

    So fitted a new rack today as the one i fitted 11 months started to make funny noises everything was fine until a i went on to full lock then heard some horrible grating and then the check air bag and spanner came on now it just makes a noise like when you used to put a peg on the rear wheel of...
  11. Popping spring noise after new springs ??

    Steering and Suspension
    hi guys my van had been in the garage to get a new coil spring fitted on each side however after a few weeks from the work being done i have noticed aa spring popping noise when i am turning sharp and my mounts look like this what is going on ??
  12. Brake Pad Retaining Spring - broke stuck in caliper

    Nightmare day replacing rear discs on a Laguna 2, 1.9TDi Estate (2004) ... The pad retaining spring on the LHS has snapped and I cant get the remaining ends to come out of the holes in the caliper, they seem well corroded in. Anyone dealt with this before and succesfully got them out so that I...
  13. Kangoo Clock Spring ?

    The clock spring assembly in the Mk1 Kangoo, was the same assembly fitted to all Mk1 Kangoos, that is do they all have the same part number ? And for that matter, what of other models, was it the same throughout or are they different?
  14. clutch pedal spring

    Hello,my car is a 2017 grand scenic manual.i have a problem with the clutch pedal,sometimes it sticks down just a little,i flick it up with my foot so no problem,but as we all know small problems on our cars never go away,they just get can anyone tell me is there a return spring on the...
  15. RX4 Broken top mounting on rear spring

    Steering and Suspension
    I have a RX4 and the top mounting on the rear spring is broken allowing the spring to slide up and down.Does anyone know weather this can be repaired or will I need to get a whole rear sub frame.I am not mechanically minded so am just asking before I pay for a garage to look at it.
  16. Clio II rear spring type

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi there. I've got 2 MK2 Clios. One is an 04 plate 1.5 dCi 100bhp, Initiale trim. The other is a 54 plate 1.5 dCi 100bhp, Dynamique trim. I need to replace the rear springs on both of these cars (typical they both go wrong at the same time!! Loads of speed humps near us). However, looking at...
  17. Rear coil spring likely cost?

    Steering and Suspension
    I've just purchased an 02 plate renault clio automatic and noticed that on the advisary mot it recommends the offside rear coil spring is changed. Can anyone give me a rough estimate as to the likely cost please? Many thanks in advance to any/all replies.
  18. Engine Overhead Valve Spring Compressor

    General Chat
    anyone used this type of tool Carbon Steel Engine Overhead Valve Spring Compressor Install Remover Removal Jaw Ron
  19. DIY Rear Coil Spring Change Megane 2

    Steering and Suspension
    Dear All I had my friendly mechanic look over my car to see if anything was amiss He found a couple of faults Engine Top Mount and a rear Coil Spring I was given a price for fixing the faults but he can't get me in for a few weeks Googling the cost of the parts it wouldn't be the end of...
  20. annual spring service

    General Chat
    Hi spring has sprung and new motoring season started, time to get your car put of the garage and ready for summer driving. this is in addition the blinker fluid which BMW owners often fail to maintain:wink2: Alan