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  1. Brakes/Hubs
    I fitted a parking brake unit from a scrap vehicle. I Bought the unit from an eBay seller. Had it working a month then it failed i opened it up and found the bushes have worn totally. I have ordered a Johnson 600 size 3 - pole electric motor with integral cooling fan. From eBay. Will that...
  2. Engines
    Hi I was wondering if anyone knew how to assemble the "backlash compensator" gear located in the cam cover? I'm not sure how the compensator actually works and I'm not sure if it's located properly. I've had the cam cover off and was surprised to see a square lobe on the cam, I figured it...
  3. Engines
    Hi I have an espace 2.2dci 2002 and it runs fine but when in second and you accelerate hard it does and I get a square red light on dash. If I tur. It off and on it goes away and if I accelerate easy there is no problem. Egr been cleaned and Maf been cleaned. Checked for air leaks and all good...
1-3 of 4 Results