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  1. Scenic squeaking dash trim

    Car is 2007 Scenic. I know this siunds trivial but the plastic trim around my dash display emits an annoying high pitched squeaking when the car goes over bumps, it seems to be worse when the interior of the car is warm. If I apply pressure to the trim it stops. Is there an easy fix?
  2. Rear wheel stick and intermittent squeaking

    Hi all. First post so bear with me. I did a quick search but not much luck. So I've a 2010 CLIO 1.2 56k miles. No rear breaks of course. Recently the back wheels seem to stick after being parked overnight. A slow start will get me on my way no problem. Had an issue today where I stopped at the...
  3. Sc�nic 1 squeaking noise in camshaft wheel area

    Scénic 1 squeaking noise in camshaft wheel area Hi everybody, My Scénic 1 (2003) 1.6 16v automatic makes a squeaking noise that seems to come from the back camshaft wheel. I have had mechanics look at it in three different garages, but they all cannot find the cause (unless I have a lot to...
  4. Megane 3 Squeaking clutch

    Our 2011 Megane 3 1.6 petrol has just developed a heavy clutch pedal and a loud squeak coming from under the engine. Pumping the pedal repeatedly just produce more of the loud groaning squeak. I’ve looked through the search but can’t find anything conclusive for this car. Is it a case of the...
  5. Squeaking steering wheel?

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi I have just had the steering rack replaced on my 02 Renault Scenic Megane 2lt Automatic. I now have a squeaking when I turn the steering wheel (engine on or off) that seems to be where the steering wheel column turns in the top of the housing. My questions are, what is possibly rubbing...
  6. RS 225 (MK2) Squeaking, creaking front end

    Steering and Suspension
    Hello all New to this forum and have done a lot of research about this but come up trumps! I have a 2005 Megane Mk2 (RS225 in Australia) Good condition. There is an aggravating and irritating front end squeak and creaking somewhere, on both sides it appears from outside the car. It occurs...
  7. Renault Scenic brakes squeaking

    Hi The last few weeks my brakes have started squeaking when I brake (scenic 2002) Does any one know how I can resolve this? Do I need to take it in and get new pads or can I clean them up myself? Thanks in advance
  8. RX4 - Squeaking, now Grinding noise from front wheels

    After hearing the one of the wheels making a squeak sound every now and during certain turns, the squeak noise has just now turned into a a semi-permanent grinding noise. I presume that it's the pads that are no longer there, and it is metal on metal... Anyone pointers on this to help confirm...
  9. HELP PLEASE, Squeaking noise

    Handling & braking
    Hi All I have a 55 plate Renault Megane, 1.4, 3 door. And I was driving it this morning when I noticed a squeaking noise when I turned right. Has anyone had this problem before and is it an easy thing to resolve? Thanks
  10. Squeaking 01 clio authentique

    I have had my clio for 2 weeks and it has been going fine with no problems. I am only the 2nd owner and it has done just under 70000 miles. Though today when I was going about 60mph it started squeaking really loud. The squeaking stops if put the accelerator down to a certain point but the...
  11. Squeaking Drive Belt **FIXED**

    For several months I have been getting a very audible squeak from my Drive Belt. This mainly occured during cold and damp weather and the squeak would fade as the engine warmed up. For the last couple of weeks though the squeak has become more persistent and happening even on a warm engine. I...
  12. 2007 Clio - Squeaking noise

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, On my 2007 Clio I have a squeaking ( sounds almost kind of like when two bits of rubber are rubbed together) coming from what appears to be the drivers front side. The car seems to drive OK, but this noise only happens when going over speed humps above 10MPH, it's been into a local garage...
  13. Squeaking back wheels/breaks/what??

    Hello, I have found in the last few days that on the scenic I have owned since Thursday there is a squeaking from the back of the car. very quiet noise on drivers side that can only be noticed when in the back drivers side with windows down and sitting close to window. However there is a much...
  14. squeaking coming from back left of car

    Wheels & tyres
    car is a Renault Megan, 1.4 2001 on an X reg. as i am driving along and i go over a few small bumps there is an annoying squeaking noise coming from the back left tire (think left i classed as near side), this only happens when there is some weight in the back, for example shopping in the boot...
  15. intermittent noise when braking

    Hi I have had this problem for a while now, it's intermittent so haven't paid particular attention to it and also has not got worse... Sometimes when slowing down to stop (it has also happened a couple of times when starting the car) with the clutch depressed i get a sort of whirring noise...
  16. grand scenic squeaking brakes.

    hi, please could someone give me some help. iv got a 2005 grand scenic, i had new front/rear discs and pads fitted just over a year ago since having them done they squeak constantly as im driving, it also happens in reverse it sounds like its coming from the rear, does anyone know what could be...
  17. Grand Scenic 2.0 07 squeaking suspension

    Wheels & tyres
    HI, Just recently I've noticed that when I go over bumps I'm getting a squeak at the back of my car. I mentioned it to the garage who were doing a service and they checked it, oiled my bushes (?) but said they couldn't find anything wrong and obviously the next step would be for them to strip...
  18. Renault Clio MK1 Wheel Squeaking

    i bought a Renault Clio MK1 91-98 with 47K on the clock, and recently there has been a squeaking on the front drivers side wheel, only when driving it happens, it doesn't squeak on full lock, and the past few days its been getting louder.. and the brake pedal is kinda hard to press :S also...
  19. Laguna 2 clutch squeaking

    When I pull the clutch pedal up each time it squeaks, nothing else seems to be wrong with it but its been going for a couple of months now and its really annoying me! If I pull the pedal up very gently it doesn't squeak but this isn't practical in everyday driving. Is something wrong or does...
  20. auxiliary belt squeaking

    I have had, for the few days a squeak coming from somewhere about the aux. belt. It isn't continuous and disappears when removing the belt. new belt fitted about three months ago. car is 2002 scenic 1.9 dci. all pulleys seem fine.