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  1. Squealing Brakes

    Hi - when driving along and not braking, the brakes will squeal a little, until that is, I then brake again. Moving off it will then either return immediately or at some other point after I have braked.
  2. Clio mk2 squealing noise

    Hi, i have noticed that when I start driving my car when reversing off the driveway then turning towards the road, i can hear a high pitched squaling noise, also when i drive my car meaning when i gas normally i can hear a noise sounds similar to moving off but not as bad as when i drive off...
  3. Squealing Aux Belt

    So I went to the carwash today, and I jetted the engine with some degreaser and the aux belt started squeaking a bit. So I went to my mates house and dabbed just a slight bit of WD40 and it quieted down for a moment then it started squealing again, so when I got home I got my aux belt spray (the...
  4. 2013 Master with squealing rear breaks

    Ok so I have a 2013 ML MH Master, it has done just over 22,000 and we have had it from new and it is still within its 4 year warrante. It is used mostly for motorway driving and not used around town. The rear breaks started intermittently last August didnt matter what speed or how long we had...
  5. Loud squealing noise when starting

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help advise with this please. About a year ago I noticed a squealing noise after I started the car which I instinctively just thought 'fan belt' so had that and the timing belt and tensioners (was due) replaced around February. Prior to replacing the alternator belt...
  6. alternator belt squealing

    Every time I start my clio the alternator belt squeals. Anyone got any advice?
  7. Clio 1.5 DCI Squealing

    Not sure where exactly it is coming from,think its either the alternator or possibly the tensioner?? if i start the engine the eml comes on for a short while and the squealing seems to worsen slightly when i turn the headlights on,the car has been a bit of a sod to start lately,but once started...
  8. brakes squealing

    Hi, I am new to this forum I purchased a Renault Clio 1.2 approximately 11 months ago. From day one i have had problems with the front brakes squealing and the alignment. I took it back to the garage on numerous occasions and complained. They checked the breaks and could not find anything...
  9. Squealing brakes - done before I know, but....

    My wife has a Megane 1.6 petrol (2010 model - Mk3) and the brakes have just started intermittently squealing when NOT applied. The noise starts to appear roughly 10 minutes into a drive, I think only at lower speeds (circa 40 - 80 kmh) and it can certainly be heard with the windows up. It...
  10. alternator belt squealing

    Hi, Haven't owned a Clio for about 10 years but bought my partner a 2003 Clio 1.5 dci a few weeks ago. Forgot how good these little cars are and well impressed with the mpg. Unfortunately after about 400miles a squealing noise began to rear its head on start up, ceased after about 30 seconds...
  11. Squealing noise from offside front wheel area

    Evening Guys. Got a strange high pitched squealing coming from the Drivers side front wheel area. It happens when cruising in the region of 10-30mph and is a high pitched squealing noise that stops when I press on the brake even a tiny amount. Any ideas? Planning to jack it up, take the...
  12. squealing noise 1998 scenic 1.6

    Hi, Haven't had time to go thru threads, everytime i start the car, even when warm there is a squealing noise from the belts, when i spray anti slip spray on the alt belt it stops for a few days, i have replaced the belt twice, there is no play on alt pulley bearing and the pulleys look okay no...
  13. renault clio brakes squealing

    hi I have a 2005 Renault clio the brake squeal 90% of the time when braking it doesn't matter if I brake firm or gently its has new apec disc, pads and anti squeal plates on the front and new shoes on the back. copper ease was used when fitted but nothing I do stops the squealing. HELP...
  14. Squealing steering

    Wheels & tyres
    My Clio's steering has started squealing after it's been driven for about an hour, any ideas please? Ta Colin
  15. LOUD squealing from "New" turbo fitted to megane II DCI 130 privilege

    Hi everyone, i started a thread about my megane a couple weeks ago. --- I sent my car to the local garage as i was far too busy with work to do it myself, i had the car back thursday and its a MESS! im now doing the work myself as im not...
  16. Renault 5 1995 1.4 Squealing noise

    Hi all, I am having the same problem as this forum user. Basically it is squealing when idling but not under power. The car has a new waterpump and it still makes the noise without the fanbelt on. To me it seems to be coming from the...
  17. Grand Scenic squealing sound on idle?

    Hi all, new to this so apologies if this is in the wrong section... Do let me know if so and I will delete! I have a Renault Grand Scenic 05 plate 1.6 petrol... Today I noticed that there is a belt squeal/spinning/whirring noise when I sit with the car in neutral/push the clutch down... As...
  18. very loud squealing noise from clutch

    I have a renault megane 2004 reg 5 door , reg ******* ,1.4 16 v , today 23rd april 2013 i heard a very loud squealing noise when i pressed the clutch down and when i depressed the clutch and a loud crunching noise when trying to put in gear as i was struggling to get into any gear , when i put...
  19. Scenic 1.9dci 2004 engine squealing like a pig!

    ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!! MORE PROBLEMS WITH MY SCENIC!!! So on top of a variety of issues on my scenic another sprung up last night on my way home. The only way I can describe the noise is something similar to a fan belt slipping – except more chirpy… and high pitched! This suddenly started...
  20. Squealing noise Clio mk2 1.2

    I have a clio mk2 1.2 and it keeps on making a sqealing noise from time to time when i rev the engine and stops once i get past 2k. just wondering if anyone knows what it could be. Had a new clutch 10k ago just had cambelt changed new alternator belt cheers