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  1. Espace Suspension Squeeking

    Steering and Suspension
    I have recently driven down from the UK to Spain in my Espace- pretty well laden - 5 people, luggage, dog and cat but no problems at all on the trip apart from driving through a lot of rain. No funny noises and car performed perfectly. On arrival and after unlaoding, took the car the next...
  2. squeeking, noise, from the engine,

    :confused:My Renault senic has started to make a high pitch squeeking noise in the engne compartment. Only at idle though. If you pull the dip stick or remove the oil filler cap the noise goes away???? any ideas?????
  3. RX4 - Squeaking, now Grinding noise from front wheels

    After hearing the one of the wheels making a squeak sound every now and during certain turns, the squeak noise has just now turned into a a semi-permanent grinding noise. I presume that it's the pads that are no longer there, and it is metal on metal... Anyone pointers on this to help confirm...
  4. alternator squeeking

    hi im new here so hi to u all I need help my hubby has a Renault laguna 1.6 mk ll and it squeeks from alternator and gets more high pitch when driving but stops when u press clutch we spent fortune in diff garages replacing belt twice and idler pulley and tensioner pulley they all have stopped...
  5. Squeeking front wheel

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can help me out. Im having a bit of a problem finding out whats wrong with my drivers side front wheel on my 04 clio. Ive had this problem since september 2012, had it into kwikfit a good few times but they still cant find the problem. When using my breaks lightly...
  6. squeeking noice when driving and braking?

    can anybody help me i have a clio mk2 and there is a squeeking noise coming from the front drivers wheels, i think its the brakes as i think they are also ready for changing and maybe abit wraped?? as brake bites and realises then not fully pressed, thanks all :)
  7. squeeking noise

    Hi, Could anyone tell me what causes a squeeking noise coming from front drivers side wheel on my 2003 Clio after i have been driving for about 10-15 mins.very annoing.Have had wheel and brake caliper off and cannot see anything obvious. Thanks For Any Help Dave.
  8. Laguna 1 squeeking noise

    Hi, When I drive my Laguna 1 ph2 I hear a constant squeeking noise, and it's definetly caused by rotation... but here's the thing - it is a constant squeeking noise when I'm driving the car (in any gear), but when I press the clutch (and the engine is still runing), the squeeking stops. P.S...
  9. squeeking noise at start after cambelt change

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, I had my Renault 1996 Megane RTE 1.6 cambelt, tensioner and water pump changed. This was done as the water pump was leaking. The car has done 101000 miles. These changes were done at a local garage. After the fittings, when the car was started at the Garage there was a sueeking noise at...
  10. Very bad Squeeking - Help!!!

    Cars & motoring
    Recently my Renailt clio (2002 1.2v) has started squeeking very badly. It occurs whenever I slightly turn the steering wheel but not if I turn it too much. The noise gets louder and louder the longer I drive. However the actual noise is the squeeking noise but the sound of somthing turning at...
  11. Renault Laguna squeeking

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, I have a 2000 Laguna 1.8. I don't mind about the brakes squeeking but lately the car is squeeking under acceleration as well. It is a high pitcy squeek similar to the ones that the brake do when braking. The car has only done 93K
  12. Squeeking noise when driving slowly

    Wheels & tyres
    Good Day Hope you are all well:o I keep having this squeeking noise coming out of my front right tyre everytime I am going slowly. This is from my Megane II Sedan. It gets increasingly loud as I increase speed and then disappears at higher speeds. This happened after I had the Brake Calipers...
  13. Grand Scenic - undamped squeeking noise

    Wheels & tyres
    Bear with me on this - have read loads of threads without finding this description. On a rough road, there is a squeeking noise (not knocking) coming from the front of the car somewhere, that starts fast and gets slower after a bump as though something is not being damped. Cars only done 22k...
  14. squeeking from front when turning right

    Wheels & tyres
    I own a 2004 megane II 1.6vvt dynamique sport hatch. When turning right there is a sqeeking noise from the front end. Happens with brake applied and without brakes applied. Any ideas?????
  15. Renault Scenic squeeking

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all After having my Scenic serviced from Nationwide service centre, i have noticed that i have a intermittant squeeking noise when i drive, and when i reverse, and turn my steering wheel i get a loud squeeking noise. Is it anything serious? Am taking it back to another Nationwide centre for...