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  1. Steering and Suspension
    I have a 04 Clio dynanique 1.2 16v I've developed a slight steering wheel squeek. It has electric power steering I'm just wondering if anyone else has this issue and what you did to fix it.
  2. Engines
    Hi all, has anyone had an unusuall squeek/rubbing/graunching noise coming from the front of there scenic when going over speed bumps ? I have been told that my first shot should be tochange the anti roll bar bushes. If this is the case does anyone know of there location and how to change them...
  3. Brakes/Hubs
    Just recently bought this car and within a few days a squeekin noise is occuring when braking, this is really embarrassing since my last car (corsa vxr) had this as a constant problem. I would like to know as a newbie to cars really what is causing the noise before some mechanic tries to have...
  4. Bodywork
    My wipers have started to make squeky noise when i use them. Only the right side one on front window. It looks like it is alos now leaving marks on the screen. Is it just the blade that needs changing or the entire wiper need 'realigning' or changing? The other thing is I have noticed that...
  5. Engines
    hi all does anyone know of any good chemicals that will clean oil off aux belts ive replaced the belt 3 times just found out it was caused by leaky rocker gasket, idont want to throw the belt away as there £15 a throw, and it still looks in good condition, ive tried chalk and talcum powder...
  6. Interiors
    hi i have a squeeky seat in my 2002 clio when i go round corners. any 1 any idea how to solve this problem?
1-6 of 8 Results