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  1. Stalk and electric problems

    My stalk had burnt out so I needed a replacement so I fitted another and everything worked after that accept for the horn so after having everything checked and nothing showing up, I thought there might be something fault with the new part, so I sourced another stalk and fitted this, and...
  2. clio 2010 indicator stalk return

    Ask the Experts
    hi , I have a clio 2010 and when you put on the indicator left or right the stalk does not return when the steering wheel is returned back and you have to do it manually , any suggestions ?? thanks
  3. Clio III stalk part nos

    My daughter has a 2006 1.6 Clio III. The small lights/indicator stalk has failed and i'm struggling to get a correct part no. for a replacement There appears to be 2 available. One has a auto button on the end, one doesn't. My daughters doesn't from her pics that she's sent me. The part nos I...
  4. Mk3 Renault Clio 07 1.2 16v Indicator Light Switch Control Stalk - Codes

    Hi, recently took the car in for the MOT and it failed because the light stalk ins't staying on all the time... been like this for 3 years never really been a problem as you push it a few times and itll engage. I have took the unit off and looked inside everything looks fine so im guessing it's...
  5. Clio II, new audio head unit, what about volume control stalk?

    Hi all, New here. Joined because I picked up my first ever Clio yesterday (2002 1.5 dci) and already loving it! I Couldn't find the answer to this anywhere else (certainly not via searching) so asking here: I just fitted an Alpine UTE-72BT head unit. Bought a loom converter, plugged...
  6. Replacing an Indicator Stalk on Clio mk3

    Hi all, So my Clio mk3 side lights won't come on unless I apply the indicator after turning the dial to the side light setting. This tells me it's the contacts that have failed. I got a new indicator stalk and want to fit it, but no garage I speak to wants to touch a job where the customer...
  7. Clio mk3 lights and wiper issue

    Hi guys. Very random, but I hope someone can help. clio mk3 08 1.2 TCE dynamique I'm having issues with both stalks at the same time. my auto headlights are coming on fine, but when I move the stalk down it's not changing to side lights, also when I click the stalk towards me my full beams...
  8. Clio 111 modus and Kangoo Indicator/light stalk

    For sale
    Purchased this last week for what we thought was faulty - Turns out it needed a New fuse/relay board now its been fixed this is surplus to requirements £55 including uk postage (signed for) Paypal for payment if intrested In original packaging
  9. Radio with volume stalk.

    Hi guys, I have a 99 Megane and i have replaced the standard stereo with a JVC KD-R961BT due to wanting a CD player, USB, bluetooth etc and i can honestly say i'm very happy with it (Upgraded speakers too). I am looking for an adapter that will allow me to use the volume stalk behind the wheel...
  10. Kangoo radio display and stalk

    Hello everyone, I just bought a beautiful Renault Kangoo 1.9 dTi and the radio display isn't working and asking for code and the clock works, I've changed the bulbs and I believe the stalk doesn't work either. Is there any fixes or is something major? Any help would be wonderful:smile2:
  11. Laguna 2 phase 2 stalk problems

    Can anyone help! The steering wheel stalk top 2 buttons source and phone won't work on my Laguna 06 initiale I have replaced the stalk but still same issue have searched for wiring diagrams but can't find anything not sure whether they go to the cabasse auditorium unit or the amp in the glove...
  12. Bluetooth radio installation for 2008 Twingo w/ stalk controls

    Hi Guys, Just got my first car (2008 Twingo GT), want to add a Bluetooth radio/connectivity and keep the steering wheel stalk controls etc. Are my options likely to be this...
  13. Steering stalk won't work

    Hi folks, after taking my media nav on clio 2014 out and putting it back in my steering stalk for the audio qwon't work. All wires are connected. Can anyone help?
  14. Clio II - Autolights Stalk - Features Or Faults?

    Hi All, A few of things I've noted on our Clio (late 2004), mainly associated with the autolights and I'm not sure if these are in-built 'features' or some kind of fault as the behaviour of these items on my Megane is different. Wit the autolights activated: 1, You CAN NOT flash your high...
  15. 2008 Megane II - wiper stalk / screen wash - clean contacts?

    Hi folks I've had a trawl through the forum but can't find anyhting on this. Youtube has a couple of clips on indicator stalk removal but not on the wiper. I'm not particularily mechanically or technically savvy, but I'm happy to have an initial bash. I might learn something along the way...
  16. DF010-Combined stalk under steering wheel circuit. MEGANE CC 05

    OK, so this came up on the test computer thingy. I've been having electrical problems since I bought the car. The passenger window doesn't work. It's not the switch, because all the other windows work when I use the switch on the centre console. The switches on the drivers door do not work...
  17. Megane indicator stalk

    Hi guys hopefully someone on here may be able to point me in the right direction. I am building a Haynes roadster (lotus 7 type car) and decided to use the above indicator arm. Loved the idea that this stalk does all lights, horn and indicators. I have managed to find cables for all lights...
  18. Access phone directory

    Hi guys. I've just got a 2013 megane dynamique ToTom and have paired my phone OK. However I cannot access the phone direcory by using the controls on the stalk behind the steering wheel. I have to use the buttons on the radio itself - is this normal? My wife just got the coupe version (maybe...
  19. Please Help Radio Stalk will not Enter Code

    In-car entertainment
    Just Bought a 2004 Espace and I have no radio and the code is flashing. I have the code, but when I turn the wheel on the radio control stalk nothing happens. I have read some other posts about SAT NAV and pushing buttons M& C but I don't understand what this means. I don't know anything...
  20. Ciao mk3 rear tailgate lock and odd stalk button

    Hello, I was wondering if someone can help me with a couple of things on my Cilo. Firstly i have an issue with me rear tailgate it works fine closes and catches well, BUT it keeps telling me that the "boot is open" and with that the car won't lock because it thinks a door is still open. What...