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  1. Amber Warning Light and Almost Stall

    This morning when turning into work I thought I saw glass in the road so I slowed right down to look as I turned. I was in 2nd gear and revs dropped to idle speed. I then realised it wasn't glass so gently accelerated. At this point I had a dip in power like I was about to stall which lasted...
  2. May be a silly question but how do I stall the car?

    I ask this because my mates ford galaxy tubo blew yesterday and I recall reading on here that you need to get the engine turned off asap if this happens and if it can't be turned of then stall it. As my car is automatic (tip/tronic) should I be in this situation, how would I stall it? It's just...
  3. Idle tick over/ stall Clio

    Hi all, new poster! I have a 1998 Clio markII 1.6 8v RXE, owned the car for 4 years which has now developed a stalling and low rev problem (idle tick over). One cold morning the RAC had to do a home start as the car would struggle to start (as if the engine wouldnt fire up ie: just get that...