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  1. Engines
    Hello, I have a Laguna '07 Mk2 Grand Tourer 2.0 Dci 150bhp. Can anyone tell me what is the 'standard' MAX boost pressure she should be producing please? Preferably in good old PSI. Also, the rev's that she should be hitting that MAX boost pressure if possible. I'll be reviewing it in live...
  2. Induction
    good day , i want to buy myself and K&N cone filter,but i want to place it on the standard induction pipe do any one know what is the diameter or witch one will be best to fit please advise thanks in advance
  3. Engines
    2004 Renault Scenic 2 1.6 16V VVT Anyone replaced the dephaser pulley with a standard pulley? I'm thinking about doing this as a standard pulley (by "standard" I mean a non-dephaser pulley of the same dimensions) is cheaper plus it won't pack in! My only concern is what happens to the oil...
  4. Engines
    Hi I'm looking to find the standard turbo pressure for a 180 dci laguna. Mine is running 22.5 ish psi and I'm not sure if this is standard or if it's been remapped. Has anybody got either the standard boost pressure or a remapped 180 dci to compare it with? I read some renault bumpf that states...
  5. Wanted
    I'm after a stock CD Radio with Code for an 04 Clio for the Old Dear.. Thanks
  6. Electronics
    Hi All, As i'm sure you are aware, the older Media Nav is plagued with issues with the Bluetooth and taking calls / media streaming. I believe the newer "Mevia Nav Evolution" fixes all these issues. I am trying to find out if a Media Nav > Media Nav Evolution is a straight swap, or is it...
  7. Electronics
    We have just ordered a new Scenic Limited with no extra options. Once we have it then I plan to add DAB to it. Does anyone know if the standard aerial fitted has DAB capability or is it just FM/AM? I am not a fan of the ones that stick on windscreen and will want to install a "proper" roof...
  8. In-car entertainment
    As it says! I've got a 2003 Scenic, end of the Mk1 era with a tuner list radio so aux in isn't an option on the cheap. I have a Blaupunkt head unit and somewhere from past ownerships I even have a fascia adaptor. I can't remember though if the radio connectors are standard ISO? Also, as the head...
  9. Steering and Suspension
    After some advice. I have a 05 megane 1.5 dci. It has 17" Nerva alloys and I think it sits quite high. I've seen a set of springs from a 225 and wondered are they different from a standard megane? I'm not into having the car way lower but if the 225 came slightly lower I may get them. Thanks
  10. Engines
    I have a 2009 megane coupe 1.5dCi and was wondering if the recaro seats from the 2009 RS model would fit the seat rails already in the car?
  11. In-car entertainment
    i'd like to replace the standard cd player on my lag 2 2001 model with a multi cd in dash. ideally i would prefer to use the steering wheel controls, what models are there out in the marketplace?
  12. In-car entertainment
    Has anybody had any success using CDR in the standard head unit? It's a Megane CC on a 55 plate. I have recorded to disc using the CDA format rather than MP3. When I load the disc, I get disc error and it ejects. Any ideas?
  13. Wanted
    Just bought a megane RS230 and I was told it was standard. But the hissing of a dump valve and induction noises leads me to see it as messed about with. I am keen to change back to standard (I like performance not funny noises) - so anyone who wants to change a dump valve with plumbing and a K&N...
  14. In-car entertainment
    Saying hi with a question please, At the moment my wife's 99 plate Clio has the factory standard tape player in but want to swap with a standard CD player to keep it oem. Is it just a straight swap or is there any additional wiring that needs doing,please? Looking forward to speaking to you all...
  15. Electronics
    Have a new Dynamique Sport Tourer arriving in March and I've been trying to figure out what headlights will be on the car by reading the on-line User Guide and Brochure with no success. the paperwork mentions bi-Xenon bulbs but Doesn't say whether this is standard on ALL or SOME models in the...
  16. Electronics
    I have a renault megane coupe cabriolet 04 plate which has a 'tuner list' stereo head, this works perfectly fine. I've read online that that they only made head units with an auxiliary connection at the back of them on the 05 + plate vehicles, the stereo units say 'update list' on them. I've...
  17. Formula 1 news Rosso have confirmed that their 2014 signing Daniil Kvyat will be able to drive in opening practice at this weekend's 2013 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix as planned, after meeting the requirements for his F1 Super License. Kvyat...
  18. Wanted
    Hi I recently bought a clio sport 182 2005 it has a scorpian exhaust on it which I'd like to put back standard if any one interested in swap and cash my way please message me thanks darren
  19. Handling & braking
    Does anyone know what the standard spring rates are for the rear on a Renault grand espace 2004 3.5 v6. After installing LPG on my car the back end is sitting lower due to the additional weight of the gas tank. The backend feels like it could do with stiffening up. I recon a full tank of LPG...
  20. Bodywork
    Like the title says, will the black headlights off an RX4 fit a standard Scenic such as my 2002 Monaco? Thanks