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  1. Clio
    hi Guys, 2001 clio 1.5dci done 90k & been in the family many years, well looked after & regularly serviced but recently showing engine management light & struggling to start. Initially thought glow plugs from previous experience (2 gone but all 4 renewed) but EM light came back on soon after...
  2. Clio
    Hi all, After having so much trouble with my 1998 clio i think i manged to get it all sorted. I thought i'd take a few minutes and update you all on here, hopefully it may help someone. Ok the problems i was having were intermittent starting, loss in power and engine cutting out at junctions...
  3. Scenic
    My new scenic beeps 3 times when I start it. This has only started to happen in the last couple of days. There are no warning lights, and no warning messages on the display.
1-3 of 3 Results