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  1. Idle drop during stationary

    Hello, I have a Renault Clio Grande 1.2. For a while now I've noticed the idle drops around 100-200rpm when the car is stationary and in neautral. But only recently has it become more frequent, I believe it could be misfiring, but one big thing I noticed was when I was testing the HT Leads with...
  2. Espace Auto, vibration on selecting gear whilst stationary

    Steering and Suspension
    When i am parked and start the car I have a distinct vibration when i select drive or reverse on my 2004 Auto E space 2.2 diesel. As soon as i move the vibrating goes; If i come to a halt whilst driving the car still wants to move, it would do a couple miles an hour with no acceleration...
  3. Espace Auto, vibration on selecting gear whilst stationary

    Steering and Suspension
    check fluid
  4. vibrating from under car at 2000rpm even when stationary

    Hi New here and not great with cars I've got a vibrating noise coming from under the car drivers side and around the back boxobounce over 2000rpm and under no noise it's only when on 2000rpm the noise is there it's weird as if on tick over if I rev it to 2000rpm it still does it I have at 1.9...
  5. My car is chugging when stationary and also when trying to get to speed

    Hi was wondering if anyone can help. My car is chugging when stationary and can be a struggle to get it to speed. Then it just zooms off. Be grateful for any tips this is my first car so rather clueless
  6. stationary revving of engine

    i have a 1998 megane .I start the engine and it goes into high revs without me touching the throttle pedal.It also speeds up on its own when moveing forward.The increased reving does not happen every time i start the car .Can anybody point me inthe right direction to solveing the problem .many...
  7. megane 1.6 - engine temp soars when stationary

    Hi all, I have recently noticed this a few times... on my trips to Maccy D's, some times I end up waiting a while in the que through the drive through and when this happens I have noticed that by the time I get to the end and collect my food, some times my engine temp gauge reads MAX... I'm a...
  8. Engine juddering when stationary

    Hi i wonder if anyone can help. When my 2004 megane scenic 1.6 is stationary it judders slightly but at all other times the car is fine what could this issue be??
  9. judder when she was pulling away from stationary

    We have a Mk1 Laguna 1.9 diesel 1998 on a S plate which is juddering when pulling away from stationary with a cold engine (at the moment problem goes away when warm), there is no rattle or slipping of the clutch and gear changes are smooth. Far as we know it’s still on its original clutch...
  10. Losing water driving ( no leaks when stationary)

    Heating & cooling
    Hi it's me again. Mk II Laguna 1.9 dCi on 03 plate.Friend borrowed car over summer, so don't know when coolant was topped up. I drive car, starts to over heat. When cool I checked reservoir and was virtually empty, so topped up lots, then ran car, when cool, topped up again (lots). So reservoir...
  11. hunting when stationary megane I

    hi, while im stationary my car seems to hunt quite a lot. it doesn't matter if engine cold or warm. i have replaced the coils and put a new map sensor in, still the same, anybody come accross anything similar or have any suggestions
  12. Sharp Crack on stationary full lock

    Steering and Suspension
    Grand Scenic '06'. Just entering or leaving full lock, left and right, only while stationary or almost stationary, there is a loud crack. Happening for about 3 months. Otherwise, no noise or symptoms at all. Local mechanic can see no obvious problem visually up on ramps, saying perhaps the...
  13. Scenic I - Heater blows cold when car is stationary

    My heater stops blowing warm when I stop? Engine still running!!!!! Any idea's anyone.
  14. Megane III over revving when stationary

    Hi, I have just bought a new Renault Megane III and have an intermittent but annoying fault. Sometimes, when I stop at a junction, with the clutch disengaged and the footbrake on, the engine will suddenly rev up to 4000 revs and then settle down but rev again to 4000revs then settle down to...
  15. RX4 Loud snap noise when turning steering when stationary

    Steering and Suspension
    My RX4 makes a loud snap (clank) noise when turning the steering when the car is stationary. Bottom ball joint? trak rod end?? Any ideas? Thanks
  16. knocking when turning, car is stationary

    Steering and Suspension
    my clio 1.5dci is making noises when i turn the wheel to full lock both ways, mainly left. it happens both stationary and moving. happens just before i reach full lock (about 8th of a turn of the wheel away from lock). its not exactly a knock, but a kinda muffled click noise.(hard to describe...
  17. Noise from steering while stationary

    Steering and Suspension
    i purchased a renault megane 05 plate on friday, and did'nt realise until i came home that when the car is stationary and you full lock the wheel either left or right you hear a clunking noise no feedback or vibration or anything like that, however when driving the car you can full lock the...
  18. Renault Modus - Lumpy Running + Intermittent Emissions Warning when stationary!

    Hi All, My Modus 1.4i petrol is running very lumpy. At first I thought it was the coils and have checked them and they all seem to be OK. I was wondering if it might be the TDC sensor that might be the problem. The emissions light only comes on very occassionally, usally at the the traffic...
  19. O/S Headlight Washer Opened Itself on Stationary Car?!

    Heating & cooling
    I don't drive my car very often, which means I've not had to venture out in the winter weather this week, but it means it's been sat in the drive for 5 days. This isn't normally a problem as I've left it for 4 weeks before, with no problems and it started fine first time etc. I've just been out...
  20. modus air con only cold when stationary

    Heating & cooling
    hi i have a problem with my air con on my modus 1.5 dci oasis on a 56 plate .When the car is stationary and the air con on the temp at the centre vent is between 2.5- 4 . As soon as you start driving it goes up to between 7 - 8 .It doesnt seem to make any differance to the temp if you have the...