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  1. Stay on BST or keep changing clocks ?

    General Chat
    What is your opinion? Do we align ourselves with the 84% in Europe who want to retain permanent Summer Time ?
  2. service & glow plug lights stay on. loss of power & lots of black smoke

    I have a 2007 trafic 2.0 115dci. it started with lots of black smoke so cleaned egr valve as advised but didn't cure the smoke & now the service & glowplug lights are staying on & loss of power + still lots of black smoke PLEASE HELP:crying2::crying2:
  3. Kangoo Inst Panel Brake and Stop light stay on

    Kangoo Van 2007 1.5 dci Engine K9k - STOP and Brake warning light stays on on instrument panel. Brakes work fine, I have had them checked. I have checked the handbrake switch, the float, switch and level on the fluid reservoir, and checked there isn't a short on any of the wiring associated to...
  4. indicators stay on and won't go off

    I've just bought a second hand scenic (2003) and occasionally the left hand indicator won't go off. It stops flashing and stays on as a solid light and usually if I indicate right, after a bit the left light will go out. It will also come on sometimes when I lock the car. The other night I...
  5. Laguna III Fuel flap won't stay closed

    My Laguna III fuel flap won't stay closed. It sometimes jams into position... I tried a bit of WD40 but it didn't seem to do much. Its hard to work out exactly how the flap stays closed. There is a little arm to the right that lifts up and down, to the bottom right, bt its not clear to me how...
  6. Espace 1.9 f9q engine. What are the common faults so I can stay on top off them ?

    Hi, I recently purchased a 2005 1.9 Dci with 60,000 miles. I Will hopefully be keeping it for a long time and in the process of converting it to a mini surf van/limo inside. With the sliding roof, there is nothing other like it and I love the size, design, drive and feel. The big concern with...
  7. Lag 3 door stay replacement

    Hi. Need to replace both front door stays on Laguna 3. Does the door card have to come off or can the speaker be taken out more easily and get at it that way? Cheers
  8. Boot won't stay open - advice needed for new mum!

    Hi all, My partner has a Scenic 54 plate and she has just gone to get the pram out and the boot won't stay open. It's very heavy and hit her on the head!! She uses the car for our newborn baby. What is causing this? She showed me on facetime and either side I think I can see gas struts...
  9. Clio 1.2 - Clock, radio and fan stay on with ignition off

    Hi I have a 2006 Clio which has recently developed a weird fault. When I turn off the ignition everything is fine for a couple of seconds and then the heater fan, clock light and radio all come back on (if turned on before turning the ignition off). Even if I turn the radio and heater fan off...
  10. Temperature and clock display stay on

    Hi all, I have a 2003 2.2dci, nice car when everything working but a challenge to own!! Recently the temperature and clock display (Carminat) stays on when the ignition is off and the key removed. This flattens the battery within 24hr. For info the radio and cd changer are working fine
  11. 05 laguna reverse light wont stay on

    when i go into reverse the parking sensor beeps once the reverse lights go on until i let go of gear stick then lights go out and parking sensors stop working to any advice be very much appreciated thanks all
  12. Alonso uninjured, to stay in hospital overnight

    Formula 1 news Alonso has escaped without injury from a crash on the final day of the second pre-season test at Barcelona, but will remain in hospital overnight. The two-time Formula One racing world champion suffered a concussion when he hit...
  13. 197 clio sport won't start.and lights stay on

    Hi I've got 2007 197 clio sport ,came to start it this morning and pushed the start button but dint start ,I thought it might be flat battery so I put jump leads on this time there was a clicking noise when I pushed start button so I'm thinking either stuck starter motor or it's knackered but...
  14. Grosjean to stay on with Lotus in 2015

    Formula 1 news will field an unchanged driver line-up in 2015 after announcing that Romain Grosjean will stay on as Pastor Maldonado's team mate. It will be the Frenchman's fourth straight season with the Enstone-based team, which is switching...
  15. Bianchi remains critical but stable, to stay in Japan

    Formula 1 news Bianchi remains in a critical but stable condition four weeks after his accident in Japan, Marussia have confirmed. The team added that Bianchi will remain in the Mie General Medical Center in Yokkaichi, Japan, and that doctors are...
  16. Cruise control won't stay on

    Hi all. Having an issue with cruise control on my 2004 Laguna II Ph 1 2.0 16v Initiale. :confused: After turning it on with the switch next to illumination brightness, the green symbol comes on for a few seconds then goes out again. The only way I can get anything to happen is by holding down...
  17. Hulkenberg to stay with Force India for 2015

    Formula 1 news Hulkenberg will remain with Force India for the 2015 FIA Formula One World Championship, the team have confirmed. The 27-year-old German is enjoying his best season to date in 2014, having scored points in all but three Grands Prix...
  18. foreigner prediction: scotland will stay in.

    General Chat
    I think/feel Scotland will stay in. Im from a country/region that left..Partially in 1922 and completely in 1948. I think we would still be in the union without one overriding factor..which was more relevant at the time. Simply the majority in southern Ireland were "papists" as the rev Ian...
  19. rear door hatchback tailgate back door will not stay up

    My car has a single rear door, which is hinged at the top, hatchback style. It used to rise gracefully, and stay up until I pulled it down. Then it started to sag a bit. Then it sagged a lot, until it was just heavy to open and had to be held up all the time. Now, I have cured it, but after...
  20. 12V Power points stay on.

    Hi, I just bought a 2008 Laguna 3. I've noticed that the 12v power points stay if there is something plugged into them after I lock the car. For example, I have a dvd player hooked up in the back for the kids, but the indicator light for the charger stays on. Same for my phone charger in the...