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  1. correct voltages for glowplugs? warning light stays on

    #1 hi folks,wondering if anyone can shed some light on an issue im having. Clio mk2 1.9dti. starts absolutely fine.nothing really seems wrong, except the combined glowplug/electrical fault warning light wont go out. I replaced the glowplugs last summer.despite always having had a broken one...
  2. Renault koleos 2l dci fan stays on

    Heating & cooling
    Having intermittent problem with fan not cutting out when I turn engine off. Usually after having used ac
  3. Scenic 2 1.4 Petrol - Fan stays on

    Has anyone had the fan stay on after the engine has been switched off? It stays on for around 13 minutes, then switches off. I've changed the temp sensor & the UCH which showed up as faulty but still no joy. Any suggestions please?
  4. Megane Coupe cabriolet roof folding problem Parcel shelf stays up.

    Hi Guys As the title when the roof is retracted/folded down the parcel shelf stays pointing upwards. I have to release the button so folding stops half way down. Then with my hand push down and hold the parcel shelf then press the button to complete the folding operation. When...
  5. Forgot to turn engine off when getting fuel, now fuel gauge stays the same

    I accidentally, carelessly forgot to turn the engine off when getting fuel. Now everything seems to be all right except the fuel gauge stays at the same position after I filling it up. I am pretty sure the tank is full but the gauge is pointing someone half way (where it was before I going to...
  6. Car stays raised when shifting gears

    I have an '04 Clio 65 dCi (owned for a little over 3 months now) and, when shifting gears, when I press the clutch (foot off the throttle) the revs stay up for about a second or two. Is this normal for these cars? I believe it's an e-pedal, so no throttle cable, but I could be wrong.
  7. Heater Fan Stays On

    Heating & cooling
    Hello I have a 2002 scenic Mk1 series 2 1600cc automatic Dynamique with air conditioning. As soon as the ignition is turned on the blower motor fan goes full blast and no oushing buttons on control will stop it. I tried pulling out the 20A fuse 28in an effort to stop the noise and make the car...
  8. Radio LCD panel stays on when car switched off

    Recently I went away for a few days. Car was left at home. When I came back I heard it had been snowing and raining. When I switched on the car heater, I heard noise of water flowing and spilling. Then I saw water being spluttered out the heater vents. I think water got into the heating...
  9. Boot stays locked?

    Renault sport 182 from new: key fob unlocks doors and sets alarm as usual but boot stays locked. A bit of a problem as the shopping still in boot. Would be grateful for any advice.
  10. Laguna II sat nav stays on

    Hi My Laguna initialle 2005 sat nav/carminat display has started to stay on when the key is removed, causing a flat battery. I've found a couple of posts on the Internet with the same problem, but no solutions. Anyone able to help - it's the wrong time of year to be paying garages!
  11. Renault Scenic Mk2 Dashboard stays lit when car locked, flattening battery.

    Hi I have a Renault Scenic 1.5Dci I replaced the two bulbs behind the heater controls, as they have never worked. But since doing so my dash board display stays on the car/fuel gauge/handbrake light display after locking the car. It is using 1.4amp and flattening my brand new battery. Can anyone...
  12. Megane CC heater fan stays on

    Heating & cooling
    We have just bought a 2010 Megane CC with full keyless system. When we stop the car, the heater fan stays on. Even after getting iut of the car, the doors lock etc. the fan still stays running. This is not the normal resistor problem as all 4 fan speeds work fully and everything else seems to...
  13. diesel light stays on

    Hi all, just started my 52 plate kangoo, & the diesel coils light has stayed on & have lost a bit of power, any ideas?? please & thank you in advance. steve.:(
  14. Clio Keyfob Light Stays on

    I have 2 Clio remote keyfobs , both work fine when locking , unlocking and starting the car however 1 of them has the little led light lit all the time and the battery runs out every other day Any fixes for this problem Thanks
  15. Air recirculation switch stays on

    Heating & cooling
    Hello newbie here Just bought a 2006 Renault traffic 2.5 auto The air recirculation switch stays on all the time Any help appreciated
  16. Laguna ii A/C Unit stays lit up constantly?

    Hi there, ive read through some of the articles on the forum but all i found was if there was a problem with no light atall, my problem is the other way around, as soon as i put the key card in, the heater screen illuminates even though the heater is turned off, ive tried turning the lights on...
  17. Service light and glow plug light stays on Renault Trafic

    Service light and glow plug light will shut off after i turn on the car but will come back on in few seconds. Error code shows p0056 "HO2S heater control unit". I checked under the car and im wondering, where are all the oxygen sensors? I guess its the last oxygen sensor after catalytic...
  18. Handbrake light stays on

    Hi, I am wondering if someone can help me, I have a 2008 renault Megane and it recently would start and I was told it had a flat battery which was replaced, since the. I have noticed the handbrake light stays on even when I take the key card out, it only goes off when I lock the car. The light...
  19. clio 2003 dci dynamique fuel light stays on

    the fuel light is on even though the needle says its plenty, also my starting motor has stopped working after i spilt oil while filling the gearbox
  20. espace 2.2dt red light stays on

    hi i have a 2000 espace 2.2 dt and it will not start if you put the key in the red light stays on and will not start the car has been off the road for two years with no battery on is it the ecu not working and do i need the key programed to the ecu thanks