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  1. Steering and Suspension
    :confused::confused::confused: So have just put my car through an MOT and failed due to a lower ball joint has excessive movement and inner tie rod has play causing some play in the wheels. Changed the wish bone on passenger side (why do Renault make things so difficult) and changed the inner...
  2. Electronics
    Hi everyone, can anybody offer any advice on my problem. I have a 54 plate Laguna 1.9dci and the electric steering lock does not align with the teeth of the column shaft. I have removed the column and examined it and there seems to be nothing to hold the lower shaft in position to allow the lock...
  3. Brakes/Hubs
    their is a cracking noise when parking only when I do right hand down at full lock
  4. Engines
    Hi my name is Garry and new at forums, i have just got a renault scenic 1.9 dynamique dci,my dash keeps going out and have no power stearing are they linked??????????????
  5. Steering and Suspension
    Renault Scenic 1.9Dci 06 Plate 55K I'm new to this Forum and convey greetings! Recently my Scenic has developed a clicking (not metalic) noise when I turn the stearing wheel to the right. It sounds as though the noise is within the car and not the sort of noise expected from failing drive...
  6. Engines
    my engine cuts out when on fill lock left hand down but just strugglel when on full lock right hand down anyone know why?
  7. Steering and Suspension
    Is it a hard job changing the steering rack on a renault laguna?
  8. Cars & motoring
    when stationary and low revs turning corners, can anyone shed some light? :confused: renault magean 97 convertable
  9. Electronics
    can the power stearing be affected by a fault in the battery, the car started 1st time but the stearing was hard to move,stopped restarted stearing working ok, today car would not start display throwing up or sorts hand brake fault card not found on and on,CALLED out the AA UNDER Renault,he new...
  10. Engines
    My wife has just filled the power steering fluid up with screenwash, bless. I have used a syringe to drain what i can from the reserve , i know the fluid needs to be changed now is it best to not run the car and get the fluid changed where the car stands or book the car in to a local garage and...
  11. Cars & motoring
    Hi Guys , I had new cambelt as the old one cracked and was fitted in emergency by a local garage dropped by AA ,I have noticed now that the car vibrates when i am stoped on a red light with neutral but as soon as i **** to 1st the vibrations dies down ,then when it reaches 40+ the stearing...
  12. Steering and Suspension
    Could anyone give some info on a problem that my wife says has developed with her clio? She says that the stearing feels light and not as reasponsive as it usually is. I have drove the car and can not see anthing wrong with it but i dont drive it often enough to know what it is usually like. The...