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  1. Steering and Suspension
    Hi, a few weeks ago I found out that my steering is harder than it was (especially in Neutral Mode). There still is a change between Comfort, Neutral and Sport, but in Neutral it is now much harder. The only thing I have done was to update my R-Link2 system from V8 to V9. Does anybody...
  2. Steering and Suspension
    Hi everyone In the last few weeks im getting the impression that the electrical assited steering on my renault clio mk 4 has gotten heavier while doing parking manuevers it is noticiable that the steering wheel takes more effort to turn I have checked the tyre pressure and they seem ok the...
  3. Steering and Suspension
    Hi all, I understand its a common issue but I can't seem to find a definitive answer. My Clio only really clunks when parking, seems to be quite loud and can be felt through the steering wheel. I'm thinking it's to do with the suspension, as there was an advisory on the last MOT regarding both...
  4. Steering and Suspension
    My 1999 has corrosion on the rigid pipework, causing leaks. Replacements are not available. Will components from any other models fit eg MK II? If I could get replacement unions that screw into the valve block on the steering rack, I could have flexible hose made up to restore the system. Will...
  5. Steering and Suspension
    Hello, My steering rack on my Renault Clio 2013 Mk4 diesel dCi 90 needs replacing. If I'm not mistaken the part number 490018225R I am looking at possible replacements. The OEM steering rack bought from Renault is well over £500. I found a Lizarte steering rack for around £160. Who makes the...
  6. In Car Entertainment
    Hi Folks, I recently picked up my megane gt. Totally clueless how to skip to the next folder or playlist via the steering controls even after reading the manuals. Is this even possible?
  7. Electronics
    Hi there, Am I right in thinking that the grey connecter is for the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel? Thank you Clio MK3 1.4 Dynamique
  8. Steering and Suspension
    Hi I***8217;ve seen a 2005 Renault grand scenic 7 for sale and needed some advice. It***8217;s had the same owner for 10 years and has 12 months mot and full service history. There are a couple of issues i have picked up from the mot history and wondered if I should leave alone? Basically on...
  9. Steering and Suspension
    Hi all, Have searched the extensive posts on ball joints in general and didn't see this question answered already. Apologies if I missed that! Since I run on quite a tight budget I'm keen to save money where possible, otherwise I wouldn't even be asking. I just booked in to have two new front...
  10. Steering and Suspension
    Having had a problem with my steering which quickly went heavy then light and hard to steer in and out of corners , I replaced the power steering pump which seemed to fix the problem. Roll on a few months and the problem is back. When I replaced the pump with a rebuilt one, something has chirped...
  11. For sale
    Renault Laguna III GT 205 I have owned this car for 18 months and have enjoyed every mile of driving it. Genuine sale - very rare car, drives really well. Recently did the NC500 in Scottish HIghlands and the car was fantastic, did not miss a beat and also returned 38mpg. The car is for sale...
  12. Steering and Suspension
    OK, Hi all, I've not been on here for a while, but I've just bought mk1 scenic. Great car drives nice, BUT! its got this knocking when turning, not on full lock and not always at low speed. Having looked at the springs thy would appear to be lowered, amd it has a swivel-out passenger recaro...
  13. Electronics
    Hi all, My 2013 Megane 3 stopped working a few days ago, big red STOP light on the dash and warning coming up that steering may lock. Having tested a few things (keycard, etc) garage has come back to me and said its the ESL module that's had it and its a dealer only part. He's contacted Reno...
  14. Electronics
    I wish to have the wiring schematics of the steering wheel control, that controls the stereo tuner list version. I have installed a aftermarket radio, and also have a programmable steeringwheelcontrol interface. But I need to know which cable is doing what exactly. I have a Renault scenic 2...
  15. Steering and Suspension
    Hi my name is Richard I have a 1990 Master T35D mk1 and I won***8217;t to fit a power steering system on it can anyone suggest what system would I obtain Many Thanks Richard
  16. Steering and Suspension
    Hi I have a 14 plate Renault megane.i put the key card in the ignition and it comes up with message turn steering wheel an press start I have to pull the steering wheel with force an press start button a number of times to get it to start, does anyone know a solution to this , possibly fuse ??
  17. Steering and Suspension
    Grand espace 2.0 DCi 2008 - after removing key card, nothing happens until around 10 seconds later after which a click is heard in steering column, dash immobilser light comes on, radio goes off etc but the steering wheel can still be turned.
  18. Steering and Suspension
    Hello Iam trying too install electric power steering on my twingo 1997 1.2 with no electric steering. I got 5 wires that needs too be connected i think too engine speed,vehicle speed,ignition on. Can someone help me what color is what function and needs connect were? See picture and ty
1-18 of 500 Results