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  1. Ask the Experts
    Hi everyone. My first post here and desperately needing help. I’m trying to replace the original stereo in my 2009 (59 plate) Clio. I bought a single din stereo offline that I was told would fit the original plugs in my car. It didn’t. I even got two other people to try doing it for me to no...
  2. In Car Entertainment
    Hi there guys! I bought my 2010 Grand Scenic III last year and it was factory fitted with the TomTom unit. I always found it completely useless and honestly kind of ugly. I've wanted to replace it with something for a long time but options are limited... it's complicated to replace the factory...
  3. In Car Entertainment
    Hi All, Currently looking to upgrade my stock radio in my 2012 Megane 3 with one of the below bluetooth radios. Sony DSX-A410BT Pioneer MVH-S410BT Pioneer MVH-S420BT My Megane 3 has the radio interface behind the steering wheel to allow volume control and the switching of channels etc. My...
  4. In Car Entertainment
    Hi, I have been trying to upgrade the stereo in my car. I bought a stereo that came out anther clio of the same era that had the optional upgrade for bluetooth etc. This stereo plugs in without issue. It turns on, the built-in satnav works and I can insert cds. But the rest of the radio...
  5. Electronics
    Hi I have a 65 plate Megane RS, yes lucky me... However sometimes the stereo goes nuts making I high pitch buzzing sound which continues even after engine is turned off and car is locked. Have seen a post from someone with same problem but no solution. Car still under warranty for 3 weeks so any...
  6. Electronics
    Hi all! Just picked up a nice Megane 3 Bizu (2011 reg with a mere 35k mileage) on the weekend. All seems perfect with it so far apart from the clock flashing at me. So, having got it home I decided to try and sort it.. and it appears to me that there are several functions that are controlled...
  7. Electronics
    Hi all, I've been reading through and seen that in 2009 & 2010 there were a lot of stereo issues, but nothing seems to fit in with my problem. I bought a used 2008 renualt grand scenic a few days ago and the guy I bought it off told me the stereo just stopped working about a week ago and was...
  8. Electronics
    Hi guys, was wondering if there are any stereos that will fit in place of the standard version. Apologies if this is a stupid question, but it***8217;s something I***8217;d really like to replace on mine!
  9. Electronics
    I have a Renault Clio dynamic 05 plate. I bought a pioneer MVH-X850DAB stereo and the extra wiring harness for the steering wheel controls. I have connected everything but the steering wheel controls still aren't working. Does anyone know why this may be? Thank you
  10. Interiors
    I have the proper removal pins, the left unclips no probs, but I have tried the right side at least 20 times with no luck. Any tips? I need the stereo pre code as I removed the battery terminals today.
  11. Interiors
    Can it be made to display from the new stereo, or does it just display the clock? Kangoo MK1:smile2:
  12. Electronics
    Hi All I was hoping someone here might be able to help me, I'm getting a 2012 Renault Clio Iii 1.6 Avantage A/t 5dr, I want to get an android interface installed in the car, either that replaces the radio or that...
  13. Electronics
    Hi all. I have just bought an 07 laguna estate mk2 facelift model which has the carminat satnav stereo. I am looking at adding an aux input to this for phones etc. Does anyone know if this is possible and what adaptor I would need? Many Thanks
  14. Electronics
    Hello Car: 2011 Megane Expression The car currently has the 281150020R stereo with the basic LCD display 280349044R with the time and adjustment buttons on the right. I have bought a new stereo 281159389R which does not work with the old display. Is my old display incompatible?? Do I need to...
1-14 of 332 Results