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  1. Clio mk3 gear stick moves when accelerating

    Hi all, After being away in Wales for the weekend and just finished the drive home I have noticed that if I take my foot off the accelerator and press again in my Clio (mk3) you can see gear stick moves backwards and forwards. It never done this before and had only just started today. It...
  2. 2001 2.8 dti floor based 5 spd gear stick gear cables to dash mounted 5 lever.. OK?

    Hi all, About to lift out box and engine on my donor 2001 2.8 dti Movano tomorrow. Gearbox and engine are really really good, body is falling to pieces literally, they're going into my 2004 2.5 dci 100 that had a 2.8 dti lump & gbox fitted before my purchase and has since dropped a valve hence...
  3. what wheels to stick with - steel or alloy Clio 2

    Wheels & tyres
    Our Clio 2 2003 failed the NCT (MOT) on quite a few things and mechanic said wasnt worth repairing so friday picked up an old 2002 clio 2 out of the paper cheap with MOT on it for a few months just to get us out of trouble - our 2003 clio 2, has alloys on it and the tyres are 185/55/15 and could...
  4. Rear wheel stick and intermittent squeaking

    Hi all. First post so bear with me. I did a quick search but not much luck. So I've a 2010 CLIO 1.2 56k miles. No rear breaks of course. Recently the back wheels seem to stick after being parked overnight. A slow start will get me on my way no problem. Had an issue today where I stopped at the...
  5. 2009 Megane Mk3 Not recognizing usb stick

    In-car entertainment
    I recently bought a 59 reg Megane imusic, and now I've got all the niggles sorted out (broken heater fan, check airbag light, etc.) the final piece in my puzzle is getting the USB port to recognize and play from USB sticks. I've used the only two I have available, one 64GB (formatted as FAT)...
  6. Little smoke from anyone oil checking stick hole

    Hello guys, Could you give me some good advice please.... Recently I've checked an engine bay, oil stick, level... So I'm bit worrying about a little smoke which comes from an oil level checking stick hole and from oil top-up hole as well. May it happens because poor oil quality? ? Thanks...
  7. Laguna 3 150 DCi gear stick movement

    Hi all, just bought a 2008 Laguna 3 estate 2.0 150 DCi. When pulling away, the gearstick moves back about an inch/inch and a half on taking up drive in 1st. This is only noticeable in 1st gear. Is it possible the gearbox mount or rear engine mount? Your thoughts welacome Thanks in advance
  8. 03 Clio, new stereo need cable for steering control stick

    Hey guys, new here but I know there’s probably a post out there with this problem I just can’t find it. Got my first car a few weeks ago, not a lot of knowledge on cars but I’m learning as I go. Today I bought a new stereo and swapped it all out pretty easy, only thing is I’ve lost the use of...
  9. Grand Scenic dip stick ?

    hi i have a renault grand scenic 1.6 vvt 2007 the problem i have is im not sure about the dip stick i think their is a part missing off the end ie the checkerd piece that tells you see the level on their is just a ball any ideas or help please
  10. media nav tool box not seeing usb stick

    Hi All Hope you can help me. I'm trying to update my Clio IV Media Nav Evolution. I've copied the info from the car onto usb (Fat 32) stick. I've installed the tool box onto my pc but when i connect the usb and open tool box it does nothing. It says at the top "not logged in" but i am. I assume...
  11. Mystery connector under gear stick gaitor

    Hi all, Took my gear stick gator off and found loose plug. Tried searching the forum but it's rather vague thing to search for. It's loose and not plugged in. Everything seems to work so I'm curious to know what this is and if it should be plugged in. Thanks Everyone :) Edit- sorry I...
  12. Scenic 2000 Automatic Gear Stick Stuck

    Hello, Last night, when I arrived back home, I put the car into Park from Drive, but as I did so, the gear stick moved without any resistance at all and I instantly realised that something was wrong. It then seemed to get stuck in the "2" gear and I then couldn't move the stick at all. The car...
  13. Audio files on memory stick not recognised

    In-car entertainment
    I have copied files from CD to memory stick but they are not recognised in Clio multimedia player. The stick is FAT32 and the files seem to be m4a or I have them on itunes as m4peg
  14. 2015 clio .9 the with sticky slug on bottom of dip stick

    i own a 2015 clio for two days now and have noticed that the idling of the 3 cylinder engine just doesn't seem right. On my driveway there are noticeable soot marks!! and when checking the oli stick, i found something that resembled chewing gum on the bottom of it:eek:
  15. dip stick snapped - easy to remove sump?

    I bought a new dip stick and cap from ebay as the one I had missing end not sure when as it was like this when I bought car (not sure where end went could be in sump) However it seemed to catch on something when I unscrewed the cap, this morning it snapped and I am left with 1/4 to 1/3 of a...
  16. How to change gear stick unit scenic 54plate 1.9 dci

    Hi new to the forum, just wanted to no if anyone has changed the gearstick unit on a scenic 2004 6 speed 1.9 dci.. without replacing the cables any help tips would be great. many thanks kris
  17. Gear stick shake

    Got a Renault megane privelge y plate, since i bought id about a month a go i noticed a shake on the gearstick (gearknob is cracked, anything to do with it?) It slightly shakes when stationary, but more when driving and a slight jerk when changing gear. I put it down to gearbox engine mount...
  18. Dip stick help required! Clio 2 1.5 DCI

    Afternoon all, I have purchased a 2004 1.5 dci 100 and it seems the the dipstick has snapped of... not by me but the previous owner. There is only the remains of the handle lol. Its going for a service next week so the mechanic will investigate IF the metal is stuck inside the tube. I need to...
  19. Megane mk2 gear stick jerking

    Hi there, I have a Megane mk2 2004 1.6 and recently it has developed a sort of jerk that can be felt through the gearstick when stepping on/off the accelerator. This didn't happen when I first bought the car. There also seems to be more play in the gear stick when the car is in gear than I could...
  20. lose gear stick

    Hi can anyone please help me :confused: i was driving home today and the gear stick went all floppy i managed to get it in 4th gear and got it back home the clutch is fine but cant change gear? its a laguna 20002. thanks in advance