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  1. Clio 1.5d 2014 sticking clutch

    My clutch pedal randomly sticks half down, I can put my foot under pedal to pull it back up, and then it can work perfectly for a week or so and then it can happen again, it does flip back up to normal position easy enough, but when I look underneath everything looks ok and nothing snagging, and...
  2. Megane 3 Sticking Accelerator

    Hi I am having issues with our Mk3 Megane GT. The accelerator pedal will occasional stick fully depressed. This can be slightly alarming when you aren't expecting it. At first I thought it was getting stuck on the matt so I remved that, however it's still happening. I am tempted to just...
  3. Sticking caliper on a Master 2.3 2010 model year

    Does anyone know of an issue where a back brake caliper keeps sticking on. I have had this happen at least 3 or 4 times since I bought the van about 4 years ago. I only find out when I have it serviced or MOTD or when the pads wear down. Anyone heard of this before? If anyone could offer some...
  4. Windscreen wiper sticking

    Ask the Experts
    I have a 2015 Scenic. My passenger side windscreen wiper is sticking vertically up on passenger side. The driver side wiper is working fine. When I turn the engine off and leave it for a while when I open the car with the keyfob the wipers both return to their normal position. I'm on a service...
  5. 2005 rear caliper sticking

    Hi all***8217; I***8217;m hoping someone can help me. My 2005 petrol 2L grand scenic failed the mot today on the drivers side not releasing fully on the handbrake. I***8217;ve checked the cables and they release fully and become slack on release but the lever does not move all the way back. I...
  6. Clutch pedal sticking

    The warning light for low brake fluid came on recently in my Megane 2008 1.5 DCI. I stopped and topped up the reservoir with only a small amount of fluid and the warning light went out. A few days later I noticed that the clutch pedal was not returning to the fully up position and I was having...
  7. Grand Scenic 3 window sticking

    Hi again, My front, passenger window was replaced after being smashed recently and since then it has the following issue: It goes down fine but when it goes up seems to go up at an angle and stops (then automatically comes back down). If I push against the glass and push up while I press the...
  8. 2011 Megane 1.9dCi accelerator sticking

    Hi Folks, Bit of a worrying problem here, which I've not been able to find any information that is specific to my model. I have seen similar issues for other Renault models but not the MkIII. Three times now, the accelerator has gotten stuck and the engine has revved HARD, first time I...
  9. revs sticking

    hello i have a luguna 1.5 dci 10 reg ,this has been happening for a while but lately it getting worse so i wonder if anyone can help when im driving all fine untill i come to stop my rev seem to stick on couple of marks over 1on revs , to stop rev sticking i put my foot on accelerator quick up...
  10. 1.5 dci Clio clutch pedal sticking

    Hi, For the last few days the clutch pedal on my car has been sticking to the floor whenever it is held down for longer than a second, I have to pull the clutch back up from underneath the pedal with my foot. When the clutch is fully down and stuck I cannot change gear, unless i turn the...
  11. 2011 Scenic Auto - Sticking Throttle Pedal **Fixed**

    Hi My wife was driving the car this morning and after she lifted her foot off the brake pedal to continue moving, the car accelerated very quickly (this was before putting her foot on the accelerator). Luckily she hit the brake pedal quickly and the issue stopped. She doesn't remember if it...
  12. Scenic RX4 2001 Sticking Accelerator Pedal

    Hi Today while I was driving I had to overtake and when I pressed on the accelerator it was sticking and the car kept revving. I pressed down hard on it and it came back to normal. Or I put my foot behind it and pull back. I tried again and it sticks sometimes. Driving without pressing the...
  13. Starter motor sticking

    Hi there, my megane 2 has developed a problem where it is like the ignition button is sticking and it will only start if I bump it. As soon as It has started the problem goes away? I have been told it's the starter motor sticking. There is a ongoing problem with stalling which I've been told is...
  14. Sticking accelerator pedal

    Hi, I'm new and have recently brought a Megan coupe (2010) and the accelerator pedal has started sticking. I thought it may have got caught on the mat so removed it but it is still happening. I have also checked for stones or to see if it is getting stuck but can't see anything. Has this...
  15. Megane 3 - throttle sticking - Revving changing gears

    Morning all - noticed the accelerator pedal seems to be staying in when driving to work this morning. It will eventually releases itself after 4 to 5 seconds and return to the correct position. Also, when i'm changing gear the car is over revving to about 3krpm. I need to make a long journey...
  16. Heater fan sticking

    Heating & cooling
    My clio mk 3 heater fan is sticking. I have removed the glove compartment to get access to the fan resistor,when I wiggle the wires going into it nothing happens, removed the connectors had a look doesn't seem to be anything melted but when I tap the fan casing behind the resistor with a...
  17. Clutch sticking down

    For some reason my clutch pedal keep sticking down only briefly and then releasing with a click. The click sounds like plastic touching and stoping it springing back. I know its a long shot but any ideas?
  18. Sticking Hand brake

    Hey people Ok so since owning the car from late July I've experience a little hand brake stick which I know happens and I had it with my other older car. On and off its done it on this one with varying stuckness (not sure if that's even a word!) but a few days ago it was stuck where car...
  19. 2010 Master 2 Fuel gauge sticking??

    Hi, Been a while. only problems Im getting a lot is a stuck fuel gauge. so can't tell when near empty. Slightly concerned its a tank out job, lots of labour. unless anyone knows something different?? Thanks Its a new shape master)
  20. Megan 1.9 dci sticking on full boost.

    Hi folks, I'm new here to try and get to the bottom of my problem. My turbo let go last week and I fitted a recon one, cleaned out the pipework, intercooler and hoses. car started perfectly, drove great for about 50 mtrs and went into limp mode. On closer inspection the actuator valve is opening...